Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rememberance and adjusting.....

Well it is one of those days where the weather makes it near impossible to go outside and enjoy this beautiful sunshine we are having. With winds near 75 miles an hour and Mr. M getting called into work once again for something so stupid it doesn't even justify being answered.  It's a total "call a girlfriend day" for me. Unfortunately I was not able to get ahold of any of besties. Maybe because of the time difference and them being asleep and all but let us not get into all the major details. So any who I decided to call my mom instead.  I could tell from the way she answered the phone that something was not right again!

Ok before I go into my mom and her moods let me give you a brief rundown of why she would have every right  to not be ok right now and how it is so hard for me to try and make it better for her.
Go back to June mom calls me to tell me that my little brother is in the hospital and they have found a brain tumor that measures 25% of his brain and they are saying it is inoperable. Well if you seriously think that anyone especially my mom and little brother were going to listen to them and start planning a funeral you were dead wrong!!  So they searched high and low and called in every medical favor they ever had and found an incredible doctor in San Fransisco that said they could operate but no guarantees.
Skip ahead almost a year and my little brother has the surgery and he is ok. They got 95% of the tumor out and he has a few issues he has to do therapy for but he is not going to die! We thank God and the doctors and everyone who prayed for him.
Skip ahead to June little brother has had an MRI every 6 months and has had been through radiation and chemo and he is doing well until this MRI in June. They tell him the tumor is yet again growing and for some reason it is rapidly growing and they want him to do a stronger radiation right now.  Ok ok we have gone through this before no biggee we can do this. We cry that he has to deal with the pain and we hate that he is even having to deal with this again but let's go and lick this thing again. So he starts radiation.
Over the next few months he gets worse and the next MRI he has tells them that for some reason the tumor has decided that it likes radiation and is now growing twice as fast. The tumor is once again 25% of his brain and he is now practically paralized on his left side. He can't even walk or do anything for himself. While all of this is going on I am here in Germany hating every phone call hearing about how bad he is doing and trying to not cry when I talk to him.
September 15, 2009 I receive a phone call from my mom.."Susan he is back in the hospital and the doctors are saying they do not think he will make it until October" Yes a part of me died right then and there with those words that will ring in my head for quite some time!
So I pack up the girls, make the arrangements and we head home praying that we make it there in time to tell him how much we love him and how much he has made our lives so much better just for knowing him!
We get to the States and rush to the hospital where my mom, my dad, my older brother, and my little brothers wife all sigh when they see me. Mom says "OMG I am so glad you are here we almost lost him 3 hours ago"  I am devastated and yet greatful he is still with us for me to talk to. He is in and out of consciousness and sometimes has conversations with people who are not there and sees things that are not there. I was just greatful for the few moments of lucidness he had and prayed every night for more of those.
We spent 3 weeks with him and moved him from the hospital to the hospice and made sure he was comfortable and did whatever we possibly could for him. Unfortunately we had to come back to Germany since the girls had missed too much school already and MR. M had to get back to work and couldn't take anymore leave. So I told my little brother goodbye!  I wish that no one ever has to do that like I did knowing it was the last time but there is nothing you can do to change the situation. The entire plane ride home all I did was go over and over what I said and what I should have said or wished I had said. We get home and take a day to try to catch up on our sleep and jet lag and the next morning my older brother calls "Susan I am so sorry but this is that horrible call and I am so sorry to have to do this to you but he is gone"  I sat there wondering what I was supposed to I cry?..what do I say??  so I say "how is mom doing?"  he says "she is not good"  Well that is what I expected but we apparently ask dumb questions when we don't know what to say!
My dear brother was gone and we missed the funeral!!  That is a whole other story.

Ok so that is the background and now you will understand why it is my mom has not been doing so well since October 12, 2009.
So on my day of bad days I just need a friendly voice to talk to and I get a mom who is distraught and nothing I say or do is making her happy and it doesn't help that I am not too happy myself so what do I do. I listen to her and tell her everything will work out and how we are doing just fine and I wish I were there to help her with everything. I have heard so many people tell me that everyone grieves in different ways. I had to deal with it and try to move on for my kids sake and cry myself to sleep for months deal with it!

I am sorry if this is too somber for some of you but it was really bothering me and I just needed to get it out. Sometimes I think that I haven't really dealt with it because I am too busy trying to  put on a brave face for everyone else. Who knows I might be that crazy lady out in public one day that freaks out because someone says something that reminds me of my brother...don't doubt me!!  I will continue to soldier on and am greatful for those people I do have in my life that have helped me. I can not thank them enough and all I have to say is "the next time I need a girlfriend to talk to can someone please answer the dang phone!!"

