Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Hump Day!!!

Ok so today is the day where I usually ramble on and on about my everchanging crazy fabulous life and of course today is Nooo different!!  So grab a cup and stick around whilst I amaze you with all that is my world!

It's friggin hot here and although everything I have done to prepare for this heat which I knew was coming it is not working!  Have an A/C in the bedroom is nice but the living/dining room is like hell is visiting and won't go away!! Do you have any idea how cranky kids are when they are hot?!!  Give me a break already!!

One year ago my world started spinning out of control and I still have yet to accept it and move on. I know you all are probably tired of hearing it but honestly this is my one outlet where I don't have to look at peoples faces when I know all they are thinking is "get over it already!"  How do you get over losing a sibling?  How do you come to terms with the fact that your younger brother is gone?!!  I have no idea and have yet to even bring myself to watch the video of his celebration of life ceremony.  A year ago is when he started getting sick again and we found out his brain tumor was back and on a vengence tour through his brain.  A year ago I started praying like I have never prayed before and although the results I wanted did not come true I do believe that he held on as long as he did because of the prayers.

This weekend is the 4th of July celebration and as much as my kids are looking forward to it I am dreading the heat!!  I will do just as I did last year and bring the cooler filled with a bazillion water bottles in it with us and we will cool off as much as we can but it is still going to be hot.  Ughhhh!!!  I can't wait to hear what the MC says this year though about how many people are there....nice try guy but we all knew you were lying last year so get a new line!!   I do so enjoy fireworks though but honestly I believe we will see better fireworks on the boat ride at the end of July then on the 4th here. DD2 says she is going to do the pie eating contest again this year...I can't wait to see that again!! Hilarious  I tell ya!!
This was last year..they make the pies with jello in the bottom and whipped cream on top. As soon as the whipped cream was gone she was done!! LOL

Notice the hands..we call her bunny because she is constantly doing that with her arms and hands.. I told you she was special!! Notice the whipped cream all over her face and hair..yeah she had a blast and I couldn't stop laughing!

So heck yeah I am looking forward to seeing her do that again this year!! I am always up for a good laugh!

Now we have put off our trip to Rheinfalls for like 3 weeks because things just keep coming up so I am crossing my finger,toes, eyes, everything in hopes that we get to go next weekend! I am dying to see the falls and also go to Mainau island. It looks fabulous online and so I want to go!!!  Of course I pitch a fit people! I am in Europe and I want to see everything....duhhhh!!!  So maybe you all will be lucky enough to see pics in a few weeks...please cross your fingers for me that nothing else comes up and we can go!!! PPPLLLEEEAASSSEEEEEE!!!!

Ok ok I am done whining now!! I know you spit your coffee out all over your screen on that one..sorry for the mess and no I will NOT clean it for you!! Sheeesh you all are demanding now aren't you?!! *grins*

I guess that is enough rambling for the day. Hopefully I didn't bore you out of your ever loving minds and you will be back again tomorrow to see what kind of crazy lovely things I have been up to! Until then have a great day and try to stay cool I know I sure as heck am...bedroom with a/c here I come!!! LOL

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Post it note Tuesday!

Yay it's one of my favorite blog days...Post it note Tuesday with Supah!  Not only does she run this fabulous post it note day but her blog is Hiilarious!! Really you all need to swing on over and check her out. I myself think she is fabulous!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

It's HOT!!!!

Ok so this weekend was fun and filled to the brim. I don't think we just sat down and relaxed for more then an hour this weekend. With a bbq on Saturday that led to coming straight home and bathing a filthy child and then leaving to go straight to see Toy Story3..fabulous movie but in my opinion not as good as the first ones. By the time we got home Saturday night at around 10pm we all showered and crashed for the night.

Woke up Sunday morning and had breakfast and started the usual Sunday chores around the house and then ran a few errands and then off to bowling and came home with an extra kid..I love it when that happens..No really I do!!  So DD2 had a buddy for the night which makes me happy because then I don't have to hear "I'm bored" fifty million times until she goes to bed.  I do have to say as well that they sound of 2 little girls giggling and shushing each other in the bedroom after they are supposed be going to sleep is cutest darn thing ever!!!

