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Milspouse blog hop!!

I just saw this one of my favorite blogs to visit,Household 6 Diva, and thought it was a pretty cool way to get to know some of the other military spouses out there in bloggerville! So come join along and let's all get to know one another together! You can find all the information at the button below and join with us..


So I am supposed to put my bio on here so here goes. I am a 30ish woman(yes that's all you get) married to Mr. M, an active duty Army man, going on 16 years and 3 years from retirement(waahoooo) and a proud mom to 2 beautiful girls, DD1 is 12 yrs old and DD2 is 6 going on 30!  We currently are stationed in Germany and love it!  We have been all over the world in our time with the military and it has been nice to try and finish my round the world tour that started way back when I was a military brat myself.
My blog is all about the craziness that my world revolves around whether it is military related, mom related, wife related, travel related, cooking related, craft related or just plain craziness of the garden variety!  I love to blog because it really does give me an outlet that I have not found anywhere else.  As all military spouses know it is hard with moving from place to place to place and starting all over trying to find freinds, and groups that we fit in with and this is a place that I will always fit in no matter where we move and it is nice to always know that! 

Sometimes I get sentimental on here and just ask that people stay with me...don't leave please!!!!!!  I do have my moments where I vent...rarely because I am such a happy person in general..seriously!!!  I love to meet all different types of people and to share in others experiences.  We are hoping to do quite a bit of traveling in the next few years seeing this will be our last hoorah in Europe before Mr. M retires. I do hope that you all will stick with me and come to enjoy my craziness and softness and kindness that I try to share with everyone..mostly crazy just because Hey it's more fun..right?!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope all the military spouses out there will join in with us and get to know each other!!

5 Question Friday!!

Yay it's Friday and that means you all need to head on over to Mama M's for 5QF!!

1. If you could, would you go back to high school?
Heck NOOOO!!  I liked high school but would never ever want to repeat it!

2. If a genie appeared and granted you two wishes, what would they be? (And, no saying "more wishes".)

Oh wow this a doozie!! Ummmm well I guess I would have to say..
1. I wish Mr. M didn't have to work so hard and would be around more often for us.
2. I wish I could eat whatever I wanted and never get fat!!

3. What kids show do you secretly like?

Ok ok I am going to say this out loud and proud for everyone to know...I  LOVE to watch Hannah Montana!!!  OMG I can't believe I told you that but that show just gets me. I love it!!!

4. What is your beverage of choice?

Oh this one is so easy and for anyone who really knows me you know the answer you know?!!
Coffee..duhhhh!!!  I swear if I ever need a transfusion they could just use White choc latte, non fat, no whip and I would up and running in no time!! Mmmmmmmmmmmm

5. What is something that you would change about yourself (or are working to change in yourself)?

Well now I am sure you would think I would say my weight..I have been working out and all and I know I am not miss skinny minny but honestly I could care less as long as I am healthy. I workout to feel better and have the energy that it gives you when you are healthier. I could care less what anyone else thinks of me or the way I look(seriously it took me a long time to be able to say that but it feels flippin fantastic)
I would have to say the one thing I would love to change about myself is the fact that I am shy!!  Seriously ya'll I am so shy and when I get together with people I have a habit of standing to the side or on my own and not saying much. I don't mean to do it and I have tried to get myself to just jump into conversations but I get all nervous and I hate it!!!  I would love to get together with people and be one of those women who just jumps in and talks and is the life of the party..sighhhhhh I fear that will never be me!!

OK wow today's questions were real doozies!!  You now know a lot about me and some stuff I probably never would have shared if not for the questions..eeeekssss!!!
Be gentle with your comments please!

I will be blogging this weekend hopefully I have a ton of stuff to tell you all. Including what I won at bingo last night..Yippeeeee!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trip Down Memory Lane (TDML) Thursday!

Yay I am starting something new today and will hopefully be able to remember keep it going until I get everyone up to date with my life and the craziness that is involves.

