Friday, July 30, 2010

5 Question Friday!!

OMG I swear this month has just flown by!!!  I remember making 4th of July plans and now it's a few days from August..whooahhhhhhh!!!!   Not that that is a bad thing but really where did the time go?  Did I do anything good this month?  I am so confused on how the school year is crazy busy for me and yet the summer months seem to go by so much faster!!  Ok ok I am fine...maybe..anywho it is nice that is Friday today and this is going to be a FABULOUS weekend!!!  Soo much going on and I am so excited I can't contain it..squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!   Whew that felt good!!
So let me get onto the 5QF and then I will tell you more about the upcoming weekend for me....

1. Did you have a favorite blanket or toy as a kid? If so, do you still have it?
Ok so my mom is a total pack rat!!!  Unfortunately she probably has a bazillion National Geographic magazines from the 1950's but nothing that belongs to her kids in the house!!  I am so serious ya'll!!  My mom decided as we moved out to tell us to either get our stuff out of her house or it was getting thrown away and although I totally didn't believe her and thought being a former mil spouse she would understand the constant moving around and all she threw all my toys out!! Yupp all my memories and things that would have been great to give to my girls in the dumpster with the day old chicken..ewww!!!  So as much as I would love to tell you that I still have my barbie dream house w/ barbie corvette, barbie McDonalds,and barbie dream pool alas I do not..sighhhhh!!!!  Yes I was totally obsessed with Barbie stuff and had everything ever made for her...uh huh I was daddy's little princess and had it all..jealous?!! Haha  I keep telling you all I am fabulous...get it now?!!

2. Do you dream in color? Ummm wow well every now and then I will remember a dream I have had and it is usually those ones where you wake up either sad or pissed off because of whatever you dreamed...especially the ones where you want to hit your hubby because of what he did in a dream(Mr. M's favs!).  I have never really thought about if they were in color or not though...hmmmm. Ok now the next time I dream I am going to have to pay more attention I guess!  lol

3. How tall are you? Do you wish you were shorter or taller?
I am 5ft 8in tall!!  I have always wished I wasn't so tall especially when I want to wear heels..which I never do because of my height!  Mr. M is only slightly taller then me and the thought of being taller then my hubby because I am wearing heels is the exact reason you will NEVER see me in heels!! Nuff said!!

4. If you could have anyone's (celeb or other) voice as the guide on your GPS, who would it be?Ohhhhhhh  yeah baby!!!!  Let me tell you all about my gps voice!!  I love my gps because I can change the voice to anything I want it to be. Now right now it is some dumb english chic who Mr. M likes to put it on when he gets mad at what I have on it..teeheee!!  I am a TOTAL SUCKER for a man with an aussie accent..yummmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!  I will put my gps on Australian male and drool all the way to wherever I am going repeatedly telling him "ty so much" and "you are fabulous" but Mr. M changes it back every time he gets into my truck..hmmmpfffff!!  Rude I say!!!  No celeb needed here..all I need is Australian male and I am alllll gooooood!!!!

5. Do you return your shopping cart to the corral or leave it wherever in the parking lot?
Oh oh oh this one of my biggest pet peeves right here!!!^^^^
For those of you who will say "oh well I just leave it wherever because it is too much of a pain to have to return it back"  All I have to say to you people is  "Stop being such lazy asses and just return the cart!!"  I can't tell you how annoying it is to want to park somewhere only to have a gosh danged cart in the spot or to come out of the store only to see a cart pushed up into my truck!! AAAARGGHHHHHH!!!!  I totally think that the Europeans have it right by making you pay for your cart so that you return it only to get your money back!!  You know we are all too cheap to just leave a dollar hanging out in a cart because we are too lazy so those suckers get returned so we can have our money back right?!!
Yes you know exactly what I am talking about..lazy people!!  Sheeesh!!!!

I always return my cart!!! ALWAYS!!!  Whether money is involved or not. Even when I had babies with me I still returned the cart!  It is not that hard people so grow a set and do the right thing!!  
Ok off the soap box now!! Wow really good Q's today!!!  Fabulous job to Mama M and her crew that make up the questions!!!

Now go ahead and get your Q on with Mama M and get your soap box a rockin' !!!  

As for this weekend for me...I have my new bestie coming back from Jamaica...yupp I said Jamiaca and yes I am totally jealous of her...tomorrow and can't wait to see her and the kids!! Then I have a fellow blogger coming up to have dinner with me and the fam..yay for meeting bloggers IRL!!!  That night we are going on a boat ride down the Rhine river to see the castle illuminations and I can't wait!!!  Be sure to check back and I will post tons of pics I swear!!!  Of course I don't want to overwhelm you with too many....oh yeah right who am I kidding you will be totally overwhelmed and thrilled I am sure!!  
Have a great weekend everyone and see you back here soon!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Catchy titles that make you want to read a blog until....

So I am still fairly new to bloggerville and have thoroughly enjoyed everything that brings to my life. I love having this place to jot down some thoughts that rattle around in my head or share a great time in my life. I love to read about other blogger's lives and even sometimes get some great ideas for myself or my family.  I try really hard to read as many of my following blogs as I can but will fully admit I am not the best at this. I have so many fabulous blogs that I follow that it would take forever to actually be able to read all of them everyday.  I have made a point though to read any blogs where the title really catches my eye. Lately though I have been frustrated with this and just want to put this out..not as a grip really..but more of a helpful suggestion let's say.

If I go to your blog..all excited by your title and so ready to read your fabulous goings on and all...then do us all a favor and make it readable!!!  I will admit I have bad eyes and I squint a lot to read some blogs but some of the blogs I try to read are so unbelievably unreadable it's not even funny!!  I mean do you think that pink letters on a red page are actually readable?!!!  Do I want to read your blog?  Heck yeah!  Do I want to hurt my eyes to try and do it?  Heck naw!!!!  If you want your blog to appear invisible to the naked eye then by all means that is your perogative but do us all a favor then and please put that...somewhere where it is actualy readable...on the top of your blog!!  I mean just a little note that says something like" I blog for me and if you can't read it then tough titty"  You know anything like that would be great so I can stop straining myself and give my eyes a rest.

