Monday, July 22, 2013

Randomisms and the green pool!

Ok first off all yes randomisms is a me! LOL!  So far Mr. M has been on transition leave from the Army for almost 2 months and he now has applied for a bajillion jobs, been on bajillion interviews and even attended a 3 week school to get a class A drivers license. He decided to not take some jobs just because he didn't feel he was right for the jobs or else he did not agree with company policies. I have to say that I have never loved him more right now. He spent the last 20 years doing what the Army told him, following their policies whether or not he believed or agreed with them and most of all enforcing them either way. He has now taken a stand in his life and is able to choose his path and I couldn't be more proud of him for saying no to anything he doesn't believe in whole heartily. He has a very busy week and several job offers to think about before he needs to make a decision and start to get back to work by beginning of August.
At the same time he has been doing that I have been house selecting. Now you would normally think I would say house hunting however it is more like an art and very difficult one at that. I swear I am going to invent a way to look up house by the school zone you want. Not the school district! That can be done but within each school district there is the school zone for which school your child will attend. So what are we to do when we like a district but not all the schools in it?!?!??!?!?  Yes I should invent this and yes I should go on shark tank and manipulate my little heart out and get to be a millionaire. Just saying!! :)
So ok I have been house selecting and with the help of a real estate agent that I swear was sent to me by the angels we are narrowing the choices to make sure we get what we really want.  I believe we are down to about 24 houses after 2 months so wish me luck. What is that you say? Will I share pictures? Well of course I will!!! Who doesn't want to see my dream house online right?!?!  Haha I know I'm so entertaining!!
In the mean time the kids are enjoying more family time and getting to know everyone. The bad part is they are getting to know everyone and their quirks. No one has a perfect family and mine certainly has it's quirks but they are family and yet my kids have never lived close enough to see them all or be around them lock enough to care about so now it has begun. Yes, yes I mean the whole explaining why people do some of the things they do. *sigh* It is a grueling process for sure and one I am not enjoying but hopefully when it is all said and done we will be one big happy family once again.
So upcoming blogs will be all about buying a house, Mr. M picking a job, the kids getting back to school, dealing with movers, family and just normal civilian life and how we are handling it.
Oh wait, how could I ever forget to tell you about the green pool!!!  We decided to buy one of the cheap pop up pools for the girls just for the summer until we got a house. The pool was around $200 so we thought it would be cheaper then paying for White Water all the time and easier as well. After many many days of rain our pool turned green. We fussed and asked questions and finally got the pool to turn back to blue. We rejoiced for about 2 hours until the filter pump quit working!!!!! Ok for real?!?!?! I couldn't write better stuff to happen to us people. So after days upon days of cleaning and trying to get chemicals right and spending more hundreds of dollars on the pool we had to come to a decision of put more money into the temporary, supposed to be cheap, just for summer plastic piece of junk or let it die and do without until we get our house and our real pool. The decision was not easy, there was some crying(including my wallet) and in the end we said goodbye to the stupid nice pool we had hoped we would have for the summer.  That's ok it's just a push to hurry up and get the house with the in ground, beautiful, to die for and much needed in this heat pool!