Today I am going to start with the beginning of my little family. By the time my father had retired from Air Force we settled in Oklahoma and had a really good life there. I was attending a local college and like any other college kid was totally into the party scene. I went to parties all the time and loved dancing at clubs(ones that let in under 21's that is). One day a friend of mine invited me to a party. She called it "The 2nd annual pig fry" and I was intrigued after I was done laughing and figured out she was serious.  I was a total city girl and had never heard of such countryish things. I am all up for it though I mean shoot it was a party right?!
So that night I went to "the 2nd annual pig fry" where I found out that they had killed a pig and buried it in the ground and were going to dig it up and eat it..I was definitely not going to eat that dirty ground stuck thing..and of course as any country party I had ever been too there was a ton of beer!!
So I told myself I would try to enjoy it and maybe have a beer...oh yeah under age drinking in it fullest!!

About an hour later I saw this guy whom I had remembered seeing at a previous party I had been to in the city and at the time I thought he was cute so I asked my friend to introduce us. We walked over to talk to him and he could have given me a hangover with his breathe...Seriously friends he was toasted, bommed, drunk off his a**.  Seriously though he was really cute and so I hung out with him for a little while. At one point he told me he needed to go do something and would be right back....leaving me sitting on the back of someone elses truck..eventually I gave up waiting(he wandered off and apparently had forgotten me)  Nice right?!!   The things we do for men I tell ya!!
So a few hours later I had told my friend I was ready to go and had  had enough of the country life and needed my city back....ohhh please give me some city lights and people who weren't eating a pig dug out of the ground!!  I really was terrified of that lie!!

So the next day my friend calls me and says that the guy who had abandoned me at the truck wanted to invite us to another party. At first I said "Hell no" but then she said it was at someone's house and wouldn't be as countrified as the last one. No offense please to any country people out there but that party was something I had only seen in movies and really never wanted to experience that again!  So I agreed to go to this party with her and the abandoning guy.
The next weekend we go to try and find the party and as we are driving all over the countryside and seeing no party we eventually gave up and decided to go elsewhere...back to the city...Yayyyyy for the city!!!

The next day the guy calls my friend and said he wants to take us to dinner to apologize for the party getting cancelled and all.  By now I am thinking I need to stay away from country boys and stick with my city guys but I was hungry and this guy owed me big time!!!  So I agreed to go to dinner with them and started getting ready..I had to look gorgeous just to be able to rub it in this guys face that he missed out by abadoning me one night and sending me out into the country another night.  Ohh it was on!!!
I put on my shortest skirt and tightest top...yes there was a time I actually had hoochie clothes..what girl living in the city didn't?!!  Hahaaaaaa

About an hour before the guy was due to pick me up my friend calls and says "By the way he really just wanted to take you out and asked me along to make you feel more comfortable but I am bowing out and he is on his way to get you now"  *Jaw drop* How could she do this me?!!  I didn't really know this guy and the last time I saw him..yes he was cute but drunk of his behind as well!!  Now I was nervous but had to stick with the plan to look fabulous and make him wish he taken the time to get to know me better before he abandoned me.  It took me a few hours and I was knock out..muahuahuah!!!

By the time he arrived I have looked in the paper and decided to pick a movie out as well. I mean he left me sitting on a truck he owed me dinner and a movie right?!!  So he shows up at my door and as I see his eyes popping out of his head and all I can think is.."that's right buddy and you abandoned this..sucker"  I tell him that we will be having dinner at Olive Garden and then I would like to go see a movie.  To my surprise he says "great that sounds good to me". Hmmmm payback isn't working yet I better step it up.  We get to the restaurant and I order the most expensive thing I can find on the menu other then the wierd fish stuff I don't like a drink(virgin of course I was only 20) and we have a nice dinner. Believe it or not I really had a good time..but the plan was still on.  So we move on to the movie and it was a great movie and again I had a good time with this country, truck abandoning, drunk guy. By the time the movie was over and we were headed home I was feeling bad for all the trick I had tried to pull on him and realizing he was a nice guy and that his growing up in the country shouldn't deter me. Yes friends I was beginning to like him!!

As we get back to my house and he walks me to the door he asks me if he can have my phone number and if he can call me tomorrow. Seriously he being a total gentlemen..this was not the guy I was expecting at all!!  So I told him yes I would like that very much and he could call me tomorrow and I told him thankyou for the night and went in my house and shut the door.  You all didn't think I was going to kiss him did you?!!  I said I was beginning to like him not that I was in love with him.....yet!!

Ok that is where I will leave it for today! Please come back next Thursday for more of my story and thank you so much to everyone for stopping by my little blog and taking part of my life!!
Have a great day everyone...Ciao!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rambling Wednesday!!