I am all about beautiful blogs and I absolutely adore some of the designs on the blogs I follow..jealous..yes..totally!!   I love to see pics and all the cool stuff that you all have figured out how the heck to get them on your page...again..jealous..yes..totally!!!   I can't follow you if I can't read your stuff and I won't leave a comment obviously if I can't read your stuff either!  I don't know about ya'll but I for one LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE comments!!!  Did I tell you all that?!!!  I love to read the sweet and sometimes funny or kind even words that are left on my blog!  I adore hearing that you agree with me or don't agree with me..this is real life people I don't think that the whole world will agree with me....and I try to do the same for all of you.

Wow it seems I have had vents lately huh?!! Hmmmmm you know it may have something to do with....nah it's not that!!  Ohhh it might be because...ehhh nope I don't think it's that either!!  Oh well I will figure it out or you all will love me either way..I am so hoping for this one!!  Did I totally make you curious now as to what is going on in my life that I didn't quite tell you?!!  Oh don't worry it will all come out one day but for now I am keeping it to myself.  Curiosity killed the cat and gossip buried it under your favorite chair!!  Yeah  I have no idea ya'll I just made that up!! Haha!!

Have a great Thursday and I will be reading some of you and checking to see if anyone changes their page to readable or not!!  See you back here tomorrow for the fabulous Mama M and her 5QF!!

Ciao for now!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brief encounters and lasting memories!

So yestereday Mr. M's sister was to fly in with her 4 newly adopted kids from Russia as well as an assistant from the orphanage to help her get them all home. They ended up having just a short layover here in Germany and so Mr. M headed off to the airport last night to get them and the girls and I waited in anticipation of meeting them all.  We waited and waited and waited and then Mr. M called and asked if I had heard anything to which I said "no" and he again started looking for them. About 2 hours after they should have been home they were finally here and the girls were so excited when they heard the truck drive up.  The front door opens and in comes my SIL and the  helper along with 4 of the cutest darn kiddos I have ever seen.  I am so not kidding ya'll these kids were cute and sweet and shy and a little frazzled which I totally give them and gorgeous!!

They were all tired so he hurredly put the beds together so they could get changed and lay down. We made some cereal for the littlest one and she was so cute but so tired and so out of her element that she wouldn't let SIL even put her down without screaming so I gave up rather quickly on being able to hold her at all.  There were 2 boys and 2 girls and it went in the order of oldest boy then girl then boy then amazing is that?!!!  Did I say how cute and sweet they were?!!  Seriously I offered them a glass of water and you would have thought I was giving them gold...they were so greatful and so appreciative of everything we did for them. It was humbling and adorable at the same time. I can totally see how SIL fell in love with them and just wanted to give them the world.
It took SIL and her hubby 5 years of paperwork and trips back and forth and oodles of money to finally have all 4 sweet, adorable little cherubs here with us in our house to meet for the first time.  Well worth it according to SIL and absolutely a prize for us as well.  I wish them all the best and hope to have many happy years together with our new little neices and nephews.  Welcome to the family you 4!!

Sorry no pics as I said before they were all so tired they headed to bed faster then I could get my camera out but I will share some pics of these gorgeous kids as soon as I get some back from SIL.

My family just got bigger and I could not be more excited and happy about it!!  :)

Have a great day everyone and I hope to hear from you soon....does that tell you I love comments?!! LOL

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Ok ya'll it is time again for the fun..the it note Tuesday!! *crowd goes wild*  Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!
I love this day and you will see why if you follow along and read all my post its every week. It's like a free day to say whatever to whomever and no one gets mad or upset or maybe that's because they never read what I write about them..Haha  oh well life isn't always fair right?!!  :)

And there ya have it folks!!  Truth, love and justice..ok ok maybe just funny, real and crazy...sounds better the first way though doesn't it?!!  Now head on over to Suppah's and get in on your own post it notes!!  It's so much fun I mean OMG how could you not want to do for real man!!  Oops sorry watched 80's movies this weekend...I loooooooooooove 80's movies.. I swear they were the best ever and the ones you can watch over and over...maybe because they are not all just remakes of old movies or maybe because they were fabulous..anywho  they rock and we watch them!!!  Jealous?!!  Get your own and join in on all the 80's retro chique living that is my life!! Yupp I am a little goofy this morning but you know is soooooo the coffee and I am sooooo never giving it up so get with it...and as always come back tomorrow for more!!!  Muah Muah Muah!!!!!   Oh I sooo just kissed you all....shhhhhh don't tell Mr. M last time he found out he wouldn't kiss me until I washed my face...yupp..he is crazy like that..but that is why I love him so much because we match!!!!  Ok toodles ya'll!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

And so a new beginning has come......