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ohh Saturday...Ohh Saturday...

Ok so I watched one the Olympic ceremonies today and now have Oh Canada stuck in my head! It really is a quite catchy song I have to say!

So we didn't have a birthday party to go to today...Yes I did say that one whole weekend out of the month we didn't have to go party with some kids!! Yay for us!! So what do we do with our time...road trip!! Waahooooo!!
We decided to go to Mainz. Out of all the city markets and street vendors I have ever been to Mainz is the best I have found. I absolutely love the things they have and absolutely every single one of them once they realize you are American will deal with you!  So first off I have to go to the Kastel and look for a few things I am still missing for DD2's birthday party and then it's off to the markets.
I don't know how they do it but somehow even the same stuff you see over and over just gets better!  I love smelling the soaps they sell. I have bought so many of them I started sending them as gifts to people. Mostly I love all the wooden trinkets. They can make some really cool things out of wood here in Europe.  There were some new vendors today that I had never seen and one had some beautiful wind chimes and the other had some marble things not sure what they are called but I guess you hang them on your wall. I think he was trying to tell us you hang them over a door for luck but not sure. His English was so-so and my German is so-so and so we just said they were gorgeous and moved on.
Once we left the market we decided to take the girls back here to the movies. DD1 had mentioned earlier that they were playing  "the princess and the frog" so we decided to go and take the girls.  For anyone who hasn't seen that movie it is a definite must see!  Not only were the girls enthralled with it but Mr. M and myself couldn't stop laughing and smiling ourselves.  Our famliy gave it a total 5 star rating!
Well we took some photos of scenery on our way so I will upload those and get them on here soon. I can't say it enough that I absolutely love the scenery here in Germany. I have been so bad about taking pictures though so today I told Mr. M if I have to drive everywhere because he is self proclamed horrible driver then he has to take pictures of all the beautiful things we see.  I will update the pics as soon as I can but for now I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and hopefully your scenery is worth looking at as well!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Freaky Friday!!!

Ok so I totally forgot about thoughful Thursday yesterday and had so much on my mind I totally messed up!
I never said I was perfect, however, I do come pretty dang close if I do say so myself...NOT!!  Haha just making sure you are paying attention!!
Ok so thoughts going on in my head...

1.  Do you ever wonder how they decide to price things?  I mean seriously does it really cost you anywhere close to $50 to make that teeny tiny cake that you just slapped some icing on?!!

2.  I keep telling myself to stop obsessing over making this bday party perfect but all I end up doing is making myself feel worse for thinking that and adding more stuff to my plate!!  Why do we obsess over stuff that is not so trivial and really will not make or break us in the end?!

3.  I think they need to invent somethings for automobiles such as..
     a. a stun gun for idiots on the road.. you know who you wouldn't hurt them just make them slow       down and get out of your way!
    b. an automatic camera that you can take a picture of those idiots doing the wrong things they running red lights and cutting people off..and then hit button on the camera to instantly send it to the police!
   c.a weatherbug on our dashboard that will warm us of heavy rain or snow coming in time for us to get off the road or change our minds and turn around.

4. Is it just me or do the ice skater outfits get smaller and smaller each year?  I am a woman and I get a little distracted trying to figure out if they have see through material or is that stuff all pieces of's too much to think about when I just want to be watching the skating.

5.  Due to some unfortunate incidents on my cats behalf I now have to replace some dang wooden floorboards in my apartment..Ughhhh!!!  Do you think housing will notice if I just go buy the wood myself and fix it?!!

6. Because of number  5 and a few other reasons I am dying to get out of the Army and get my own dang house that I can do whatever I want with!!  I have even told Mr. M that I am going to dedicate a wall somewhere in a closet that we can punch holes in if we want just because we can..he says this is ridiculous but wait until our 2 teenage girls at the time decide to do something like all teenage girls do he will be thanking me for that wall!!  Haha!!

Ok well I have a ton of things to get done before the bus gets here so I will chat with myself you all later!

Au revoir!!!  <

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The most fertile month....

So judging from the fact that we have had every weekend this month and even a few week days filled with birthday parties I think it would be safe to say that May is a very fertile month for some people!  I wish I could say it was over too but we still have one more weekend before this month is over with. One more trip to store to get a birthday present in hopes that we are getting something good and they don't end up returning our horrible choice of gifts. That is my biggest you ever have to return birthday gifts?  I know as my the years have gone by and my oldest now 12 yrs old it seems she gets more and more gift cards. Who invented the gift card?  I really need to thank them!  I am always torn on giving gift cards though especially with the younger kids. On one hand they can get whatever they really want but on the other hand they are not exactly fun to open and the looks some kids give when they really don't understand what they just opened can be funny or mortifying!

