Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let the fun begin....

Ok so it's Wednesday morning and as our normal schedule is off and running..wake up early to get a cup of coffee before dealing with kids..wake up DD1 and give her bathroom time before waking up DD2...we learned to do this the hard way!  So normal this and normal that and then as DD1 sits down on the sofa with this wierd look on her face I ask her what is wrong. She starts crying..I say again "what is wrong, what happened?"  she says in her crying voice"I don't know". I say "what do you mean you don't know, did something happen to make you cry?"  she says "No, nothing happened I just can't help it". She is crying but mad at the same time that I am bugging her and ends up huffing and leaving the room. My first thought was....Oh dear lord she has hit IT!

What I want to do is run screaming from the house and tell Mr. M I will be back when she is on meds and doesn't have hormone issues anymore and then I start wondering if they have witness protection for moms of teenagers then I realize I need to help her.  Yes it took me awhile to stop thinking of myself and the anguish I know we all will be going through with 2 crazy hormone women in the house!! It's a stressful thing you know!!  So as Mr. M sits in his chair watching Sport center as always...*grumble grumble* I walk over to him and say "get the guns out because it is about to get rocky in this house". Now I know men sometimes take forever to figure things out but I have to say my years of PMS have more then prepared this man for what is about to happen to our family. So as soon as I say it he looks at me and says "OMG did she start?!"  and I say "Not yet but she is crying for no reason so the hormones are kicking in already". He puts his head down and then as any good man and good dad would do he goes to her room and comforts her....oh yes ladies  I found a keeper and he is not going anywhere!!

A few moments later they both walk out of her room and she is red in the face from crying but smiling at the same time.  I ask her if she is ok and she nods her head and finishes getting ready for school.  I didn't ask Mr. M what he had said to her I totally believe in letting him and his daughters have their special moments...I mean I don't always tell Mr.M when I take the girls for mani pedi days that is our time!  Ohhhh note to self that would be a great thing to do for some time with her now!!

So as I move onto this crazy and emotional road we are getting ready to head down all I want to know is....
1. How much time after the hormones kick in do they start seeing Aunt Flo?
2. Is she too young for birth control? I ask this because with my family history without taking the pill we are huddled up in balls in the floor 3 days a month.
3. Do I make an appointment for her to see a doctor when she does start or is that not how it is done these days?

Sooo many questions and I am totally freaking out as I can't talk to my mom about this..she is total old school and we still spell words in her house*not kidding*!!  Most of my friends have younger kids as well so what I am supposed to do. I mean we are in a foreign country for goodness sakes so it's not like I would just normally look up a doctor or something and no offense but military docs are not always the most gentle with these situations....way too many bad experiences with paps to want my daughter to go through that ever!!

Witness protection is looking really good right they have something like Puberty protection?!!..I could so use that right about now!!

Ok friends, followers, readers  please please please if anyone has been through this or know someone who has can you help me with answering some of these questions?!!!  I feel like a new mom all over again..aside from the no sleep..dirty diapers and vomiting(so happy all that is over with but seems easy right now)  Haha!

Seriously world..I asked for sun and warm weather and you send me what?!!!....a dang hormone storm!!  Thanks a lot!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Friends and Followers...

As I am still really new to this blog I haven't figured out all the whozits and whazits yet! Oh yes I love Dr. Seuss and read him daily thanks to favorite second daughter!! Did you think I was going to say favorite daughter?!! Come on now I have 2 of them!  So any who  I really just wanted to say Thankyou so so so much to all who read my blog and for the ones who have decided to follow me..I lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllove you guys soooooo much!!!!  It makes me feel good every time I get a new follower and I love you guys for wanting to read my daily madness as well!
I keep getting comments and have yet to figure out to answer them or else atleast say thanks to those who do leave them so I just want this to be a BIG THANKYOU to all of you who left me comments today or in the past!  One day I will figure this whole thing out but until then please know I absolutely love reading your comments and cherish your thoughts deeply!!  Oh I am totally emotional about them just ask Mr. M who on many occasions has said to me "yes yes you got comments and what does that mean" to which I always say "someone was nice enough to leave me a little something to let me know they read my blog and thought it comment worthy"  About this time he always gives me what I call "the yes dear eyes". You know what I mean ladies for those who are married and you say something to your hubby and they aren't quite sure what to say and don't want to get in trouble for saying the wrong thing so they just give you the eyes that could say anything from "you are so right dear" to "I have no idea".  He loves listening to me talk I just know it!!  I guess he better since he is stuck with me for life!! Muahuahuahauh!!
Oooook I totally got off subject but you all know basically just Thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou for following me, reading my blog, and especially commenting!!  I did see someone blog where they were able to comment back to people but who knows where I saw that. Maybe one of these days I will find it again and figure out to use it!  Yes I know how to work a computer but I used to blog on a totally different site and it was all completely different then this one and so now it is like starting all over with a new baby!! Of course the second baby is always the most truth to that!!!
Ok I have go now and return a dvd that DD1 rented from the library only she returned the case with the wrong movie in it and now I have to go find the right movie and return it before we get in trouble!! Awww the beauty of having children..I wouldn't change it for the world but somedays I just wish the world would change to accomodate them!! LOL