Ok seriously ya'll I had a fabulous weekend!! Despite the drama surrounding everything I do I have ignored it all and just gone on with my life as if it didn't exist.  I thought I was doing a dang good job at it also but yesterday drama's little sister reared it's ugly head and I was blind sided!!  Why is it that when something is wrong some people choose to take the low road and instead of just talking to you about it they prefer to put up nasty messages on facebook or maybe even just quit talking to you?!!!
I have said it once ya'll and apparently I will have to say it again..I DO NOT DO DRAMA!!  If you want to have someone kiss your butt or drag the stuff out of you you have gone to the wrong person!  I am a total kill them with kindness sort of person and with that said I will be nice and curteous and civil to everyone but don't expect me to climb a dang wall just to be your friend.
Of all the stuff that has been happening lately in my life and all the stuff I have had to do lately I just don't have time to please everyone all the time.  That sounds so crazy probably to you all but really I have spent my entire life trying to be the one person who would never be mean to anyone for any reason and I am total believer in Karma and the fact that you should do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.  This philosophy has made my life pretty fantastic and yet at some times pretty hectic.  I will not change my life or the way I choose to live it just to please anyone but I will however do anything I possibly can to help out absolutely anyone that needs help!  I will continue to live the way that I love to live and the way that has made my life what it is today. I will not kiss anyone's butt! I will not beg for anyone's friendship! Most of all...I will not participate in drama!
Saturday we had some new friends over for dinner and had a fabulous time!  Our kids got along great and we were able to just relax and chat about all the places we want to go while here in Europe and it was fantastic!

Sunday I woke up with my head feeling like a truck ran it over and had to go out and get some sinus meds. I am so tired of this rain and it makes my allergies and sinuses go nuts!!!  So after getting meds we got a call from another friend who invited out to a bbq. The bbq sounded great since with my headache and not feeling so hot I didn't think I would feel like bowling at all. We called our friends whom we were supposed to bowl with and instead invited them to the bbq. They said they would stop by but never showed up.   Of course all that did was make me feel bad for them not showing up..I know I know I am pitiful but again I don't like anyone to feel left out.  Later that night as I am reading facebook I come across a status that makes me think that maybe I have now upset someone because we changed our plans.  Have I mentioned that I hate thinking that I may have hurt someones feelings or upset them in any way?!!  Yupp and so the guilt trip starts!!  I feel like crap and everything I say doesn't really seem to help at all.  You can't really appologize for upsetting someone if they won't even tell you what they are upset about right?!!  I give up!!

I am done with all the mess and I am tired of feeling bad because someone else decided to wig out and get all pissy!  Yupp that's right folks my days of people pleasing is over. If it doesn't make me happy then forget it!  From now on I am going to do what I want when I want and no I am not saying I am going to turn into a Bi*** but I am saying that I am done trying to make everyone elses lives easier!  I am who I am and I will continue to help others out with anything I can that is just my nature but I will NOT sit here and feel bad because someone else wants to throw a hissy fit and be mad without being willing to adult up and talk about it.  I am an adult and will act accordingly and if that is not enough for anyone around me then it was nice to meet you and see you soon!!

Leaf turned and my new way of life starts today!!!

*sorry so long folks but today I really needed this and from now on it all happy all the time!!!  I am fabulous and I am going to start showing it!!! :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

5 Question Friday!!

Yayyyyy it's Friday!!! Not only does that mean that I made it through yet another long week but also that the weekend is here and I am ready to have some fun with the fam!!!   I love doing the 5QF with Mama M and I am sure you all would love to join in so click on that button just up there above all my jumble jibber and get started on your own Friday questions!!
Here are todays questions......

1. What were your school colors?
My highschool colors were maroon and gold(yellow). Don't laugh but for the life of me I can not even remember my college mascot let alone the colors..whoopsie!! They say the memory is the first to go so apparently here I go!! LOL

2. What's the best compliment you ever received?
I am sure that I am supposed to say something about a compliment someone said about me but I have to say that the best compliment I have ever received was someone saying to me "you have a beautiful family and wonderful kids"!!  It makes my heart flutter everytime someone says something about my kids or Mr. M.  Of course I think they are fabulous but it is really nice to hear someone else say it and it always makes me feel good.

3. Do you buy cheap or expensive toilet paper?
Ok there are a few toilet papers that I absolutely refuse to buy because...well...they suck!!!  Honestly though I buy whatever is cheaper at the moment as long as it's not sand paper. I do believe that our tooshies deserve better then sand paper!!

4. Have you ever had a surprise party thrown for you? Or have you had one for someone else?
Haha!! Ok so one year Mr. M tried to set up a surprise party for me and he blew it!!  God love him  he can not keep a secret to save his life!!  It was so sweet that he put it all together but he ended up telling me earlier that day because...well he sucks at lying!  lol  
Now I have thrown several surprise parties and actually I have to pat myself on the back because none of them were ever found out and they were all great parties!! I have thrown one for my mom, Mr. M and even my brother without them knowing. I have to say though doing it for friends is the best because they never suspect..hehe friends are so easy to trick...ohhh that didn't sound good...but you know what I mean!!

5. What is one material possession that you "can't live without"?
Hmmmm that is a thinker right there...ummmmm...well....honestly I guess I would have to say my cell phone.  I really don't talk on it much(because I hate to talk on the phone) but let me leave the house and realize I don't have it on me and the rest of the time I am a nervous wreck!!  I like knowing that I have it with me even if I never use it. I guess it's like a safety net or a security blanket and so not having it feels like I am missing a kid or something!!
Ok so there you have answers with Mama M's questions!!!  Now do like I said and go click that button up there and get in on all the Friday fun!  
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend as I know we will and I will see you all back here soon!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Save the drama for your mama......

So in the little over a year I have been living here I had yet to deal with any drama and was extremely greatful for that!!  I DON'T DO DRAMA!!!!  I can't stand drama, gossip and just plain ole meanness!!  If you feel the need to have these things in your life and you thrive on pushing it off onto others then you and I were not meant to be friends. Harsh?! Maybe but I can't stand it.  There are so many reasons to just be happy these days and seriously for those of us residing in Europe we have a bazillion we can think of on a daily basis.  How could you not be happy when if you so chose you could get out of your house(this seems to be a big deal for a few hermits people) and go to lunch in Switzerland or France if you so chose to.