Yay today is the day that I get to if I don't do that on a regular basis anyway..and you all know you have to sit here and just read it!! Ok well maybe you don't have to but I really really appreciate the fact that you do!!  REALLY I DO!!!!

* I am making a going away gift for a dear friend of ours and decided to make like a humorous airplane survival kit....that flight from here to the states is a really hard one. I will update you on how that turns out with pics of course(behave camera!) as soon as I get it all done.

*I have been doing great with my workouts and have made it through a whole month so far without letting lazy interfere or those darn voices in my head that say things like "but I'm tired today" or "my knee hurts" all of which are nothing but excuses. Yay me!!

*I am finally beginning to find my niche here in Germany and along with that some really great women to hang out with and have great converstaions with. Now I just need to find a group who lives on coffee as much as I do to have a weekly coffee and chill session...I was totally going to say gripe but no one really wants to hear gripes every week so we will go with chill!

*The girls are doing fabulous in school here and I couldn't be more proud of them!!

*I made the leap and finally scheduled my dentist appointment! I have a total fear of the dentist and I think it stems from having braces as a child..OUCH!!! I put off making my appointment for 2 months so I guess that's not too bad.Yay me again!

*In case you haven't been reading me for awhile then you probably don't know much about my life or what makes me who I am so I have decided to turn Thursday blogs into a "Trip down memory lane Thursday". It should be fun and give everyone a chance to see a bit more about me and my life and our comings and goings over the years..all *&^%& of them!!  OHHhhhh come on you didn't really think I was going to give my real age on here did you?!! Baahaahaaa!!

I would like to say Welcome to all my newest followers and Thank you so much for all the lovely comments I have been getting lately!  I absolutely love hearing from people and also it gives me some other blogs to go and check up on. I love to add buttons to my blog of different blogs I find fun, interesting, crazy, helpful or of course there are the buttons I think are just so darn cute I can't resist snagging them!! Muahuahuah!  So if you have a button on your blog don't be surprised to see it on my blog and if you don't have one..well why don't you have one?!!!  Seriously...why?!!!!  I will always try to mention things I find while visiting bloggerville residents and hope that no one minds me leaving little links to things I feel others should see.

Until next time.. Ciao!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Post it note Tuesday!

Yayyyyy it's Tuesday!!  Head on over to Supah's fabulous blog and join in on Tuesday fun!  She really is great so please don't forget to check her out!

Don't forget to head over to Supah's and get started on your own post it notes!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Madness!!!

Well it was a very eventful weekend and a relaxing one at the same time!!
Friday the girls were off from school so it was nice to sleep in (7 am is sleeping in for me!) and do some fun stuff with the girls.

Saturday we went to a picnic in the park for "month of the military child" and it was a lot of fun. We entered a raffle drawing and were blown away when we actually won!!  See we never win anything so we were so excited...that is until we learned that the prize was for children 18 months to 3 yrs old..Ughhhhh!!  Now our youngest just turned 6 but let me tell you how upset she was to see Mr. M carrying a motorized police motorcycle only to find out she couldn't ride it!! Drama is not even enough to cover it..basically we had to tell her we would buy her a new bike to make her feel better and then told her she should give it to another little girl who would love to have it!  Now my girls love to give things to other people but it really did take a while to convince DD2 to give up this bike!  I mean look at it and tell me how crushed your kid would be if you told them they had to give it away without even being able to ride it...
Crushed I tell ya!!!  Poor kid and pretty much poor mommy because now I have to go out and find her a new bike and buy it!!  We are such suckers as parents aren't we?!! 

So after the park we took the girls bowling which is one of their most favorite things to do..totally their words every time we go!! Of course Mr. M beat the tar out of us as he always does but we all had a good time!
Note to self** buy bowling shoes for Mr. M!! (his birthday is coming up and I am clueless other then that)

Saturday night Mr. M went to one of the many farewell parties for a friend of ours that is leaving soon...I am really going to miss him! He is such a sweet guy and he is always doing nice stuff for our girls!!

Sunday was clean up day and relax day..we all did a little cleaning and then Mr. M had to go to work..Ughhhhhh!!  He is so intuitive though because he knew I would not get to relax had he left me with both kids so he took DD2 with him...Yay for smart men!!!