A bientot!!

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Now go on over to Supah's  page and join in on the fun!  Sorry I was quiet for  a while but cloudy days and a no sun make for a sleepy me!!
Have a great day everyone!

A bientot!

Friday, March 26, 2010

5 Question Friday..Woohooo!!!!

My Little Life

1. Did you pass your driver's test on the first try?
Well when I was 16 I passed my drivers test first try and when I was 24 I passed my USAEUR drivers test first try and when I was 35 I passed my USAEUR drivers test again first try! So I guess that's a yes!
2. What is your most embarrassing moment?
Wow I have had a lot of those but I guess I would have to say my most embarrassing moment was when I had to tell my fiance' that I had totaled my car when I hit a cow!  Go ahead and laugh it is funny now but then it was terrifying!
3. What TV show would you like to be on- Oprah, Biggest Loser, or What Not to Wear?
Well most people would probably tell you I need to be on What Not to Wear but I like myfrumpy comfortable style. I will go with Oprah but I only want to be on her show when it "Oprahs favorite things"  Woohoooo  I love free stuff!!
4. Would you ever get plastic surgery and what kind?
Ummm ok for real who wouldn't want some kind of work done?!  I would love to have the bags under my eyes fixed and my turkey  neck taken away, but most of all I would want liposuction and a tummy tuck to get rid of all the extra skin from babies.  I don't know if you count Lasik surgery as plastic surgery but I want that done as well!  Yes I have a lot of issues but I love myself enough to admit them!! Haha
5. What are your favorite jeans to wear?
I used to love wearing jeans and my favorite were always guess because I swear they are so soft but alas jeans do not like me anymore. With the rubber tire on my waist that appeared out of nowhere and my rear end that doesn't exist anymore I try to stay away from jeans even though that is totally my goal right now!!  Hehe

Ok so that is my 5 question Friday answers! Now you can head over to Mama M's and join in on the fun!!
Have a great Friday everyone!

A bientot!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday!

Do you remember when your first born did all those first things and you were so proud and just had to tell every single person you talked to all about it for the next few weeks?!  Well I had one of those firsts today with my first born, now 12 going on 30, and I am absolutely going to tell you all about it!! Grab the tissue box for those who are like me a cry at everything...seriously hallmark commercials do it to me everytime it's pathetic.
So I chaperoned a field trip for DD1 this morning and it was a really neat experience. We walked from the middle school over to the elementary school and the kids read  short stories that they had written themselves and turned into books with illustrations and all...totally impressed with every single one of the kids in my group!!  So as I watch these oh so in between kids read their little hearts out and interact with the 2nd and 3rd graders I can't help but feel greatful for being a part of it all.  The stories they wrote were fantastic and they all got into reading with emotion and detail and made sure to ask the little kids if they understood big words or not so common words. I was at that time swelling with pride for each and every one of those kids!