I have had that ugly word creep up in my life lately and I am so done with it!  Why is it that people feel that being all dramatic and ignorant about the most petty of things is a way of life that will make them happy?!!!!  Serioiusly do you all think that putting a status on your facebook explaining how you are going to beat someone down next time you see them is fruitful to your life?!!!  When exactly did you decide that it is ok to talk smack behind someone's back just because you want to?!!!
This is your wake up call people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have had it with ugly people and will  no longer associate myself with anyone who chooses to be one of the kinds of people!!  This is ridiculous and immature and I want nothing to do with it!

Keep your grapevines in the vineyard where they belong and away from me!
Keep your ugliness out of my space where it doesn't belong!
While you are at it...why don't you grow up and realize that the world could care less for the ugliness you have decided to spread through your hurtful and hateful words!!

To all my lovely fabulous and spectacular readers out there.....I LOVE YOU ALL!!!  You all have been nothing but supportive to me and my life and I hope to always keep it that way!  Sorry I had to put this on here but there are a few things that I just need to say but sometimes saying them out loud in real life is not exactly the most appropriate way to do it!!  Soo to you lovelies..thank you for letting me vent and for listening!

Whoaaa I feel better now!!  Next task is to seperate my life from those who just want to bring my happiness down!!
Goodbye haters and Hellooooo Happiness!!!!!!

P.S. To my friends who have recently said goodbye to the love of their lives or who are counting the days until they have to say goodbye I just want to say...Big hugs to you all and I am so here if you need absolutely anything!!!! **hugssssssss**

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cat time out!!!

Ok so I have been having an issue with my oldest cat Tiger!  She repeatedly scratches on my brand new kitchen table and yelling at her, clapping our hand loudly and spraying her with a water bottle has yet to deter her. When I get up to grab her after she does it she will run into my bedroom and hide under my bed..king size and no way am I going to be able to get under there and grab her!! So I actually did it..I googled cat time out and believe it or not there actually was an article all about it.  Read here all about putting your cat in time out!!  I am seriously going to try it if she doesn't quit this behavior.

Although I have said several times to her.."I will give you to another family" and of course she just stares at me..duhh?!!!!  I could never give away one of my babies. They are family to me and my girls would be devestated so that is nothing but a threat that of course ISN'T working!! So cat time out here I come!!  I will have to let you know how it works or if it works.

It is bad enough I have to deal with this crazy mean heat and now a cat destroying the furniture it literally took me years to decide on?!!  Oyyyyyyy!!!!

Stay tuned for news on cat time out!!

Post it note Tuesday!!

Yay it's that time again so grab a cup of coffee(or whatever is your fav) and whatever you do please try not to spit any liquids out on the screen it really is a mess to clean up!!   Read on my lovely readers you.....

LOL so there you have it folks!! Fabulous week and yet totally not getting anywhere!!  Does it get any better then this though?!!  It's all good til the wine runs out then we might have an issue!! Keep reading and see if I eventually find the wine lady or if I run out and end up having to hurt someone find another type of wine to substitute with.

Have a great Tuesday and please don' forget to go click that button up there and check out Suppahmommy and her fabulous blog!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Making friends and finally feeling at home!!

Ok so we have a busy and fabulous weekend!  Last week was all about meeting new people and making some grand new friends for us!!  All the time we have been here in Germany I have made a few friends and a lot of acquaintences(we don't hang out really but we get along kind of people). Last week I met 2 new families just coming in and let me tell you how ecstatic I was to find out that seriously we should all be sisters!!  We like the same things, drink the same wine,love to travel, love to shop, put our kids ahead of everything else and are all extremely happily married.  It is hard always moving around and meeting new people and trying to find that one person that you really connect with and know you will spending a lot of time with them and all be danged if I didn't have 2 fabulous women just fall right into my life with in a week of each other!!  To say I was happy would be a total understatement......Fantabulous is more like it!!!  Yes that's my word and you love it!!!

So the usual meet and greets and finding out everything we have in common and we started talking about traveling. I am so excited to start taking trips now!! Not just family trips but we have talked about just us girls trips and that sounds like a much needed break for me and a ton of fun!   We are planning a trip to Poland of course for the pottery and also a trip to London and Paris as girls trips.  Mr. M heard me talking about it and told me to go wherever I wanted and just to give him enough notice so he could be prepared...isn't he a doll?!!!!  Man I love that man!!!  So the planning has started and I will keep you all up to date on all of our fabulous trips when we figure out when we are going to do them.

Saturday we went to the indoor flea market at ROB and honestly it was..mehhhhhh..ok!  Nothing fabulous that caught my eye so we moved onto the I love the mall I mean come on it's a MALL!!!!  We walked around and again had a good time just chatting and walking and looking at stuff. We spent waaaaayyy to much money and laughed while doing it..hehe!!!  When we first got to Germany we saw these beer steins and I wanted one.....BAAAAD!!!!  Well after the first time we saw them we never saw them again until Saturday...ohhhh my eyes lit up and Mr. M said "don't put it down this time or you may not find it again" ...seee  he is AWESOME!!  So I got my is a commemoritive stein with a piece of the Berlin wall on it..fabulously gorgeous and all mine!!!  Yes I did do the happy dance in the store and even the guy selling them was laughing at show for all mall shoppers in the stein aisle!! LOL
Here are some photos of all the great stuff I have bought or been given lately...

Isn't that the most beautiful stein you have ever seen?!!!  Ok I see it as a work of art and a fabulous way to display my piece of the Berlin wall!!

There she is..... my little piece of history on top of the beautiful stein!!  sighhhhh I could sit and look at it all day!!!

I told you before how my fab friend brought me some wine from Armenia right?!! Well here she is..tadaaaaaaaa!!  It's an adorable little bottle isn't it? The cork is sealed on with wax and the wine is actually a sweet pomegranite wine. I am told it is yummy but in no way am I opening this cute little gift so I will just take their word for it.