Speaking of birthday parties...I know I have already talked quite a bit about my youngest girl's party coming up but it just keeps getting so good.  So we swore we were sticking to our deal and there will be no more then 7 kids invited and yet here we are today a few weeks now before the party and the list is right now at 12 total kids..sighhhh!!  I love planning parties and I love trying to find things that are different then anyone else might have had at their parties. I guess I just want the party to be special not only for my little one but also for all the kids attending. Yes I totally admit that I enjoy the process and go so overboard that some might say I was yet again obsessed with it, but I like to say it my day to make a little piece of fairytale come true for some kids.
So I was freaking out since the invitations hadn't made it here yet and then a few days ago they about a huuuge sigh of relief for me!!  So now all I am waiting on is the rest of the party favors I had to reorder since the list grew as I told you before and we are a go!  I still have to try to find someone to make a cake and cupcakes for me and find the best place to have all the balloons blown up without feeling like I am putting gold inside of them.  Why does it cost so much to but air in balloons?  Who decided that it was ok to overcharge people who just want to give joy to kids for some air??!! Really I mean it is air, helium but still just air!!

Ok so here are the invites......

and the back....


Ok I really did think the pic on the back was too cute! Now you all are starting to think "oh heck yeah this woman has totally lost it" and I just have to say "yes I have and I am loving it!"  haha!!
Ok enough birthday for today. I will update more on the party as I get stuff put together.

Thought for the day....How do department stores come to exist and who names them?
Seriously, I would love to know if anyone has an answer for me!
Have a great day everyone!! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"I lied to all of you and I am so sorry"......

That is all Roslyn had to say last night on The Bachelor: the women tell all!  Why is it that once someone has started a lie they just can't find their way out of it?  Did she seriously think that her bitchy attitude made her look anymore innocent?  I was not surprised with what she said or did but at the same time I could not believe how rude and cunning she was towards Chris.  I did not think any of that was called for and she has had her 15 minutes of fame now so hopefully she will go away now!  Yupp just had to be said..rant over!

So I have been trying to find my niche around here and I have yet to find the place where I most fit in or will fill my days with fun instead of just cleaning and running errands.  I have been to meetings to join groups and other then meeting some really great people I just haven't found my zone.  The one thing about being married to someone in the military is that we move around so much and it usually happens that we meet the people we most click with about a year before we move. Now that last year is always fabulous and all but there has to be an easier way to meet people and get around to making more friends.  I have tried it all and have yet to find anything that works for me. Of course the fact that I am naturally a quiet person may hinder me in some ways but still is there something I am missing?!!

I miss my dear friends I have made over the years and wish so much that I could bring them all together in one place. My life would be perfect if only we could all happen to be stationed at the same place at the same time!
Ok so apparently this turned into a pity party....whooopsie!!  Bottom line is moving around with the military can be a very lonely time for us wives and I just was wondering if maybe someone else had any ways they go about meeting people and could offer any advice!  So how about it folks anyone have any advice for me at all?

Thought for the day.......How do kids always manage to get their way even though we swore we stuck to our guns?  No, you can only invite 7 friends to your bday party...and yet I found myself ordering more party supplies yesterday so she could add a few more friends!!  Wow she got me on that one!!  Haha!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A good friend day....

Have you ever had one of those days where it started out just right and it totally made your day?  Well today was my good friend day!!

First thing this morning I wake up to a message from a very dear friend in the States. See I had sent her this package last week with some crystal I bought her and her hubby for their anniversary and of course we need to fill the empty space with chocolate and other goodies and she received it yesterday.  She was so excited and kept going on and on about how much she loved everything and how I have to send more more more.  Wow that made my heart feel so good. I mean how much better could your day start out then with a friend telling you how wonderful you and knowing that you made someone smile!  I love to make people smile it's kind of a hobby of mine really.  So that is how my day started and it made the rest of the day fabulous so far as well.