As we walked back to the Middle school I kept telling them all how much I enjoyed their stories and that they had done such a fabulous job with the little kids and I could not help but think they probably wanted me to just shut up already but I didn't!! LOL  My heart all swollen with pride for not only my daughter but all of them I was approached by one of DD1's teachers. She went on and on about how DD1 was a fantastic student and such a sweetheart and how smart she was and how impressed she was with all she has done in her class. I was listening to her tell me about how she needs to submit her story to a scholorship committee and how she truly has an artistic gift for writing and art and I can feel my eyes welling up and I am trying so hard to fight off crying...I didn't want to emberass DD1 you know...and I am thanking the teacher for such kind words and finally were back at the school.  I said goodbye to DD1 and told her have a great day and thanked the teacher for allowing me to be a part of the field trip and excused myself. I had things to get done after all like going to my truck and making sure all the kids were inside the school before I let it gooooooo....OOOHHH yes I did!!  I sat in front of the school and cried like a baby  not because I was sad or upset but because I was so proud of DD1 for everything I watched her do at the elementary school to everything that her teacher had told me.  I know I have good kids and always hear that from others but it truly makes a world of difference when it comes from a teacher!! I have the upmost respect for teachers and what they do and how much they deal with on a daily basis and to hear one say such kind and uplifting things about MY daughter was..well it was  cryable! Is that a word?  You know what I mean!

I do not think that anything could bring me down off my high today and I am so glad that I took the time to do that field trip today or who knows if I would ever had heard that from the teacher.  Thankyou teachers for taking the time to share with all of us parents just what you think of our kids and how they are doing seroiusly!  I don't want sugarcoating..if my girl was bad just tell me or else I can't fix it..and if you think they are fantastic then by all means please tell us!!  I am flying on cloud nine right now and NOTHING will bring me down!!!

There they pride and joy, my angels, my babies!!  I truly am blessed and only hope they know how much I adore them!!

A bientot!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rambling Wednesday!!

 Grab a cup and read on.....

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how I love to ramble and ramble and ramble..and you know you love to read and read and read it!! Haha

So I have been working out with a friend at the gym everyday this week and I love being back into a routine with working out and it makes me feel so much better then just random walks or bike riding. I have to chaperone a field trip tomorrow though and won't be able to go to the gym in the morning. I am so sad that I can't go but have already decided since I won't have time after the field trip I will ride my bike in the afternoon and then do double treadmill on Friday when I go..ok so maybe double I mean I just got back to full time working out I might just add a few extra minutes. Don't judge me I am sticking with it atleast!! (grins)

Mr. M called me yesterday and the conversation goes a little like this...
Mr. M: hey babe when do you plan on making lasagna
Me: Ummm I don't know when would you like it
Mr. M: well how about this Friday
Me: ok that is fine that gives me time to go to the store and get the noodles since I have everything else already.
Mr. M: Oh great so you do have to go to the store already then I will let you know that I have invited some guys over for dinner and they want you to make lasagna so get extra at the store
Me:  What?!!  When did you tell me this?
Mr. M: just now. thanks. love you .bye  (click)
Me: Son of a ( you all know exactly what I said)

So apparently I am making lasagna on Friday for a few guys..well ok no big deal I always encourage him to invite the single guys or geo bachelors for dinner so I can't complain. Mr. M gets home from work and says
"Thanks babe for letting me invite the guys over for dinner on Friday"  I say " no problem so how many are we talking about..2..3?"  Mr. M says " Oh well it was just 2 and now I think it's like 5 because they all heard you were making lasagna"  I say " someone better be bringing me chocolate"  and Mr. M says "oh really"(goes into his jacket pocket and pulls out a bag of York absolute fav!)  I smile and say "10 for problem!"  How is it that chocolate always seems to make everything better!?!  Haha

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting it off my mind......

So something has been bothering me today and so I thought I might just put it all out on here and get it out of  my head. I have run into so many people over my years of being a military wife and moving all around the world. I am amazed sometimes at just how different so many people can be. Now we all run into some people that we just don't click with that is just life.  We all hope that once we have moved to yet another new place that we will find atleast one really good friend that we click with and will make our time at the new place so much better. As hard as it is moving around all the time and having to make new friends I can also say that I have been given a chance to make so many friends from so many different walks of life and all of them have made my life so much more pleasant.

Along with having those fabulous friends to make our days go by faster and our lives feel richer we will also run into those people that just don't get it.  I have heard so much pettiness and bitterness in the past few days and I have had it!  Do these people seriously think that walking around whining all the time is going to make their lives better?! If I hear one more person gripe about how their husband is not going to get a huge bonus like other people who did then I am going scream. If your spouse signed that dotted line and joined the military because he wanted to then I am more then happy to shake his hand and thank him for all he does for the military and the United States as well.  If your spouse decided to join the military because they heard you get a lot of big bonuses then give me a break! The military is not about big money it is about big responsibility and taking pride in what you are doing! It has nothing to do with lining your pockets with green.