So ok our lives are a little dull sometimes but I am greatful for any kind of relaxation time I might be able to get.  We did watch a movie that I liked..hated..liked..hated all the way through. Seriously if you get a chance to watch "The Lovely Bones" please do watch it!!  The movie itself was good but I was not too fond of some of it, however, the ending was priceless!!  I love when movies show how Karma will get you in the end!!  Muahuahuahuah!!

Ok I am off for now with tons to get done today and several repeat trips to offices after forgetting all of the necessary paperwork at home when I left this morning!! I am no genius but I am still fabulously funny and such a great writer!!!  Right?!!!  Stop shaking your head and just admit it!!

Ciao for now!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Woohoooo it's Friday and that means 5 Question Friday with Mama M

So it's Friday and means 5QF with Mama M.

1. What was the first car you owned?
My first car was an Isuzu Impulse..I loved that car and I had it for about 4 months until I wrecked it and then my parents decided maybe a sports car wasn't the best thing for me and gave me a Honda Civic..ewwwwww I hated that car it was so not cool!!  LOL

2. What song are you embarrassed to know the lyrics to?
Hmmmm...I would probably say "If you seek Amy" by Brittney Spears...I like the song but do not like the message. 

3. Have you ever had stitches?
Yes several times... 2 different knee surgeries and 2 babies(c-section stitches and 4th degree tear stitches)

4. What was your first job?
I guess my very first job would have been working at the Mother's Day Out with my mom. During the summer we would go help her out in some of the classes and she would pay us some measly sum of money(oh yeah I resented it and wanted to just be at home in the pool).

5. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?
I would have to say Elmo!!  I love Elmo and was so upset when we missed them coming here last year.  Elmo is so cute and cuddly and I just can't resist his laugh..I would totally play with my kids tickle me elmos and they would get mad at me and ask for him back!! 
Ok so there they go over to Mama M's and join up for yourself!!

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What a long day.....

So I got up this morning and got the girls up for school and put DD2 on the school bus. Normal morning right?!! NOT!!  As soon as the bus took off with her DD1 and I got in the truck and headed off to her school. She had a field trip today. I volunteered to chaperone simply because it was to the zoo and botanical gardens and I had never been to the botanical gardens here.  So each parent was assigned a group of kids and I ended up with a really great group!  I had 4 girls including DD1 and they listened and we all had a great time.  We were bused to the zoo and then walked over to the botanical gardens. My feet are killing me especially since I had just started getting my ankles back to normal from Paris..oyyyyy!!!!

So let me share a few pics with some of these will be of backs of kids and that is basically because I refuse to put a picture of someone elses child on my blog without their permission...

So on the roof of the outside building of the zoo we saw a stork building it's nest. It was really pretty cool to see..

So as I am telling the girls to look at the stork someone says "is that a stork or a crane?" Now I am no genious...ok ok stop I say "ummm I am not sure but I am calling it a stork". Yes I know good answer for middle schoolers right?!!  Baahaaahahaaa

We saw a lot of babies on this trip and it was pretty neat.  I think the girls liked the goats the best because they could feed them. The only problem is once you went into the pen to feed them then you had to try and get out of there without letting them out. Seriously I think it took us like about 15 minutes to get all the girls out of there...

It was a total open the gate, duck out and run operation let me tell you!!  Run girls ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!

DD1 thought this guy was sooo cool because as soon as she walked up to the glass he sat down and stared at her. It was pretty funny!  Here they are having a moment together...*snicker* can you see the love?!!!!

I love the sea lions at the zoo they always look so happy and they love to do tricks for you!

Our absolute favorite though had to be the lions!! I have never heard a lion roar in real life until we came to this zoo. It is really an exciting event!!  Aren't they gorgeous?  I just want to adopt one and take it home!!  Crazy? Maybe!

Then it was off to the botanical gardens...

As the tour guide was telling us all about how long it has been here in Heidelberg and I was getting totally fascinated with the history as soon as he said cocoa tree I lost all concentration and all I could think of was "chocolate? where?"!  I know I have issues!

We walked around and saw some really neat things and learned so much I never knew it was a really great trip.  We saw tons of different fruit trees and I had never seen a banana tree in real life and OMG they are huuge!!!  I did fall in love with one tree that had the most beautiful flowers and I have no idea what it is and of course got so caught up I forgot to ask..grrrrrrrr..but here is a pic maybe one of you knows what it is and can tell me..