Off to the commisary I went to do a stockpile of all the nonperishable foods we use over and over and over and I am tired of carrying up the 3 floors to my apartment every other week.  So an hour of shopping and matching up coupons to make sure I am getting the best deal I possibly can I am at the register and noone is in line and I scoot right through to the checkout..score again!!  So while unloading my overflowing cart I hear one cashier ask a question of another and I knew the answer..yes sometimes I do know I told him and they were very greatful for the information..score 3!  I get all the groceries unloaded and explain to the bagger that yes my family does eat that much cereal..we really should have stock in General Mills..and I hand over the coupons and saved $34.63..score 4!  I am on a roll today!!!!!!!
Ok groceries now loaded in the truck and off to my favorite coffee shop in the world the Java Cafe in Heidelberg...I should get paid for that addy!! haha  I order my usual  venti white chocolate nonfat no whip latte..iced today..and the girl ringing  me up laughs. What is she laughing about?!  So I look over my shoulder and see my friend who happens to work there and say hello. Apparently she made a funny and I couldn't hear it over the coffee machine..haha on me!!  So we talk for a little bit about the cold weather..sucky..and snow..even suckier...and how I want summer right now and she loves the snow...wierd I know!!   So then I head for home to take all these 25 bags up 3 floors to my apartment but when I get home I realize something...I bought all nonperishables..I don't have to rush and get these upstairs asap!! Yes....score 5!!!
Yes you can all cry for poor Mr. M who is going to come home from work today with a load to take upstairs..waahaaa  booohoooo for him!  Next week is freezer stockpile and I am on my own for that one so he will live!!

Great day so far and it is not even half over!!!  Have a meeting later and hopefully that will end my day with a cherry on top!!  Woohooo for good friends and great days!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Manic Monday!!

Ohhhhhh aaaa ohhhhhhhhh just another manic Monday....... Love love looove that song!!!

Whoa last night was a rough one and I could not sleep to save my life!!  I hate when you just lay there and it never fails you think of the craziest things when you know you are tired but you just can't sleep.
So I am going to start a thought of the day in my blog and get some of those crazy thoughts out of my head and maybe make some of you think as well..haha  if only you had thought of it first right?!! Or maybe you did and if that is the case kudos to you for such great thoughts!  Haha

Ok so the thought for the day is...Is it possible to become a person that you don't like?!!

Have you every said something to someone and then thought to yourself "who just said that"?
Maybe you looked down on someone for no good reason or treated someone like they were less then you just because you could?

I am one of those people who overthinks things and am a total believer in Karma and kill them with kindness!
If you wouldn't want someone to do or say it to you then why would do or say it to someone else?

Looking forward to any responses I get for this one!  Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Soo much to say and soo little room...

Wow what a weekend so far!! It is barely Sunday and I am already exhausted and excited at the same time.  I have busy week ahead of me and some new things I am quite excited about!!

Let's see Friday was pretty productive for me. I had to go to the PX to get DD1 some more Clinique steps..can they make that stuff any more expensive for real??!!!  So while I am in there of course I have to wander over to the Coach isle I mean it's like going to church and not praying if I don't!!  Oh yes I did just say that and sad enough I am totally addicted to Coach it is like my sickness and I can't control my actions seriously!    Anyway so the isles are crowded which really peeks my interest now and as I listen to women saying "OMG I am so getting this one" and "whoa I can't believe how much it is"  I am getting more and more excited as I approach.  I finally get up to the shelves full of Coach everything..bags, wallets, mini skinnys, purses,etc.  my eyes pop out of my head!  Not only are the shelves over flowing with tons of items but they are all on clearance..what??..yes!!!!

Ok so now that I have seen the big red stickers do I walk away and remain calm?  Heck no!!  As soon as I see it..the bag...the beautiful, colorful, conveniently priced bag.  Oh  she is calling my name and as one woman goes to reach for her I snatch her up and smile deviously!!  She is mine now and I will never let anyone else handle her with anything but respect.  Crazy?! Maybe, but ssoooo in love with my new shopping bag.  For those of you who do not have any addictions like shoes, purses, clothes, whatever  you will not understand this and will probably think I am a total freak.  Sad to say I am so addicted it does not matter to me. I have added so many beautiful Coach babies to my collection and I cherish each and every one of them.  Hmmm I think I might just have to have a Coach day where I show off and tell the stories of how all my babies came to live with idea huh?!!  Well to me it is!!  Haha!!

So here is a picture of my new baby I just got in case any of you are interested....
So meet Bonnie.  She is not only vibrant in color but has several handly little pockets for all the incidentals you have while shopping like change, keys, cell phone.

Bonnie is the perfect shopper bag and will be heavily used and loved by me!!
Ok so once I had found my treasure for the day I had to head home to wait for the bus to get DD2. As I get home just in time to grab my cell and keys and head out the door to the bus stop I realize the street where the bus stop is is blocked off. Great!!  They have issues with one of the barriers and have blocked the whole street off. So I try to figure out where to pick up my girl and watch people go frantic trying to fix the problem. It really was quite comical to me.  I finally get DD2 off the bus and head home to wait for DD1 to get home. Once they are both home, grab a snack and get some entertainment we head out. First stop is to IC's house. IC does my hair and does a fantastic job and is one of the sweetest women I have ever met. She truly is a doll and I just adore her!  So I get my hair done and some friendly gossip as we all do and don't even deny it!  Then it is off to dinner with Mr. M and the girls and back home only to find out we missed Survivor...NOOOO!!!  Ok well it was only one show we can catch it online maybe..hopefully..grrrrrrrr!  I hate to miss reality shows you really can get lost since they don't exactly follow a script and then with Survivor you have to wonder who got voted off and why!?!