In addition to great friends or not so great friends that meet along the way we also tend to change the ways we act or handle things according to past experiences. If you hang out with a certain type of person then you tend to act like them. I know for sure that if I am around my friends that adore crystal as much as I do we will more then likely be shopping for it, talking about it or looking at it. On the other hand if I am around my friends who love wine we will more then likely be buying it, drinking it or talking about it.  Now with that said if I see one more 30 something woman trying to act like a 20 something because that is who she is hanging out with I am going to scream. Yes I feel like screaming a lot's been stressful!!

Some of you might agree with what I have said and some might disagree but all I wanted to do was get it off my mind and out in the open. As I have learned a lot about lately life is so unpredictable and so why wait until tomorrow when you can do something right now!

Ciao for now!

Post it note Tuesday....

Monday, March 22, 2010

New design.....

Yay my page is finally updated and doesn't it look fantabulous?!!!  See I told you I use that word all the time! Haha!

So if you totally love my page then be sure to visit Casey at...

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I am so happy with my blog now and I hope you all like it as well!!

I have a busy day today but will try to get back later to update you all on my seriously boring little life.

Have a great day everyone!
Ciao for now!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Strasbourg--fabulous...big truck,little streets--scarey...weekend with family no interuptions--priceless!!

So we loaded up the truck and headed to Strasbourg on Saturday morning and spent the entire day there. It was fantastic and our friends made the yummiest food for lunch and we walked about half way around the city(they said next time we will do the other half). I took tons of pictures and the kids had a fabulous time together. It seems so funny to me how the language barrier really doesn't seem to bother kids at all. I guess they don't really need to know what the other kid is saying all the time. Any way they had a fabulous time with their new friends and Mr. M and I really enjoyed our time as well. I actually learned a lot about the French and especially about Paris. Now I am so ready for our trip and it definitely helps having some insider info as well! Yay!!
Ok so we saw a lot of beautiful buildings while in France but I fell in love with 2 of them right off. The beautiful synagogue...

and the gorgeous Cathedral...

How beautiful is that right?!!  I love seeing old religious buildings and it amazes me at all the detail that was put into them. It really does make you feel small as soon as you walk into this building.

We also did a lot of walking around the shopping centre and were lucky to catch some great market areas also.  I found some really great things and shops I wanted to go in but Mr. M said "let's explore today and we will come back one day to shop"! Haha it's in writing now so he has to stick with it.  Here are a few I felt the urge to enter and will do when we go back..

Do you love this store already?!  I do!!!  I wanted to go in and see how much thost canisters were and maybe everything else in the window as well  a few other things maybe!

Now this store had an outfit in the window and I really really really wanted but as you can see by the horrible picture I was being pulled away by the fashion police!! Haha  he hates when I call him that!

So we had a wonderful lunch and did some great sightseeing and finally decided to head home around 8pm. It was dark and Mr. M was griping about driving the boat in the dark in unfamiliar territory..what a whiner!! LOL  Honestly he drove because I was terrified to so for real I totally understood. The girls were upset we were leaving and complained for about 10 minutes and then all of a sudden it got very quiet in the back seat...

Apparently we wore them out..I will get yelled at as soon as DD1 sees that I put this pic on here..shhhh!

So the day was fabulous and we will be going back to see the rest of the town as well as get some shopping done. I have found out the best days to go there for markets as well so we may be making a weekend stay over some weekend as well so we can wake up early and hit the market place.  I am so greatful to our friends for showing us around and giving us a fabulous weekend and only hope we can repay their kindness some day.  Cheers to friendships that cross borders and strengthen our knowledge of other cultures and events!!

A bientot!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

TGIF and 5 question Friday!! Woohoooo!

My Little Life

1. Have you ever had a celeb sighting?
We went to CA to visit our dear friends who live in San Diego(my dream place to live). While there we went to Rodeo Drive just because...well ok I am a shopaholic and where else would  a shopaholic go in LA..and while there we did see Ashley Tisdale shopping. OMG yes I did just say it and at the time I was so excited in a stalkerish type of way!! haha

2. What temperature do you keep your house?
Ok well currently we are living in Germany and there is no central heat/air here. So the temperature is pretty much whatever the space heaters allow us to be or else the fans in the summer time! Yes in case you are wondering it does get uncomfortable at time but we deal with it for the experience.