Along with the Armenian wine I was given some chocolates. I love the writing on the box even though I have absolutely no clue what it says!!  Inside that pretty little box though were dried apricots filled with an almond marzipan filling and triple dipped in dark chocolate...I am drooling just writing that!!  They are heavenly delicious and I have already eaten half the box..whoopsie!!   Anyone going to Armenia and want to get me some more of these?!!  *grins*

So fabulous people have joined my life and I am ever so greatful for that!! It only took me being here a year to finally find the ones that will make my tour here in Germany the best it could be and it was so worth the wait!!  Some fabulous gifts as well as shopping and I am so ready to start our travels now.

What have you been given lately that just made your day?

Do you find it hard to make friends everytime you move and get so excited when you finally find those few that just make you feel at home again?

I hope you all have a fabulous week and I know I will and be back tomorrow for Post it note Tuesday!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

5 Question Friday!!

Yayyyyy it is Friday and I can not tell you how happy I am right now that this day has finally come!! In one way I am ecstatic for the weekend to begin and in another way a little sad because a friend of mine is going away for 2 weeks on vacay..sniff sniff!!!  I am so happy for her and her fam for getting to go to the States and enjoy a fabulous week in Jamaica but I am also jealous as all get up that I can not go with and hit the outlets for some serious school clothes shopping! I have been spoiled that over the past 6 years we were within an hour of a few different outlets and school shopping was fun! Now I do online and a few IRL stores but mainly it is boring click, add to cart and check out stuff..booooooooooooooooooring!!!! I miss my outlets..especially the gap,guess and children's place..sighhhhhhhhhhhhh!!  Ok enough whining is Friday..hip hip hoooorah!!!!  That means another edition of 5QF with Mama M.  Isn't she the bestest!! Yes that is a with it! So here goes folks...

1. Do you collect anything?
Ummmmmm I collect a lot of things. Since being overseas I started collecting Polish pottery, crystal and knick knacks from different countries. I have always collected bears all my life and a few years ago started collecting eggs. Any kind of eggs, crystal. pottery, material...seriously anything. I can not explain it but I adore eggs. Something about an's like it symbolizes the beginning of life and adventure and I just think that eggs are beautiful!!  Call my crazy but that is my passion! Ok don't flip off my page now we all have our silly little quirks now!!

2. Name 3 celebrities that you find good looking.
Meg Ryan, Sarah-Jessica Parker, Jennifer Love-Hewitt   All gorgeous and all down to earth women who have it all!! Love them!!!

3. Do you have any scars? If so, what's the story behind it (them?)?
I have a few scars..1. a small burn on my left knee cap from leaning over my dad's hot motorcylce engine when he said not too..oopsie!!
2. I actually have one gigantic scar on my left knee and it is actually 2 different sugeries I had 1 year apart from each other because I had an infection in my bone. The first surgery was the summer before I started 5th grade and the second one was during my 6th grade year. The worst part of that one is the second surgery they left the skin open to heal since they had not gotten all the infection out the first time so it is a HUGE nasty looking scar right next to the very small one I like to refer to as "the doctors mistake"!  LOL

4. What is a food that you like to eat, but others might think it's gross or weird?
Ok well for a long time my family thought I was crazy because I could put Ranch dressing on almost anything. Seriously I love it on burgers, sandwiches,fries, onion rings, popcorn, pickles, olives, most types of meat and cheese and of course pizza!! yummmmmm!!!!  Wierd maybe,,gross maybe...yumm definitely!!!

5. Have you ever seen a tornado in real life?
Hahahahahahahahaha  Ok I grew up for most of my life in I need to say more?!!!!  Tornado alley folks and yes I have seen and lived through a few..hundred..thousand in my lifetime!! I actually think the best one I ever saw was when we lived in Colorado and we watched on touch down on the Rocky Mountains and it was the coolest thing ever to a kid watching trees be lifted off the side of the mountain and thrown!!  Oh yeah I was a cool kid...don't hate!!!
Wow fantabulous questions today!!!  I hope you all enjoyed finding out new things about me and now go on over to Mama M's and get in on all the Friday fun for yourself!!  Please don't forget to follow her as she is absolutely fantabulous herself..I mean I follow her so that should tell you she is FAB!!!
Have a great weekend everyone and I will be back later this weekend to tell you all about any cool finds I am able to get my hands on at the flea market this weekend!! Have fun, stay safe and shop til ya drop!!!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hump day, Happy day,and a special shout out to MIHH

Ok so the heat gave us a short reprieve which we lapped up like a kitten on milk!!  OMG it was so nice for the little time we had after the rain and with all windows on full openness we took full that even a word..openness?!!...hmmm ok well I used it anyway and you know what I meant right?!!  Ok good!!  You are such great readers even when I don't make sense or use crazy words you all just follow along and leave me the sweetest comments!!  I was floored to see all my lovely comments yesterday and I just want to say Thank you to all of you!!!  sooo....Thank you!!!  hehe

So...*looks around* friend...*looks around* the house she wanted!!! hehe  and woohooo,but also shhhhhhhhhhh!!!   We were given a house number and took it upon ourselves to just go over there and all be danged if the door wasn't just unlocked..teeheee...sooo we snuck in and she checked it out and loved it and she told them yes please she wanted it and she GOT IT!!!  Yayyyyyy!!!  She will only be just across the street from me and get this....she has a balcony!! I am in one way sooooooooooooooooooo jealous and in another way so planning all my trips to her house to chill out with a glass of wine on her beautiful balcony!!  Ohhhhh yeah baby....she will find this out eventually!!  LOL
So with her having a house to move into and the other family we were helping getting their house this week we are felling very accomplished with ourselves..*toot toot goes my horn*   I am Fabulous and I keep telling you all that but see ..there is the proof!! I can make wierd things happen and no one knows how but I keep trying to tell you all it's because I am special!! Ok ok stop laughing you know I am special and just don't want to admit it right?!!!  Yeah yeah I am going with that scenario!!