Ok I told you about my Friday fun and my new baby and even my passion for Survivor it is time for a break now as my fingers are tired!!  Tell you all about Saturday later!  Chow for now!

Friday, February 19, 2010


I have been all over this blog spot thingy and I have gone all over google and have yet to figure out why everytime I try to add something cool onto my blog it ends up looking like my youngest put it there!!

I know I will some comments about how it takes time and I need to learn but going to other blogs and seeing how pretty they are and how much their pages probably reflect them and not a pile of ****  then I want  mine fixed too. 

So here is a call out to anyone and everyone in the blogging world to please take pity on a poor woman and help her make her page not look like (doodoo)..what did you think I was going to say?!!  Haha!!



Wow this was a long week and I am so ready for the weekend!

I have been house shopping online just trying to see what there is out there and what kind of a house we might want to look into getting. I never knew what a difference a few thousand dollars can make...Whoa!!!
I found a few very nice looking houses for severely overinflated prices I could not believe. The sad part is by the time you look at all the beautiful way too expensive  houses then you are kind a shaded with all the others you look at.  So I thought I would share some of the crazy priced houses I found online starting with.....

Now this house is fabulously priced at $699,000!  What a steal!!!  Haha!
As long as we are on the ridiculously expensive houses let's look at some great kitchens!  Shall we...



Ok those are pretty great but my absolute favorite one is this one....

Ohhhh how I want to adopt this kitchen!!  I wish I could buy a kitchen and then buy the house around it!
Ok so enough daydreaming and looking at stuff that is waaaay over our budget and just makes me wonder why Mr. M doesn't want to go back to school for a few years to make tons of money to buy me these houses?!!  Ohh yeah  that's right  we figured out a long time ago that we don't care how much money we have as long as we have each other...that is really important in a good marriage and I will take a good marriage over lots of money anyday!

Ok so let's get to the really cool houses I found that are in our budget now. Some of them even have fabulous ammenities like swimming pools, sun rooms and hot tubs..yeehaww!!!

This is one of my fav homes..

Seriously the funky looking walls and shapes are so out of my element and yet I absolutely love them!!

Ok so who doesn't want a fireplace in their kitchen??!  Don't lie to me.. you know love it!! The rest of the house is just as awesome but I don't want to take all day to show you just this house so let's move on shall we..

This one is really nice inside but what exactly were they thinking about the outside?!  I love brick and I don't mind the mixing of different brick with wood or stone but wth?!

Ahhh now this one truly is everything I love and it not only has beautiful landscaping and brick exterior it has cathedral ceilings and even a pool!

I really want a big tub and this one just caught my eye. I love the round tub!!  I could live in there for real!!

Do you just want to blink and make this bathroom in your house?!! OMG I am so in love with this gues bathroom it is breathtaking and elegant and sooo what I need in my house!!

Ok so a coi pond would be fabulous but this one just went over the top!  Isn't it gorgeous?!!

Ok so things that make you go..hmmmm??!!!  First of all why put a dang shelf over your front door?  Secondly why put furniture on said shelf?!! Seriously how do to appologize enough to someone when that falls on their head and lastly do you clean up there?!! How?!

Ok here she is....the one that caught my eye and made me say"hello sexy"!!
Not only is this beauty in our price rang and in the neighborhood we want but it is gorgeous!!
4 bedrooms,3 bathrooms, 3 living areas, game room, mud room, and a pool!  Yeehaww honey I am home!!

Of course I absolutely love the double doors on the front but they will need to be repainted red of course and the outer trim all redone in white. Can you picture it?!!

Oh yeah not only does it have a fabulous pool but also a heated spa!!  Seriously the only thing we will need to work on with this house is installing the outdoor kitchen and updating a few things in the kitchen..sorry no pics of the kitchen it is all white and omg who really wants an all white kitchen?!! Not me!  
Ok so I have shown you some great houses and things I love and a house I am hoping will still be available in 2 1/2 years when we are looking to could happen you never know!!  Haha!!
Well that is all I have for now so stay safe everyone and have a great weekend and I will be back soon to ramble on!! 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday.... Q and A day!

So I know I am supposed to be only rambling on Wednesdays but you know I have so many questions that never seem to be answered or maybe it's just that I don't like the answers. So anyway I am going to use Thursdays to ask those questions and see if I get any good answers. Please feel free to answer my questions or to ask me and everyone else anything you might want answered.