3. Do you notice dust at other peoples homes?
Sometimes I do if it is in your face. Like I said no central air so we all open our windows in hopes for  a breeze so I am sure dust is everywhere here, but I do notice if it just way past the "I didn't have time to clean this week".

4. What's the worst job you ever had?
Ok well I would have to say hands down that it was working as a secretary in a real estate office. Yes I was a teenager but they treated me like a servant not just a worker. I was miserable and paid them back by not showing up on a day I knew they needed me..spiteful..yes..loved  it..absolutely!  

5. What is your most sentimental possession?
I would have to say the ring Mr. M bought me a few months ago when my lil bro passed away. We flew back to the states and I was having a really hard time trying to figure out how to say goodbye to him and so Mr. M bought me a white saphire ring(saphire was his birth stone) and I wear it whenever I think I need some inspiration or am just thinking of him.
I do have to say though it is a close tie with a gold bracelet that Mr. M bought me while he was on his first deployment for our 6 month anniversary. It was a surprise when I got it in the mail and it just made me feel so loved then and now.

OK so that is the Friday questions for today! Click the button on top and start your own 5 question Friday with us.  I love the questions and it's nice to share things this way.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blonde moment or man moment....

Ok so yesterday was a busy day around here. First Mr. M and I headed off to get our International driver license..Yay for us remembering to do it!!  After a ton of running around and things to get done I had stopped by the post office to check the mail and ended up with 4 boxes. Now as much as I love getting mail especially when I have ordered cool things like the scrapbooking elements for the album I am creating for our trip to Paris, however, if you do not recall we live on the 3rd floor of our building and therefor have to carry everything up 3 flights of stairs!  Oyyyyyyyyy!

So as I get home with my 10 bags of groceries and now 4 packages plus a few magazines to carry upstairs I know it will take me a few trips.  Well atleast I can say I got some good exercise today never  mind the 30 minutes I had already done on the bike..sighhhhhh.  I get to the top floor and what is waiting for me at my door?!! What could it be?!! Ohhhhhh yes the Culligan man had been by today and we had a double delivery since he won't be back for a few weeks. Well how nice that they deliver on time every week and even if I forget to put my empty bottles out they still leave me what I usually get. I really love this about them!  So not only to do I have atleast 2 trips up and down the stairs but I also have 6 huge 5 gallon water bottles to pick up and put on the water rack in my house!!  My day just keeps getting better! Yippeee!!

So water all brought in and put away and all food brought upstairs and put away..except for that danish I promised I was going to eat in the didn't make it until today!!  I opened up the packages and put away my scrapbooking stuff and got to the box with the new water bowl for my cats. A little background on my fat cat number 1 her name is Tiger and she is beautiful and friendly, a little skiddish around kids, and loves to scratch up my furniture. Well apparently her new thing is that she likes to play with the water bowl and doesn't stop pawing at it until it completely spills all over the place..I am wondering if it's a game and that means she wins!  Any who so I did some research online to try and figure out why she does this and ended up finding a whole lot of other people whose cats did this as well. They all bought big hefty water bowls that had some kind of running effect or recycling effect to it so 1. the cat can't tip it over it's too heavy and 2. they can see the water so no need to paw at it.  So I ordered a new recycling, fresh water bowl with waterfall on it.  We won't go into the price because as much as I thought it was absurd I remembered how tired I was of cleaning up water all over my kitchen floor. I get the contraption out and read the directions..yupp total woman moment..and get it all put together, filled with water, and plugged in.  Had to rearrange my dining room to do it but still totally worth it right?! We'll see!!  Then I spent seriously about an hour just staring at it..from a distance of see if Tiger would drink out of it without pawing at it.  Well friends, she was terrified of it apparently because all she did was stare at it then sit down right next to it like she was guarding it. Cats really are crazy you know!?!  Sheesh!