Of course they were up before I was and how do I know that??  Well  because I heard her friend say "your mom is still sleeping I just saw her"  If that doesn't wake you up then the fact that you can't help but belt out in laughter probably will wake you up anyway.  I have had a few friends over for DD2 to spend the night and most of the time I enjoy it and am happy that they are happy. I am kind of known for freaking out if I get around too many little kids at once but having just one more in the house actually makes it nice. Mr. M gets all nervous when I say things like "isn't nice have one more in the house" I think that is why he was not so broken up when the doctors told me I couldn't have anymore babies...poor man!! LOL

So breakfast this morning and an hour at the park playing then we were off to McDonalds for nice lunch.  The girls love McDonalds but today they just wanted to leave. We sat outside so the little ones could play at the park and we would have a nice breeze atleast while eating and apparently some lady was having medical issues. I have no idea because her and another lady came running up asking me German..and I had to English...I have no idea what you are saying I'm sorry.  I really really hate when that happens because it makes me feel like an idiot for not knowing enough German to atleast help them out.  A really nice lady sitting next to us told me it was English...and helped the other lady out with calling an ambulance.  We were so uncomfortable though and I felt so horrible that we left very fast after the ambulance arrived. I really did need to be sure this lady was going to be ok so atleast I didn't feel any guilt over that.

So off to Java cafe we went for smoothies for the girls and my usual..white chocolate latte,skinny, no whip..and a nice sit down on the balcony to recharge my batteries. Off went the friend when her mom arrived and we headed to the commisary for a few things we had ran out of and then back home to relax.  Normally I would outside doing something with the girls but for heavens sakes the summer hit here and it is HOT!!!!  No a/c here so yeah we sit in dark rooms all day and hope it doesn't get any hotter then it already is.

So that would be my rambling for the day and sorry for being a little absent this weekend but you can see why now. We were running around like chickens with our heads cutoff all weekend. It was fun and great but I am ready to finally relax!!!

See you all tomorrow for one of my favorite post...Post it note Tuesday!! Yayyyyy!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday short.....

I was given an award by Something beautiful. You should all go check out her amazing blog!!  Of course I am not trying to send you away or anything but you should broaden your reading you know!! *grins*

So here is my award..
and surprisingly this is the second time I have received this all really do like my blog!! Waaahoooooooo for me!!!!  I do so love to receive things...yes it is better to give then to receive but come on getting stuff is pretty flipping fabulous isn't it?!!!!!

So thank you thank you to Something beautiful for thinking of me with this one!!

Sorry this one is just a little short post but I have a ton of food to get ready for a fairwell today and 2 kids to get out of bed and ready. I will post more when I get the chace so for now....I hope you all enjoy your weekend as I hope that we will!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

5 Question Friday!!

OMG where did the week go?!!  I am so happy for the weekend but seriously...where did the week go?!!!  We have been so busy this week with a new family that just came in and trying to get them all settled and taken care of that I have hardly had time to sit down and blog let alone think about that the week was flying by!! Whoaaaaa this week went fast!
So it's Friday now and you know what that means....Mama M is having her weekly questions that we all love to participate in!! So click the button up above and join in on some fun with us every Friday!!

1. Do you know how to play a musical instrument?
Yes I actually took violin from 4th grade until my Junior year in Highschool. Of course I tried out for flag corp and didn't make it the summer before my Senior year..booo on them..I know I rocked..pfffff!!  Anywho so I didn't make it and so to show them who was boss I quit!!  Haha on you all!!  I honestly couldn't tell you what would happen now if I picked up a violin though. I would hope I could play something but who knows.

2. What is your pet peeve while driving?
O.M.G.  Ok so I have to tell you a little  background on my driving. You see I am a..well I guess you would call me a verbal driver. Yuppp  I am one of those people who yells things at all the other idiots on the road..oh yeah if you are on the road with me in my mind you are an idiot!!  Harsh...probably..and I have no idea when I started it but I yell at everyone. If they cut me off...if they cross my lane..if they are driving too fast...if they are just plain in MY way! 
I have to say though my biggest pet peeve is when 2 lanes merge and you have those morons that wait until the last minute to merge and hold up traffic or race to the merge and cut you off!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!! Just thinking about it makes me want to scream at someone. I really am a careful driver especially with my kids in the car with me so don't think I am crazy I am just a weeee bit verbal about it all!!

3. Would you rather have a housekeeper or unlimited spa services?
Ok Mr. M and I have been over and over with this one and as much as I say I would love to have a housekeeper to come in once a week and do all the dirty, heavy duty cleaning he says I do a fine job!  Well yeah I do a fine job because I have to or else we would live in filth...duhhh!!  I would kill for someone to come in just once a week and do the grimey work for me so it wouldn't be so much to do.
Shhhhhh....I totally have a plan to get a housekeeper when we go back to the states and get our own home!!  Don't tell Mr. M though it's a secret plan..teehee!!