1. Why do some people always judge others by their shell?  Most people assume I am something I am not just because I do not wear makeup and usually have sweats on.  Ok people first of all I don't wear makeup and I usually wear sweats because my days are filled with cleaning and errands for the most part. Why get all dressed up to do laundry or dishes?!  If I am going somewhere I will dress nice and fix myself up but a normal day I like to be comfortable.

2.  Who is happy about the economics right now?

Well not that I am happy people lost money, jobs or their normal ways of living but it all honesty it did force people to start trying to live within their means.  I mean did we all really think it was ok to be in debt for more then we make in a year?  I am glad it is tougher for people to get credit now because maybe then they stand a chance of making it through their tough times on their own and not come out of it owing someone else.

3. What is the purpose of daylight savings time?

I get that we have longer days when it is nice weather but really who started it and why.

4.Do we have enough reality tv shows yet?

Don't get me wrong I love a lot of them. Survivor is fantastic and I like the Bachelor shows as well.  I am just saying that maybe we should stop making every little BFF show that a spoiled rich kid wants to do.

Ok I guess that's it for now!   Thanks for stopping by and talk to you all soon!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fat cat's in the family!

Ok so how easy would it be to be a cat?!!  Seriously?!!

We have 2 beautiful, fat, happy cats in our family. They sleep all day unless of course someone goes into the bathroom which according to them is THEIR room!  Don't even think about shutting the bathroom door either or you will be harassed with scratching and crying the entire time you are in there.

Tiger is the oldest and is also the laziest! She is huge!! Mr. M says she is a perfect cat because she is fat, lazy and occasionally will sit with you and give you attention but for the most part she just exists in the house.

TJ however is the younger cat and is playfull and loving and pretty much the shape of a pear. She almost looks like a kitten because she is so small, however, her stomach is not so small hence the pear comment!  TJ will sleep just about anywhere and her favorite place is on the towels in the bathroom right next to the heater! I really do need to find a way to protect the clean towels from her but so far no ideas how to do that!

So here is Tiger  chilling out in her usual spot on the sofa..sometimes she likes to sit like a person it's too funny! Most of the time though she is crashed out like in the next picture..

 Now then that brings us to TJ. Now her name is always an argument in the house. Some say her name means "Tiger junior" others say "trouble junior"  I tend to go with the latter one since it fits so well. She is a sweet cat but she can be troublesome also. Here are a few pics of her..

 The last picture shows her second favorite place to sleep..right next to the space heater in the living room. Apparently she is always cold since she finds all the warmest spots to lay around.  I know it is not due to no fat on her bones...did you notice the pear stomach in the first picture?!!  Yes she is fed very well..both of them are!  Of course it is fun to spoil them with treats just like we all do our kids as well.

So now you have met our youngest family members and will know who I am talking about when I do mention their names! Thanks for reading my rantings and getting to know our little family!

Chow for now!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Manic Monday!!

Ohh how I love that song "just another manic Monday"...ohhhh la la! So since it is a Holiday today everyone is off..oops did I say everyone?! Well most of the world is off today of course except for Mr. M. He just had to go into work and get things ready for an upcoming event going on..yeehaww for us..NOT! That's ok I am used to it and so decided to get my errands done early since he would only be there for a few hours he says. A few hours turns into some emails that tell me he is not just working at work and then a phone call telling me he is taking a "manday" today. Alrighty then so the girls and I have put all the groceries up and are going to chill out a little bit once I get the house back in shape that is. Oh what a fun holiday if I do say so myself!! Sighhhhhhh!!

Ok so rant over with now this weekend was actually really fantastic! We had the birthday party on Saturday and wow that was so much fun I am so not kidding! I have already stated we will be going back to that place more often. Not only did DD2 have her friends to play with but pure luck DD1 also had some friends there as well. So the kids had a blast and Mr. M and myself even took part in some of it as well. I was so excited as soon as I saw the inflatable alligator that's mouth opened and closed..for real!! I will enclose pics of it so you see why I was so excited!
Ok so you can see why I thought this was the highlight of the whole day!  I was dying to get on it but was afraid I would tip the dang thing over!!  Adults get so robbed by all the fun things for kids these days I swear!

The party was a total success and all the kids had a really great time!  This place is definitely going to be our choice for next year..dang deposits already set for this year!

Ok off for now to go do some housework..woohooo!!  

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweet Saturday!!

OOps!! I missed Friday posting..blame Mr. M he was off of work and we stayed pretty busy! Ok so Friday was fun. Spent some good time with Mr.M and got my last eye appointment done..finally!! Now to wait on the new contacts to come in so I can say hello normal sight again and see you later glasses.