Fast forward to about 4:30pm and I take the girls to the library to get some  new books and then meet Mr. M for dinner. We get home and Mr. M says " you know I still don't know what to do with my sister". Ummmm what are you talking about?!!  OMG I totally forgot his sister and her family were coming in is the man moment/blonde moment..and I had not found out a single thing to do with them! Rut Roh I been bad!!  So as I proceed to tell Mr. M there is no worries because I already planned on taking the girls out of school early to be able to meet their plane when it comes in and we would figure something out. In my mind I am am I going to do in Frankfurt, why didn't I remember this, why didn't Mr. M say anything before today, and now I know how men feel when we say to them" I can't believe you didn't remember that I told you a million times"!  Yes ladies I had a total man moment!  First and hopefully last in my life..don't hold your breathe my memory seems to be going already and I am only mid 30's!!

Ok so busy day today but  I want to leave you with one last thing..I was able to see a part of my  new blog background today and my header and it is beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful!!!!  I can not wait to get it all set up on my page it is going to fantabulous!! Yes I use that word often don't make fun of me..well atleast don't tell me if you do!  haha

Ciao for now!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rambling Wednesday!!

I love to ramble and ramble and ramble!  Yupp that's right I am rambling on..haha!!

Ok so I thought I would share a few pics I have been taking of really just random things. I am trying to get better about remembering to bring my camera with me when I go anywhere. So far it has worked but you know remembering to have it with me and remembering to use it while I have it with me are two totally different things!  So random photos come in few these days until I get my brain wrapped around the fact that I should actually use it since I have it! 

A pic of the new candle holders I bought at the first Party lite party  I went to..

Really how cute are they?!!  The gel in the glasses will never go away and does have a slight cent to it, but you just put a tealight in the inside glass tube and's so gorgeous at night with all the lights off! Love that I got these and will be buying the similar wine glass ones as well.

These are a few goodies I found at Kauflands one day when I was shopping. I am not sure exaclty if they are gummy or chocolate but I thought they were too cute to pass up and only like 39Euro cents so why not?!!
A few more random buys..

Ok so the last ones I am sure ar gummy I mean look at them!!  They do look cute though don't they?!! I think the Germans have the coolest things sometimes. Now they don't always taste as good as they look but majority of the time my thoughts of what they would taste like and what they actually taste like do pay off..Yay Germany!!

Let me introduce you to friend speed is a beautiful little gem I found at Aldi's. Now here in Germany it is called speed and for those Americans out there you would call it a Twix bar!! Haha  now tell me you wouldn't buy you some speed just to say you ate a speed today and see what kind of reactions you would get?!!  LOL

Ok here are the bottles of wine I bought yesterday at the fabulous wine store. Yes they are as small as you think they look. I hadn't ever tried the wine so I figured buy small and if I like I can go back and get some more. I mean I already have to go back there for the wine tasting and to get the violin wine anyway so why not add a few more reasons.  These babies will be gone this weekend and I will be sure to let you know if they are any good.

Ok I am totally starting a count down to this weekend. I am so excited to go to France and see what cool things I can find. I have had a few different French wines and they were yummy so I am sure I will find more things to fall in love with. Also since I realized this morning that we are all ready to go to France and yet neither Mr. M nor myself have our International drivers license we will have to rectify that situation really fast...I mean we only have a few days to do it. I have heard from others who got theirs it is easy to get so hopefully all goes well. I am not risking getting a 400 Euro ticket just for not having that sucker!!

Ok so that's it for rambling and randomness today! I hope you all enjoyed my craziness and I will be back later I am sure.

Ciao for now!

Post it note Tuesday!! Yes I am a day late but it took me awhile to figure it out!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wein new best friend!!

So my friend took me over to their store and it was Wonderful!!  I could not be happier with their selection and they absolutely have enough different wines on hand to keep me quite busy trying them all. We walked around and around and I kept looking in amazement at everything they had in stock!  They had everything you could want from all different countries, big bottles, small bottles, shapely bottles, and even some boxed wines. They had champagne and Secco as well. I fell in love with one bottle, shaped like a violin, which I will be going back to get. Shame on me for forgetting to check and see how much Euro I had in my wallet..arrgghhhh!  That's ok though because the nice man that was helping us find all of the wines we wanted was so nice to tell us about a wine tasting they were having in a few weeks..Woohooo!!  So I will be going back and making Mr. M drive of course so that I may try as many as my kidneys will allow me too....muahuahuah!