Now with only a few more days in the week and a few more inprocessing things for people to get done I am sure the rest of the week will still be busy and exciting and yet at the same time I feel fantastic after a day of helping others out.  You know when we first moved here we had our sponsor basically dump us in guest housing and move on with his life and if it hadn't been for a few extremely fabulous people we would never have gotten anything done. I swore to never let anyone sit in a hotel room and wish they could do or go anywhere and would be at their beckon call whenever needed and we have done just that and it feels GRRRRRRREAT!!!!!  I do need to give a special shout out to one special fabulously fantastic woman who showed around and told me some things about my new town that really did make a difference in my life...sooo here is to you MIHH!!! *holds up wine glass*  Thank you for being the kind of person you are and sharing your knowledge with me because it truly did make a difference in my life.

This weekend we are headed to the mall and an indoor fleamarket so I can spend hours looking for anything that jumps out at me and Mr. M can entertain the kids as they say repeatedly "are we done yet" "can we leave now" " mom can I get a toy"...yupp been there, done that, got the beer stein to prove it!!  Wish me luck on shopping and hopefully the rest of my week will go by fabulously and fast!!
Have a great Hump day everyone and here is to wishing you all a happy, healthy and fabulous rest of the week!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It's Tuesday and that means another daily edition of Post it note Tuesday with Supah and her fabulous blog!! So read on and then go visit her to get your own post it notes going!!

It has been a great week so far and I just hope that the rest of the week goes as well as the first few days have!! Hopefully with the little cool down that we had last night everyone will be in a better mood today and willing to work with people!! Cross your fingers for me ladies and I could use some extra good thoughts that my friends get the house they want too!!!
Have a fabulous day everyone and don't forget to go check out Supah's page...she truly is Fabulous!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's hotter then.....

Ok so the summer has arrived and if haven't been able to tell from all of my previous posts about the heat we are DYING here!!  It is so funny because I know it was hot last summer and yet some how once the heat passes we tend to forget all about it..hmmmmm!!!  So our a/c unit is just not cooling down like it did last year and so last night we tossed and turned and just could not seem to get comfortable. I woke up to a living room that seriously I think we could fry an egg on the floor...really!!!!  So I go to open the window and see what it is like outside and it is actually not too bad and there is a nice breeze going. Once I go to open the window more then just a crack I realize that some how all of our windows in the living room, dining room and kitchen have all slammed shut..Ughhhhhh!! No wonder it is like a heat factory in here we had no dang air and who knows how long it has been like that.  So after opening all of our windows to get some fresh air and some of that nice breeze in the house it is actually cooling down just a hair...don't hold your breathe folks it won't get too cool in here.

So yesterday we took the girls bowling. We like to go bowling and more importantly the bowling alley has a/c...OMG I am so in love with a/c right now!!  So we bowled a few games and had lunch and then headed over to guest lodging to see if my friend had arrived yet. They were there..YAYYYYY!!!  We stood outside their room to talk since according to was like a dang sauna in their room...haha  it's not just me!!!  After talking for a while and deciding it was way too hot to go to the big park outside we took them over to the bowling alley so the kids could play on the inside park and we could chill out in the a/c for awhile.  It was nice to just hang out and chill in a somewhat cool environment and watch all the kids have fun.   So they are only here for a week then they go on COT leave and won't be back until the end of the month.  I am so jealous right now of anyone going to the States since I want to be there right now with a/c, fabulous food and outlets to  do some school clothes shopping but alas we are not so live vicariously through all my friends who are so lucky!!  Did I mention that she brought me some pomegranate wine and some delicious chocolates from Armenia?!!!  Ok the chocaltes melted in the truck while we were at the bowling alley so haven't tried them yet but she says they are yummy and I mean it's chocolate so it has to be right?!! LOL  The wine will probably sit on my shelf so I can tell everyone who asks that yes it came from Armenia and no I haven't tried it yet!!  I am kind of crazy like that but most people who come to my home already know that anyway! *grins*

Ok so I am going to go get some house chores done before it turns back into hell on earth here in my house. I hope you all have a great day and let me just say this...if you have a/c for pity sakes DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED!!!!   Muah!!  Chat at ya later!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

5 Question Friday!!

Yayyyy it's Friday!!!  You know what that means..time for questions and answers with Mama M and you all should know by now how fabulous she is so head on over and grab you a button and some questions and start thinking!!  It's great to use the brain for more then just...what's for dinner...did I clean the house today or...I need to do laundry right?!!  So let's roll ladies....

Here are today's questions...

1. What is one food you could eat everyday?
Oh that is so easy..if it were up to me I would eat strawberries every single in day out..all day long and LOVE it!!!! I seriously need to try and get some strawberry plants when we get our own house or else start a monthly strawberry fun jar. Bet you all thought I was going to say chocolate didn't ya!!?!!!  Haha fooled ya I love strawberries more...yupp I said MORE!

2. Are you working in the career you thought you would be when you were 18?
Ummm that would be a HECK NAH!!!  I for sure thought I was going to be an Interior Designer until the second year in college when I had to start taking fabric classes..yuuuuuuck!!  I hated them and do you have any idea how many different fabric types there are?!! Holy Moses ya'll it's insanity I tell ya pure insanity!!  I do have to say that I always had this picture of myself in my head though being a mom and running around town taking my little girl to ballet classes so I guess in a way even though I don't have a "career" I am doing what I wanted to and loving every minute of it!