We picked the girls up from school since they both had balloon deliveries at school..I loved the looks on their faces! Soo worth the risk of having DD1 tell me how I embarrased her in front of her friends! Once we had the girls and took enjoyment in their faces we headed off to the passport office to get their tourist passports done so we can travel out of Germany with no worries. Once they were done and the girls were thoroughly bored out of their minds then we headed to Mc Donalds..DD2's choice for dinner. Then it was back home for movie night and some family fun. Yes probably sounds boring to the normal person but we love family nights!

Now here we are at Saturday! My favorite day of the week. We call Saturday fun day in our house and we always try to give the girls a choice of things to do. Today we have another bday party but early enough that we still will have time to do whatever we want. Now just to figure out what to do with them. If you ask the girls they will say something off the wall since they really don't get that the snow outside does mean we can't exactly do too much out there. We will find something I am sure.
I will have to update you all later! Haha it's so funny that I say you all since I only have 1 follower at this time and I am assuming I am basically talking out loud online to myself, but it gives me something to do and one day I will actually get the hang of this and figure out something cool to do with my blog other then simply rambling and maybe boring you all(again just me talking to myself)!
Have a great day and be back later to update you on our day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

And the mother of the year award goes to.....

NOT ME!!! Omg I was so proud of myself for getting motivated this morning and getting out even though it is still snowing and getting my errands done. Heck I even got some things done that weren't on the list and still made it home in time to finish the laundry and have a small lunch and a few minutes to relax before heading to the bus stop to get DD2. Yay me..right??!! NOOOOO!!
I am standing at the bus stop beaming from ear to ear at all I have accomplished today only to watch DD2 get off the bus smiling big as ever with her valentines bag in hand! What's that you say?!! Valentines bag in hand? But the party is not until tomorrow right?!! NO!!! In my head it was though!! Yes I messed up and poor little DD2 had to go through an entire party at school with nothing to give out!! Someone just smack me now!! Seriously with everything else I had going wrong this week did I have to become a bad mom too?!!

So besides the fact that I was so proud of myself for accomplishing all I had intended to do I also get the award of Worst Mom!! sighhhhhhhhh
Now tomorrow DD2 will be taking her oh so carefully crafted bags to school with the great treats I had planned to take to school tomorrow for her party anyway. I think the worst part of it all was that she looked at me and said "It's ok mom I still love you and we can bring them tomorrow" So I may be the worst mom in the world but I have to say I have the best daughter in the whole world.

Ok off to try and keep busy and forget how horrible I am feeling right now!

Thankful Thursday!!

Yeahhh it is so close to the weekend and I am soooo behind on all of my to do's for the week!! Eeeeks! So yesterday I said I was going to get stuff done outside the house well I pulled a switcharooni! As it started snowing my outside errands had to wait because..well..I just don't like snow! So today I will getting out and running around like a mad woman to get everything done by the time the girls get out of school. I can do it!!

Yesterday I got all in house organizing and cleaning done except for the shelves..Ohhh the shelves. Well those can not be done until I go and get some baskets to help organize all the stuff on them. So basket hunting I will go today as well as all my other tedious errands. Packages will be completed and boxed so they can be mailed tomorrow. But first things first I will be getting on my beautiful bike Mr.M bought me and working some of this cold out with some sweat!! Woohoo!!

Yes it is snowing still and yes I hate getting out in it but I will because stuff has to get done. So once I have finished my oh so needed workout and gotten my errands done for the day I will be back to fill you in on just how much I actually got done today! Don't hold your breathe I am going to be out for a while today!

Off and running!! tata

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rambling Wednesday!!

So since we have been here in Germany I have been sick off and on constantly. For real what is the point to all this sickness and why is it that someone who used to never ever get sick except maybe once in a while is now the sickest person in the house! So besides the fact that I am going to take out some stock in Kleenex and maybe Tylenol I am still trying to get my stuff done. Yesterday was productive and yet I still did not get all the stuff done that I need to do this week. Now this week is half way over and not even half of my stuff is done yet. So today with runny nose and all I must venture on and get my errands done. Ohh I can hear the bugle music playing now!!

So Valentine's Day is coming up this weekend and so far I have a card for Mr.M and his present is currently in the mail somewhere..ughhh! Now most people would blame the mail system but this time I have to take the blame myself. I mean DD2's birthday is in March and I ordered all her birthday supplies and presents in January to give them plenty of time to get here. Spring break is in April but I have already booked our hotel and have already put in for our passports as well as checking out all rules and regulations we might need to know about going to France. So why is it that I totally forgot to order something for Mr.M before a week prior to the holiday..who knows?!!! Let's chalk it up to constant colds..yeah that sounds good!