Once we left there we went to another store that carries all kinds of gooodies for just about any reason you could think of. Goodie bags, parties, last minute gifts and even costumes, makeup and a fantastic selection of candles and dishes. I believe I have found where I will be going to stock up for DD1's upcoming birthday party!  Yes I know I just finished doing a birthday party but this next one coming up is a BIG one!! DD1 will be turning 13..omg I can not believe it!!  Besides the fact that it makes me cringe to think about my first born being that old I know the fun is about to begin! I remember being 13 and driving my parents nuts..haha  I always knew it would come back to haunt me one day. Of course I know my child is going to be nothing like me and be a total angel..DO NOT blow this for me friends I like my fantasy world I make my kids live in!

In my world my girls are never bad, always do what I tell them to and will grow up to be the most fabulous human beings the world has ever seen!  That is MY world and noone will ever tell me different..apparently the notes coming home from school telling me that DD2 was bad today are a mistake..a mistake I say!!! Not MY perfect little angel!  When I come out of my trance I have to deal with actual problems and things that occur or will occur but for now I like my world and plan to stay there as long as I possibly can.  Anyone want to join me in my world there is plenty of room for more perfect little angels?!! 

I also got the confirmation from my new friend that we will be going to Strasbourg, France this weekend..Yippeeee  I am so excited and so ready to see it!!  Mr. M and I have been talking about going there and yet we have let our timidness of other countries interfere with our desires but NO MORE!  We are going to mingle with the French, have lunch with our friends, and explore the city the way all people should (with French friends of course).  I will have an opportunity to refresh my French which come back to me a little here and there as I read all my friends emails. I love that they mix English with French it makes me have to work to read the emails and helps me learn more as well!  Friends are awesome and ones that can help you explore other countries and teach you all about them and their cultures are the absolute best!  So this weekend we will saying "Bonjour" to my new friends and new adventures! Yayyyyyy for us!!  I wonder if there will be any shopping involved..I better bring extra Euro just to be safe!! 
Now if this week will just hurry up and finish so I can be on my way to France and the fun that will come with it!

Ciao for now! (better?!  LOL)

I am such a!!!!

Haha  my puns are so funny!! Ok maybe only to me but still cracked me up. Laughing is such a great way to spend the day! Don't you agree?!

So my friend is taking me to a wine shop she knows of today.  Oh yes I said wine shop!! MMMmmmm I love me some wine!!  I am a sweet wine drinker myself. Not a huge fan of red wine although I have had a few nice Italian red wines.  So hopefully they have some fabulous wines I can add to my collection. My keeper collection keeps growing and eventually I am going to run out of wine I will drink so I really should get to stocking up on drinkable wines as well.  Any who she says they have great wine and a lot of it is really reasonably priced!! Now the words "wine" and "reasonably priced" are definitely two words that will get my mouth watering for sure!  I will have to let you all know how much money I blow through how much wine I get today and how good the place is for me.

Mr. M says on his way out the door this morning "so try not to get yourself in too much trouble since you have to carry it up 3 floors all by yourself"  Now as true as that might be and his logic made sense trying to convince me to not buy too much did he forget about the fact that I am famous for buying things and leaving them in my truck until he gets home to help me carry them upstairs..Haha oh yes I do!!  So let the buying begin!!  Muahuahuahuah!!!

Chow for now! (I was recently made aware that I am spelling Chow wrong as it is supposed to be spelled Ciao. Thanks for the spelling lesson and I will try to be more correct from now on..maybe!)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Being a military spouse......

Sometimes being a military spouse has it bad points. I am not talking about the fact that our husbands can deploy at any time and be gone from us for long periods of time either. I am talking about how it actually affects us as wives. I have thinking about this alot lately simply because losing touch with friends always sucks and especially when it is nothing to do with us.

When we move we all say we will stay in touch and even if we have to move overseas we make sure to put out that effort to stay in touch with the people we treasure as friends and no matter what we do whatever we can to keep those friendships alive.  So when it becomes a one sided friendship..being that you are the only one calling and you are the only one is fair for someone to get upset with you if you suddenly stop?!  How odd is it to say.."well you stopped calling and writing" Ummmm did you have issues with writing yourself or calling even?!  It is sad to lose friends because of distance but I also have learned that the ones that are worth holding onto are always the ones that make sure to stay in touch themselves.

