Friday, March 13, 2015

New blog, New weightloss, New life after retirement from Army

It's been a long time since I have blogged and a lot of it was due to the fact that when your spouse decides to retire from the military you lose a sense of who you are at first and there's not really much to blog about. Well, that is if you don't want to be whining and complaining the whole time. I personally would not want to read somebody's rants all day every day so I didn't blog really.

We are now settled and happy and have been going strong for over a year. My husband is happy with this job and even through all the downsizing and layoffs his company has gone through lately he still loves his job. All I ever wanted was for him to be happy with his job so for me this is the best thing that could have happened once he retired from the Army!

Our kids are doing great and love being settled and having a forever home. Of course, the first things they wanted to do was paint their rooms and put their own stamp on their space. We allowed them to pick out their own colors and even after doubting them a few times their rooms looks great. They both made wise choices and we loved it in the end. They are doing great in school and have made some really good friends. We all know that's the biggest thing people worry about with military kids. We always want them to made new friends when they have to pick up and move to a new place. Again, happy!!!

After dealing with a few health issues and a few years of gaining weight due to them I have finally found my passion. I started clean eating and using Beachbody programs to work out and have lost 20 pounds since December 2014. I am happy and feel great! Since losing the weight and finding a great team that helped me along the way I decided to become an Independent Beachbody Coach. I absolutely love my job!!! Not only do I love and believe in this company because their products worked for me but I absolutely love the fact that they have coaches. What is a coach?

A coach is someone who is there for you no matter what!!  As a coach I am there for my customers to guide them, share their successes with them, deal with bad days with them, encourage them, motivate them and make sure that they feel like they are not alone in their process.  We all know that losing weight is hard and eating right is learned so we all need help getting started with that and working out is not easy to maintain until you create a habit so we need encouragement, accountability and motivation. That is what I get to do!!  How fun is that?  I love helping others and I love it even more that there is no gimmick or fast results that do not last. This is the real deal! Hard work and effort is the only way to truly lose weight and keep it off and we all know it.

I can be a coach to anyone who signs up for a free membership on my website. That means that you can have me as a coach for absolutely no cost!! YUPP FREE!!!   I love that too!  I don't want restrictions on who I can and can't help so this company doesn't give me any. I can coach you and help you get started on losing weight today and it won't cost you anything. I can offer you different products and try to help you find the one that works for you. I have a team of coaches, certified personal trainers and nutritionists that work with me to help give you the best results you've ever had. I can show you at home workout programs that you can even take to the gym with you if you prefer a gym. There is literally something for everyone and every fitness level available.

As I said before I had some health issues that left me overweight, extremely weak due to muscle loss and taking medication that actually works against me being able to lose weight. So I had everything in the world going against me and yet I have pushed through every day and found the programs that work for me. I started using the meal replacement shakes because it gives me this incredible energy and has everything I could possibly want from a health shake in it. My kids even love it and I love them drinking it because I know it's so good for them. I would never let my kids drink or eat anything that I thought could harm them!!

So if you'd like to find out more about me and my new life and how I am doing on my weight loss journey and more about my coaching then please visit my new blog at  or my coaching website at

If I can help you then I would love to. What do you have to lose anyway right?!
Left: November 2014, Right: March 2015


Jocelyn Stewart said...

When a military spouse retires, the family goes through changes again but it sounds like you are all doing well. Congratulations on taking control of your health, you are doing great.

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