3. What is something that you wish you would have done when you were younger and you didn't?
Oh there are soo many things I wish I had
1. finish my college degree so it didn't take me forever to do!
2. spend more time with family..I miss them so much now and won't have the chance to make some of that time up with some of them
3. I wish I would have continued to play the violin so now I could teach my girls
but most of all and get ready ya'll because I know this is going to be a total shocker to you all and try not to fall out of your chair on this one..
3. Most of all I wish I had never ever started smoking!!  OMG I can't believe I actually said it and on here of all places!!  *hangs head*  I absolutely hate the fact that I smoke and am honestly embarassed by the fact that I do!!  I don't smoke around anyone else who doesn't smoke just simply because I feel my bad habit is a disgrace and I don't want them to have to deal with it!
Yupp you got it ladies..I am dead ashamed of the fact that I smoke and have tried several times to quit but dag nabit it's flipping hard!!!

4. What color are your kitchen walls?
Since I live in government quarters and the walls are always white mine are "army white" as I call them.  I could paint them but that is just one more thing to have to worry about when I get ready to move again in so many years and I don't want to have to deal with it!

5. Do you remember what your very first favorite song was?
Hehe  ok yes I do!!  I remember being 5 yrs old and jumping on a mattress in my best friends basement blasting out "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John. I absolutely loved that song and I wanted to be her!! LOL
Ok so there you have it!! My answers and my deepest secret that I had never yet revealed on here!!  I really hope I don't lose any readers over my deep dark nasty secret!! I love you all and have up until this point hidden my biggest flaw but now that it is out there please don't leave me!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mayday..Mayday..coffe down..I down!!!!!!

Ok so today was supposed to be a chill day with just a few errands to run then home to relax and read a new magazine I picked up at the mail room....but......
As I gather all my loot I had collected today..a gorgeous picnic basket and some mail from the mail room...I go to shut the truck door and...kerrrrrrsplaaaattt goes my coffee!!!  Now for most people you would say "oh well no big deal" but for me..seriously that is like losing a pint of IS a big deal to me!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!  It's not like I like right down the street from the coffee shop either and can just go grab another one..nope I am doomed to have no coffee today unless some wonderful person decides to grace me with one on their way home(total hint for Mr. M even though he doesn't read my blog)  Yupp no coffee and my O magazine just won't be the same I tell ya!!  Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!   Alas the day must go on and so shall*cringe*!!!!!

We had  a fabulous weekend that went well into the week it was really grand!!! I love it when Mr. M actually get some time off and we get to actually have fun as a family..together I mean!!

Saturday we had a birthday party and bbq in the park and it was sooo much fun and it was sooo nice to just sit and enjoy being with friends while the kids had stuff to do and of course an abundance of nummy food never hurts either!  The party started around noon and we didn't leave to head home until after 10pm..Woohooo for fab friends who throw fab parties!!
Sunday was the 4th of July fest in the park. Of course Mr. M had to work it so it was just me and the girls that day. We headed out early to get to play some of the games before it got too crowded...yay for us except the games SUUUUUUUCKED  this year!!  I was very very disappointed in what was all set up!! Sheeesh I mean it's a celebration of our independence and this was all for soldiers so what was the deal yo?!!!!  For real!!!  Still we had fun and the girls did all they wanted to and the fireworks were nice..yes just nice..and then we headed home around 11pm. Mr. M made it home a little after 1am...that was earlier then last year so yay for that!!

Monday we woke up early..bahaha yeah we woke up around 8am and were supposed to meet everyone and be ready to leave around 9am. Oh no we weren't late folks... late does not exist in Mr. M's me!!  I barely had my contacts in before he rushed us out of the house. Hence the reason DD2 was dressed horribly..Mr.M dressed her and I did not have time to put sunscreen on..Yupp ouchies for me!!!
We made it the meet spot and were headed out of there around 930am..oh yeah we were rushed only to get there and wait on others!! Hmmmmm?!!!!  So off we went to Tripsdrill!!  It is a fabulous amusement park about an hour away from us and we spent all day there. We were one of the last ones out when the park was closing and we were mad we missed some of the rides because they had already shut them down..boooo on the park for doing that!!!  It was so much fun and our group was all happy and exhausted and so headed home and had dinner out at the China buffet!

The first thing when you walk in the park is this swing ride! I love that it is on a Maypole!! Cute huh?!

You go inside this wind mill and climb all the way to the top and then slide down on it on a straw mat!! Too much fun and the kids were thrilled!

Little kids log ride..the parents were not allowed on it unless you were with a little rude eh?!!!

DD2's buddy for the day was 8 week old French cute and she was actually upset that she couldn't take her on the rides with her! LOL  Mr. M has now decided we can have a dog thanks to Princess...not sure about the price tag though..eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks!!!!

My buddy for the day..JrJr...he was so tired half way through the park and he wasn't allowed to ride barely any rides so we just hung out all day and then I put him to sleep..haha  yeah he was tired and yes I mean I rocked him to sleep..don't go crazy on me!! I love kids!!!

My absolute favorite ride there was the bathtub ride..yupp you actually ride in what looks like an old bathtub..Sooooooo much fun we went a few times!!!

Woohoooo for water rides on hot days at an amusement park!!  Hehe notice the kid pushing the mom off her lap!!

It was so much fun and then we headed home, ate some dinner with our group and showers and bed was very soon after!!

Tuesday was great since we finally had some time to just relax and appreciate being together. A short run to the commissary since I was so busy having fun last week I never went...whoooopsie!!! 
Now it's back to errands and cleaning and waiting for next weekend to see what we come up with next!!
Have a great hump day everyone and talk to you soon!!

Ohhh and P.S. anyone near me want to bring me another coffee?!!! LOL  Hey I can hope right?!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Post it note Tuesday!

Yay it's that time again!!  I love me some post it notes!! You can get in on the fun too. All you have to do is click that button up there and join in with Supah's fabulous follow!!

Yes this was a very fun and very busy weekend for us and it is still going on...can you believe it?!!  Oh yes my weekend was stretched all the way out to Tuesday folks..jealous?!!..don't be I will share it all with you one day this week I promise!!  But for now it is time for more fabulous post its so let's get going..