It does hurt to lose a friend or two but having moved to a new place you usually find a few more to replace the ones you lose. I should look at this from a positive point of view as well I guess. I may have lost someone I considered a true and dear friend but I have gained so many other friends in my short time here and I consider myself lucky to have them in my life.  I am shy person and have always had issues with making friends every time we move. I can't help that I am a quiet person naturally and often times people think I am being stuck up or unfriendly but the truth is that I have been with military all my dad was Air Force...and so I have moved around so much that I always found it better to be quiet and sit back and asses the situation and then decide if the people were worth getting to know or not. Maybe that does sound stuck up but I have been hurt more times then I care to remember by hateful people or the ones I call "catty women". 
Now that is a whole other subject..catty women...Seriously now I could care less if you think your kids are better then mine or your house is bigger then mine or your car is better then mine. I am happy for people who have nice things and those who have brilliant kids!  I love to celebrate great things for other people and always encourage others to do what they want to do and cheer them on when they accomplish them.  So why is it that those few "catty women" have to try and take everyone elses glory away?!  I have met some of those since I have been here and if they are reading this now..*hint hint* that is why I never called you back!!

I guess my point I am trying to get across really is that sometimes it is hard being a military spouse simply because friends truly do make your life more enjoyable and it really does hurt when you lose one.  For my friend who has decided to move on with her life and disconnect from our friendship I can only say to you "I am so happy for you and your new life and I hope that you and your family have a very blessed life and I will miss you dearly!"  To the "catty women" out there I say..."Why not try to be happy for others instead of always trying to rub people faces with whatever good you think you have. It is nice to be happy for someone else for their accomplishments and every military spouse deserves good friends so try to be one"

Ok I am done with the philosophy lesson for today!! Haha  you thought I was just a dumb housewife didn't ya"!!  I showed you I could spell big words...**takes a bow** Thank you!

Chow for now!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What a success..can I sleep now....

Today was the day of DD2's birthday party!! Yay for us!  After 3 months of planning and online ordering and waiting on packages and getting scared when things didn't arrive and crafting and running around it finally was here!
The day started out fabulous and so far everything was going right. The party room was ready when we arrived and I had some really great friends help me set everything up. The room looked fantastic and as the kids started slowly showing up they seemed really into all the activities we had planned.  OMG a huuuge sigh of relief to me that we didn't have any incidents and everybody had a great time..whewwwwwwwwwww!
The tables looked great and I was happy how everything turned out!

The girls had fun coloring their pictures which we then laminated and turned into placemats for them.

We added a little sticker to the bottom just as our little thankyou for everyone coming to the party...

It seemed as if everyone had a good time and I can only hope that all the girls went home happy..

I was very happy with how the cake turned wasn't what I had visioned but they did a good job with what they had..

I added the Hello Kitty on top and the candles and the rings on the side of it. I also had ordered the edible icing pictures and wording so I guess I should be happy with it..but I was not we will let that one go for now!!

We had the party and got everything cleaned up..again with some help with some really good friends..I will never knock helpers because they really did help me big time today!!
Mr. M was a doll and not only did the laminating that I had asked him to do..since he knew how the dang thing worked... but he also helped pass out drinks and pizza and round up the girls when we needed them back in the room. All I can say is I married one fabulous party helper..oh well of course he is a good man, husband and provider but today he totally won the award of best party helper ever!!

Ok so party over..we paid the bill..and we were off to a meeting and then a few hours later another Party Lite party!  I really do love their stuff but way too many parties in a row. I am actually looking forward to the Pampered Chef/Tupperware party next weekend just for a break from smelling candles!
Don't get me wrong  I love all that stuff and tend to overspend now matter what it is but then I have a party and all favors are returned...Ok all favors had better be returned..oh ok I am just kidding I don't want you guys to feel obligated to buy anything from my party.Yes I do and you better buy stuff so I can get my free stuff!

Ok so back home with the girls..did I mention I picked up a stray along the way too..haha just kidding my oldest brought a freind home with her to spend the night.  We walk through the door and Mr. M says "hi how was the party? Did you get anything good? Oh I am heading out to meet some guys"  Ummmmm ok then.. I say "yes I got some good stuff and I won the door prize and if you are heading out can you pick some stuff up for me that I forgot"  Hehe

Alright I am totally exhausted and the birthday girl is totally obsessed with all her new things and DD1 is busy with her friend doing whatever it is they are doing..I will go in there in a minute and check on exactly what that is..and I am going to watch some tv and head off to get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's!! I am almost sure I will sleep dang good tonight!!

Chow for now!