Sooo anyone know????  Aren't those the most beautiful things you have ever seen on a tree??!!  I love love love it!!

Now as much as I would love to share some pics of the cocoa tree, papaya trees,mango trees, banana trees and a few others of course what would happen but my camera fudged on me AGAIN!!  Can you say new camera??!!!!  It started saying memory card error which is what happened with our pics of Paris so I did not do what it said for me to do and I put the camera away to hopefully save what pics I did have on the card.  Yes I did learn from my mistake and unfortunately it just meant no more pics for me!!!

Well the day went fabulous and other then my stupid camera flaking on me and my feet killing me I really enjoyed the whole thing!!
Did I mention that at the end of the tour of the botanical gardens they offered us some of the fruits from their trees....mmmmmmmmm  we had fresh pineapple, mangos, cantaloupe, bananas, star fruit, avocado, peanuts and a little orange thing I have no idea what it is but I have had it before and it is very tart and I am not a fan!!

Any who thanks for reading and I hope maybe someone out there will be able to tell me what flower that is!!
Until next time...

A Bientot my friends!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Wooohooo it is Wednesday and that means I get to ramble on while you all decided exactly why you follow my crazy mad self!!! Hehe!!

So besides finding out that my memory card is trashed..well I say trashed because there is no way I am paying what it will take to get my pictures back(seriously it would cheaper to drive back to Paris and take new pics) but that is really the only bad thing about this week so far. Even though no pics just means we will have to go back sometimes and take more pics..Waasaaaaaaaa!!!   I have no idea where I even got that word but it came to my head when I started typing and so there it is!!  Tadaaaa  I can make up things and make them work..yes I did make it work!!  Stop laughing..oh heck keep laughing!!  I love to laugh and speaking of laughing has anyone watched the movie "Men who stare at goats"?  It is hilarious especially if you some things about the military and I mean the basics like you can't  have a pony tail and be in the army nor can you buy drugs with company money...baahaaahaaaa you all really need to watch this movie!!

I took a few pics of what is left of our Paris trip..sorry guys the scarf pics are just the scarves I keep forgetting to take pics of me wearing them..oyyyyyyy sorrry!!!!!   Any who this is what I do have so far....
This is our mini Arc de Triomphe..

and one of our mini Eiffel towers..I totally haggled the guy and he kept changing his price so by the time I got what I wanted he was so confused he gave me 1 for free and 4 free keychains....Waaassaaaaaa!!! 

and here is the one picture we do have simply because it was taken when we got on the boat ride and we bought it when we got off..bad pic I know but my scanner is not plugged in so it will have to do for now..

and our mini Notre Dame was gorgeous inside and outside but again no more pics..can you sense the anger in my typing?!!!

Here are the 2 scarves I and the other is brown with silver running through it..beautiful really!!!

Next is a bag I just had to have a bag that said Paris and you can ask Mr. M it was a total nightmare trying to find the one I wanted!  You see I kind of have a fetish for bags..I looooooove bags and am not usually a fan of cheap ones either....have you met my Coach family?!!!  That is a whole other posting and I will introduce you to all my little babies..hehe!  So anywho here is the bag I finally picked out..

I loved that it said Paris all over it and of course the Eiffel tower pics were cute too.  I will have to find a use for it or else just store it with the babies in the box until the day I need it.

Now this next pic is of an Eiffel tower model that DD1 just had to have and she spent hours upon hours trying to get it right. It turned out really cute I think....

ok the pic didn't want to turn so everybody...tilt your head and see how cool it is!!!  There ya go!  Now be careful you don't get a head rush coming back to me!!  Haha

Now to say I was a crab for a few days with the whole memory card no pic thing would be an understatement and of course due to the fact that I was the last person who touched camera I assume it was me who messed them up so I have been a little down, mad,crazy,sad, just about everything you could possibly think of..sooooooooooo...DD2 and Mr. M went to the store the other day and they came back with these for me....

Seriously!!! For Moi!!!!!  Aren't they just the sweetest dang people ever??!!!!  They really do know how to cheer me up I tell you. In addition to the beautiful roses DD2 told me I could take a new pic of her so I wouldn't be so sad about losing all the other ones...I love little kids and their thinking I swear they are taught to be cute just to make us smile!!  So here is my little angel giving me her best smile to cheer up poor sad mommy....