So there is this weeks Post it notes and now you can go do your own!!  Have a great Tuesday everyone and I will be back tomorrow for more weekend updates.

Friday, July 2, 2010

5 Question Friday..Woohooo!!!!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy It's Friday and I made one piece..not fully cooked...and totally chill!! Yeah that's right I am chill!!  Baahaahaaa  wow am I old!! when did people stop using that word..and while I am at it ummm who says like with every sentence anymore?!!  Ok ok so this whole retro intro is because of some of the questions today on the 5 Question Friday follow!!  I love these questions and they change up everytime which makes it even better! Now click this button and join in with us...

This weeks questions are...

1. What is one thing you miss the most about childhood?
I think I would have to say the one thing I miss most about childhood is the easy lifestyle...I mean remember when we thought just going to school was such a chore and now..heck I would love to just have to go to school with no chores or bills to pay or anything. Sighhhhhh  ohhh to be young and disorganized again!! lol

2. Are you still friends with your friends from high school?
Yes with some of them. Majority of my friends were from different schools and some of them have gone on to bigger to better...I think..and we lost touch but can I just say...Thank goodness for facebook!!! I mean I probably would have no idea what was going on with any of these people if it weren't for things like facebook. I moved so many times since I left Oklahoma and yet I still was able to find them and keep in touch!!

3. Is there a catch phrase, cliche, or word that just drives you bonkers every time you hear it? Ohhhh boy....ok so I am sure all moms will say the same thing I do but it drives me nuts to hear..."that's not fair"..aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  Of course one day when I was in the store with my first born and she was about 2 and pitching a fit for some dumb toy she thought she had to have I came up with this and I use it all the time and the girls hate it. When they say "that's not fair" then I say "life's not fair and you are stuck in it with me so get over it and make the best of it if you can"   LOL  just thinking about saying it and seeing their faces give me the "rolled eyes" look makes me giggle!! teeheee

4. What is one thing that you think symbolizes America...besides "Old Glory"?
Ok symbolizes America??!!!!  Well obviously it is Men/Women in uniform!  America is nothing and has nothing without all the men and women in uniform who have and will continue to fight for it!  America is only as strong and successful because of these few elite who have offered their lives to keep it what it is!!  Yes I serious and maybe a little prejudice but still that is my answer...suck it up buttercup!! Ohh sorry innerself...came out a little bit!

5. What are your 4th of July weekend plans?
Ohhh we could be here all day on this question...Tonight was supposed to be Karoake with some friends but since Mr. M didn't come home last night I am guessing he will come home tonight and crash his poor little butt out. Saturday we have a birthday the me!..that is supposed to start at noon and go until we all die of heat stroke whenever. Saturday night Mr. M really wants to cook out but he hates that he invites people to cook out and he always gets the b.s. answer "you live too far away".suck it up people..Sunday we have the 4th of July fest that starts at 4pm and since once again Mr. M has to work it we go just to be able to atleast spend some time with him for the holiday. Monday we are going to Tripsdrill(an amusement park) and that would top off my weekend!  Ok so by Tuesday I am going to be fully cooked and probably a little red on the outside and totally exhausted!!!  Wish me luck people!! LOL
Ok now you know you loved those questions and I keep telling you they get better each week so head on over to Mama M's fabulous blog and get started on your own 5QF!

Have a great, happy and safe holiday weekend everyone and I will be back to update with pics after we have all of our fun this weekend!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ok ok I am going to cry now......

So after all the fabulous and sweet comments I got yesterday from such dear readers I was already feeling the love. Now I get an award from someone whom I think is absolutely amazing as a blogger and a person!!  Maranda and I met here in bloggerville and have enjoyed going back and forth with our comments on each others blogs. Acutally I started reading her blog My camo colored life and loved it and then soon after found her other blog Jolts and Jollies which she does as a cooking blog. Let me tell you how many days I have wanted to literally eat her page off the really she is killing me with her fantastic pics she is continuously putting up on my screen!!  So here is a BIG THANK YOU to my dear blogger friend Maranda for this award...

Isn't that just the bestest award ever??!!!  For real and the fact that I got it..O  M   G  I am so thankful and in total awww of my lovely followers and bloggy friends who have thought so much of me to give me these great awards.  Ok so apparently I am going to have to figure out how to put all my awards up on my blog somewhere..ummmmm....ummmmmm..ohhhhh blogmaker..ohhhhhh lovely blogmaker....I need HEEEEEELP!!!!!  Ok ok enough drama..sorry sometimes I get a little carried away...whew  ok I am calm now.

So rules are thank the blogger who gave it to you....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU MARANDA!!!!  Muahhhh Muahhh Muahhh!!!

Ok then the rules say something about giving this to other bloggers..hmmmm let me go check and I will get back with you on what it say...*insert Jeopardy theme*......
Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience using five words...that is next so ok..well I guess my philosophy is have fun and always be honest, motivation would be my crazy life...need I say more?!!  I guess my experience is well of course it's being a mil spouse, mother and every other job you can ever possibly think of.. I mean let's be honest ladies if you are a mom and a wife then you are a...plumber, accountant,banker,secretary, nanny,housekeeper,maid,personal shopper, chef,creative director,teacher..oh I could go on and on. So really my experience is that of about 100 other people all put into one!!  You all know you always thought and now there it is in black and white on my blog!! Now go out there and ask for a raise people we are severely overworked and underpaid after all..sheeeesh!!  LOL

Ok so as much as I would love to just keep blogging with you all night I have 2 girls staring a hole in my head wanting to know if we are going to eat sometime today..baahaaahaaa  I really thought about telling them to make dinner themselves but they look so pitiful..I hate when they do that to me!!

Off to feed the masses..job #6!! Have a fab night and see you tomorrow!!