Speaking of DD2's birthday...she decided she wanted a Hello Kitty party so of course as always I went online and ordered absolutely everything Hello Kitty I could get my hands on. Did I go overboard? You better your booty I did! I always go overboard when it comes to birthday parties or for that matter any kind of party really. I guess that is just one of my things. I have had so many people tell me I should be an event planner and wow as cool as that sounds I think I would be such a perfectionist or go so fiercely over budget that I would get fired real quick. So maybe that is something to look into if I ever just have some spare time and don't mind if I get fired or not. Ok back to the everything Hello Kitty and of course each girl is going to have their own Hello Kitty tiaras as well as purses and beads to wear at the party. Along with their goody bags and balloons and keepsake cups with their names on them. I wonder if Mr.M is going to freak when he actually sees all the stuff I bought?!! Oh well it's mail ordered so not like he can return any of it..snickers..he will love it I am sure.

Now with any good party you need a good cake so I have put in a call to someone I was told does fantastic cakes and am still waiting on that call to be returned. It can't be that hard to make a cake right?!! Well cookies and cupcakes I can do but when I need the perfect cake I will leave that up to the experts. Ohh cupcakes will be needed for school also but of course along with the personalized toppers for the cake I have already ordered the personalized toppers for cupcakes as well. Yes I told you I go overboard so don't look so surprised. Now all I need is someone to actually make the cakes for me so I can make them perfect then. Ahhh the sense of accomplishment is fantastic!!

Ok so I said I was going to get errands and to do's done today so I guess I had better get going on it! Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Survived Monday!

So yesterday was Monday and that is usually my worst day of the week. I have no get up and go and really just want to do nothing but get my head into the week and relax. It was a very eventful weekend and although I had a great time I did not get much rest.

Saturday we had a birthday party with a whole mess of 5 year olds. I know just from going to DD2's class for parties that a lot of 5 yr olds in the same place is crazy. Well take them all to a bowling alley and give them sugar and whoa can they move! Of course like usual they all have no patience and end up not even finishing 1 game of bowling, but the energy they have for running around is insane. I have no idea how all you people with a bunch of kids all under the age of 5 do it. I completely tip my hat to those women who manage multiple younger kids at the same time. I know I would lose my mind which is exactly why mine are 6 1/2 yrs apart! Go me!!

Also on Saturday we went to get my exercise bike. Now I had been waiting to get this bike since I had found one on sale I wanted and had to get a raincheck for it since of course they didn't have the one on sale. Well the raincheck clearly states that if you do not get the one on sale within 30 days that you now have the option of choosing any other similar item in the same category and getting the same percentage of the sale price plus an additional 10% off. Of course once I saw this on the raincheck I actually prayed to not have the sale item come in so that I could get the better bike for a cheaper price. So the day came and it had been 30 days and I was now counting the days until we could go out and get my bike. So we go to the store and there she is. The most beautiful bike I have ever seen in my life and she was calling my name as well as telling the rubber tire around my waist to watch out. So we give the slip for the bike and the raincheck to the lady at the cash register and she asks someone else how to do a raincheck. Long story short after 4 seperate people have now looked at our raincheck and a salesman has given us an additional 10% off my beautiful bike because the straps were missing we ended up getting my bike for even less then we thought!! Woohoo for the good old fashioned customer service and the manager who I had to tell how to do a raincheck!

Ok I have gotten way off the path of Monday but it wasn't so eventful after all the fun the weekend held for us. The usual cleaning and of course my facebook addiction. I really need to find a support group for facebook. No matter how hard I try I can not go a day without signing in and checking what is going on with everyone on there. Oh well that is a whole other story for another day.

So in conclusion birthday parties for 5 yr olds should not have more then a handful of kids atleast for me that is! I also need to try and utilize the raincheck system more often. Ok everyone have a great day and I will see you tommorrow. Yes I am going to go check facebook now...don't even pretend you didn't know that!
Bye for now!

Monday, February 8, 2010

For starters!

Ok so as some of you know we are a military family and currently live in Germany. We have lived many different places in our marriage and have to say Germany has always been our favorite. Mr.M,DD1 and DD2 are ready to have some adventures while we are here in Germany and will love telling you all about them as we do. As this will be our last tour and Mr. M will be leaving the service once we leave here this will be a nice way to end one era in our lives and start another one. So please keep up with us and I will try to keep you all entertained as well as showing you all we can of Europe as we discover it ourselves. Welcome to our blog and we hope you stay for awhile!