Really!! I may not have pics of my trip but I will always have my memories and my dear sweet family to remind me what is truly important.  Ohh and a trip back to Paris wouldn't hurt either..teeheee!!  Funny thing is when I suggested it to Mr. M I totally expected grumbling and huffing but all I got was " I was thinking the same thing"!! How amazing is he??!! 

Ok so now that you all have listened to me drool all over my family about how nice they have been to me and all about the gobs of money I soooo easily spent whilst on may now give me all your opinions!!

Oh I am so not kidding... as I said there will be a repeat trip back to Paris to get pics so what would you get second time around?  Do you like the bag?  Should I get more bags, scarves, mini paris items perhaps??

Let me know what you think and of course if anyone who has been to Paris has any suggestions let them flow as well!!
I will leave you with a few last pics of random stuff we got...
Hard Rock cafe
Fabulous chocolate store in the galleria behind our hotel!!

Where we ate the most delicious crepes and the absolute best French vanilla ice cream I have ever had in my life!!!

Have a fabulous day everyone and please don't forget to leave me your ideas or suggestions in a comment!!

A Beintot!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Post it note Tuesday!

Now hurry on over to Supah's blog and get started on some post it note fun yourself!!

Monday, April 19, 2010


So this was my first year doing the UBP and I absolutely loved it and found some fabulous new blogs to add to my favs!!  I love to see what is going on with other people and was so happy to find a lot of people's blogs were right up my alley!!  From other military wife blogs to coffee lovers and of course the Southern home I am dying for some good ole fashioned sweet tea..MMMMMmmmmmmmm!!

So thanks to all who have decided to follow and also to those who just stopped by to read my blabbing,crazy self talk about somethings...well..just a little abnormal sometimes..occasionally..well alright pretty much everyday!! 

Here are 3 new blogs that I really fell in love with and will be frequenting  so please check them out just be warned that once you get there you may not want to leave any of them...muahuahuahuah!!!!

1.Household 6 Diva
2. Coffee lovin mom
3. Southern Fried Dreams  I will not be held responsible for all the money you will want to spend once you see the fabulous Southern catalog she has!!! You have been warned now go,look and buy buy buy!

Ok so those are 3 that I really love but there were so more then 3 that I am now following and so many more that I really do love. I do just have to share one more with you just because every time I see her name her name pop up on my follow list I want to go eat her really I could totally eat her page!!  Let me just say YUmmmmmmmmm!!  So go check out  Susie and tell me that you didn't want to eat her page!! I dare you!!

Ok I am off to make some yummy dinner for the fam and hope you all totally enjoyed the UBP and will check out some of my favorite blogs and the wonderful people who write them...oh and don't forget you might want to have your wallet handy for the Southern one..I am totally not kidding folks..for real!!!! Loooove it!!!!

A Bientot!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A few things.....

So normally I wait until Wednesday to do my rambling but I have missed so many days of blogging that I just figured I would do one today!! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the babbling that spills from my cup!!

Ok so the trip to Paris went with no problems and around Paris..seriously the best place ever..was fabulous and we enjoyed every minute of it and took tons of pics of it and going home was sad but needed..our feet were seriously in need of some rest and tlc!!

You know once you return from a trip you always hate to unpack the bags and it never fails to surprise me at how much junk we drag along on a trip that we never even use. Mr. M says I pack for life and I say I pack as a mom!  You can never count on weather so you have to pack for all ocasions and of course when going to a different coutry you have to pack some food just in case the kids freak out and won't try anything.  Well let's just say we had a ton of summer clothes that we so didn't wear and a ton of food we did not need!!  We finally got the bags all unpacked and everything put away yesterday..yes they sure did sit in the foyer for a few days staring at us!  So yesterday with that done I decided to try and redo my front shelves to show off some of our buys from Paris. I am still working on that since I need a new picture frams for our pic from the boat ride first.

What did I buy in Paris you ask?!!  Well  let me tell you about the massive amounts of money I spent on junk few things I picked up.  So the first purchase I made was of course a few scarves..everyone in Paris wears scarves. I fell in love with this cute little shop right next to our hotel that sold every kind and color of scarves you could ever want. Of course when I finally went to buy one..a beautiful red one I wanted..the man apparently had seen me having trouble making up my mind and asked "is this the one you want" to which I said "well I want more but I will settle for this one for now" so he said "I will give you 2 for 1"  *jumping up and down and smiling like a kid in a candy store* I went back outside to pick one more!  I ended up with 2 beautiful scarves and I will show you them once I take some pics. I love dealing with people!!
A few other things I really wanted but I played hard ball and ended up not getting..dang it...were some old French books. I have already told Mr. M that we will be going back to Strausborg to try and get me some of those. I just love old books and I really want some French books to put on the shelf with my mini Eiffel towers, arc de triomphe, and Notre Dame statues.  Oh yeah us crazy Americans....we always buy all that goofy stuff and love it sooo much!!!  

The entire time we were there my youngest would ask us "when are we going back to the storage" she meant the hotel but she called it the storage. It really was cute!

While in the metro one day we saw a teenager who was kicking a vending machine trying to get money out of it...thank goodness he was on the other side of the metro from us because it really freaked us out...and there were 2 French women scolding him..I am totally guessing since obviously they were talking in French..but he eventually stopped and left. We were freaked out and the women were seriously mad!

We also had quite a few encounters with "the gypsies" that hang out around all the main tourist attractions and walk around asking people if they speak English. I had already been warned about these people from friends and spoke French to them and they left us alone.  One man blocked our path to the point that Mr. M had to literally move him to let us was not fun at all!

While at the Eiffel tower we took the elevators to the 2nd floor..the top floor was closed for some reason..and as soon as we got on the elevator there was a sign that read "beware of pick pockets"...really?!!  After that I was totally freaked out and kept all of our money in the inside pocket of my jacket!

I have had so many different people tell me how dirty Paris is but honestly I guess we just didn't see it. As for around our hotel there were street cleaners out every day picking up trash and washing down the streets and sidewalks and everywhere we went it just seemed normal to us..has it changed or did we miss something?!!

We met a lot of very nice people on this trip and I thought it was so funny how anyone who was obviously American would hear us speaking English and run over to us to have a conversation always starting with "it is so nice to hear someone else speaking English" and follow up with "where are you all from". LOL good times really!

We actually ran into some people we know while in Paris..what are the odds right?!!  It was nice to see them and they seemed to be having a grand time as well but it really made us think how odd that was out of all of Paris we ran into was really cool!! Does anyone say that anymore?! Hmmmmm..I dunno.

Back at home we found out that our memory card apparently sucked and we lost all of the pics on it!! I yelled, cried and then got determined to fix it. I went all over the internet trying every program I could get a demo for to try and save our pics with no luck. I contacted my computer guy who says he will do everything possible to try and save our pics and thinks he should be able to..Yay for computer guys and Boo for bad memory cards!!  Cross your fingers he saves our pics..sniff sniff!!

We loved Paris so much we are already planning another trip this time to include Disneyland Paris!  Of course I think our next trip is going to be London but we will fit it into our schedule some how.  Of course if the pics don't get saved we will have to do a quick trip around Paris just to take a few more pics of us actually at all the stuff instead of just pics of the landmarks!

Wow can I ramble or what?!!  Ok that is is for now and I will be sure to take some pics today off our Paris stuff and do another blog soon.

Welcome to all my new followers and thank you so much for joining me!  I had an absolute blast with the blog party this year and am so happy I participated in it.  I met some fellow military wives and even a few coffee loving fools like myself...seriously have I told you I could live on coffee?!!  Haha  I am so serious!!

A Bientot!

Friday, April 16, 2010

I love Paris!!!

So I have decided if I ever had to live overseas it would definitely be in Paris..I am talking as a civilian of course since I am currently living in Germany but this was not my choice. My choice would definitely be Paris.  It was a fantastic experience and an exciting time for sure.  We stayed here..

this was the back of our hotel and I loved that it was right next to a huge galleria with tons of shops and several metro stops.  The entire time we were there we either walked or rode the metro(totally reccomend this for those who don't like to walk too much) it was easy to get in and out of and definitely much faster then just walking everywhere..

We walked around the first day and took in all the sights near our hotel. It was so nice and peaceful walking along the Sienne river and just taking it all in. We walked over to the Louvre and walked the entire grounds from beginning to end. It was absolutely beautiful as long as you avoided all the gypsies and we were just so thrilled at even being there and being able to enjoy it completely.

We went to several things while there and basically killed our feet walked our little hearts out as much as we could.  We saw the Eiffel tower..

 as well as the Arc de Triomphe...     and the Saint Chapel....

and Notre Dame cathedral...
We climbed to the top of the Arc de Triomphe..all 284 steps..I was so tired by the time we got to the top let me tell ya!!  Of course they put a shop in the top so it was ok as long as I could buy some cool stuff!! Hehe

We went back a few days later and went inside the Louvre and my absolute favorite things were seeing the Mona Lisa and also the bottom level where Mr. M said we stay because it was dark and cold and quiet!! He is such a goofball!  Sheeesh!  There were a lot of people there for sure but the crowds and the waiting was well worth it all.  We were able to go up to the second floor of the Eiffel tower but the top was temporarily closed. It was so windy up there and our ears popped going up so I can't even imagine how the top floor would have been but the second floor was plenty beautiful and I think we could have spent all day up there!
Once we left the Eiffel tower we went for a boat ride down the Sienne river for some more sightseeing and night views of everything. We timed it just right and the ride was breathtaking seeing the Eiffel tower all light up as well as Notre Dame cathedral and even the Louvre.  I would recommend anyone do your sightseeing during the day and then go take the boat ride at night!  Once it gets dark in Paris it is gorgeous  and a little teency bit scarey on some streets..just being honest but still would live there in a heart beat!!

I had taken tons of pics and will be sure to share some more with you as soon as my computer guy gets them off my memory card. Unfortunately our card decided to take a nap on the trip home and just never woke up. I was devestated and cried..just a little bit..until I talked to my computer guy and he said he could get them back for me..Yay I looooooooove computer guys!! Hehe  So it may take a while for me to get some other pictures to show you all but trust me they will be well worth it!! 

I hope you all had a great week and to all my new followers..Hello and welcome to my crazy world and thank you so much for following me!!  I hope you all choose to stay for a while and endure my ramblings!!

A Bientot!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Enjoying the party!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

So I started the blog party yesterday and am really having fun with it! I have met some really great people so far, got some new followers(thankyou thankyou thankyou) and seen some really fabulous blogs!! I am so impressed with so many of the other bloggers out there and all that they have going on. I do have to say one thing though for all of you bloggers that yummy food on your pages..ummm can  I have some?!! LOL

So today we are cleaning the house so we can lay out the suitcases and try to get everything packed up and ready and make sure all the crap stuff I bought for the trip will fit into our suitcases. I made a bag with all the important know the ones you normally get about 10 minutes down the road and then realize you forgot them sitting on the table..yupp I am so ready for a flawless trip!! Haha!

I am going to go check out some more blogs and see how many more nummy foods I can find that I can't have before heading downstairs to grab up the suitcases!  Really you all can't send me some of it?!! I know I know you can't ship it overseas...dagnabbit!

Enjoy the party everyone and again THANK YOU so much to everyone who is now following me!  I so appreciate the interest and only hope I don't bore you to death! *smile*

A bientot!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello UBP 2010!!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Ok so I have never done a blog party before and go figure I will be out of the country for most of it!! Hehe I just like saying out of the country..sooo any who  here goes nothing!

Hello all you bloggers out there and welcome to my humble crazy blog!  I am a wife to a wonderful man, Mr. M, and a mother to 2 beautiful girls, DD1 and DD2. Mr. M is active duty Army and we are currently stationed in Germany.  We love to travel and taste test our way across Europe and try to do as much of it as we can.  For now I am a SAHM and absolutely love my job..that is except for the cleaning part.. I would not change anything for the world.  I did manage to get a degree while taking care of my two precious crazy monkey  girls along the way and hope to one day actually use it for something.

Here we are...

And here is where we live. The outside as I always see it friggin cold.....

And the inside. Cozy and always clean to condemed standards.....

And of course I can't forget my 2 fat cats helpers who are always by my side when I blog...

The one on top..the really big Tiger and to the left the plump but smaler one is TJ.  They love to sit with me and keep me company while I talk to all of you!

Now I know I will be a slacker on this party for a while because we will be in Paris but I promise promise promise that I will definitely blog as much as I can when we get back!! Please don't forget me while I am gone!!! PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!!!!  I love new friends and will definitely have tons of cool pics to share with you when we get back!!

Ok so there are so many prizes offered with the ubp but these are my top 3 picks...
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Ok now it's your turn!! So rush over to the party site..see the buttons all over my page... and get started on on the fun!! Yay for parties and blogging!!!!!