4. Is there a song that you hear that will take you back to the moment, like a junior high or high school dance?
Hmmm well I have a few songs that bring me back to certain moments in life...
"If everyday was like Christmas" makes me think of being engaged to Mr.M. I had the cd in the car one day and we both loved the song and claimed it as ours!
"I had the time of my life" reminds me of Highschool and hanging out with the girls at the pool, but it also reminds me that my little brother and I used to sing it together.

5. What song best represents your life right now?
Wow I could choose so many!  This is a toughy..I guess I would have to say that right now my life can be summed up with "February Song" by Josh Groban.  I loooooove him and would die if I ever got to see him in concert *heart beat* sighhhhhh!!!  This song he sings is all about leaving people behind and not meaning to hurt anyone even though it happens. The words send chills up my spine and this is one song that I have no issue belting out in my truck driving down the road with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. It's beautiful and heart felt and it reminds me everyday of all the dear friends that I am constantly having to say goodbye to when they move or we move.

Ok so now you have seen a little piece of my heart..whoa those were some deep questions today!!  Whewww glad I made it through them tears..maybe one...ok ok a few!!  Head on over to Mama M's and get in on the action yourself and show a little heart today!!
Have a great Friday everyone and I will be back to update you on my totally fabulous life later on!! Bahhaahaahaahaa  Ok I had to laugh but seriously I am Fabulous!!!!  You know it!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To dream or not to dream....

Ok so one of my favorite past times is home shopping online!!  I love love love to look at all the pretty homes and of course every time I look I am hoping and praying that one will jump off the screen and scream at me "take me I am yours"!!  Well it hasn't happened yet but I still search endlessly and hope. You can't give up hope right?!!  Don't burst my bubble people I love my little dream world over here..hmmmpfffff!!

Ok so along with home searching..and hoping....I also love to check out different design and stock sites to see what is new and how many super cool ideas I can steal borrow for my beautiful new home when I actually find it that is!  Well today I stumbled upon so many fabulous things but one thing just came right off the site and smacked me in the face...I am in love with this idea and have now set myself up on a mission to find one of these. Are you dying yet to know what it is??!!!  Of course you are..duhhhh!!!  So here it is....

Wine Cellar  wine cellar
wine cellar design

OMG are you in love with it yet?!!! I ammmmmmm!!!!!!  Totally, faithfully, endlessly in love with this idea!!  I absolutely love wine and tend to collect it sometimes for taste and sometimes..honestly for the bottle...don't laugh I am so not kidding!!!

There really is nothing like a beautiful bottle sitting on a shelf just screaming "I am beautiful"!!  Is there?!!  You better have said yes people!!

So since I am in Europe and this is probably the best place to look for something like this I am on the prowl!! I will search high and low until I find my beloved piece of furniture!! Ohh and don't doubt me I will find it!!  Just ask my last love affair with a secretary desk..took me a whole year and thousands of flea markets, thrift stores and second hand stores but I found it and only paid...wait for it...wait for it....$20!!! Woohoooo for fab furniture and fab prices right?!!!

Ok so sorry to be so short but I still have about an hour or so to check out a few second hand stores in town so I better get moving!!
What have you found lately that you just adore and can't wait to find?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yay it's that time again...Post it note Tuesday!!!  Click on the button on the top of my post and start your own post its!

Monday, June 21, 2010

It's a zoo out there.....

So this weekend we did a little traveling. The plans we had changed due to a last minute phone call inviting DD1 to a birthday party and sleep over so we just changed a few things and still had a great weekend!  We went to KMCC mall to check out the clearance racks and start stocking up on school clothes for next school year and then on Saturday we headed out to Stuttgart to see the zoo there.  It was a great trip and if any of you get the chance it is a gorgeous zoo and botanical gardens all together.

my favorite animals are always the bears..I think they are so cute.

Notice that the elephants tails are painted with German colors..these Europeans take their World cup very seriously!! LOL

Awwwwwwww sleeping monkeys...reminds me of watching my girls take a nap when they were younger..teehee!!

We really did enjoy the zoo and it wasn't too far from us. Hopefully this weekend we will be able to go through with our plans we had to change and I will have more travel pics for you. 
All of my followers here in Germany have you all been to the Stuttgart zoo?  Where have you been that you really loved?  I have a few things planned but would really love more ideas of where to go!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day and the 2nd annual Mr. Wonderful contest

Happy Father's day to all of you dads out there!  Mama M is having a contest and you can get in on it by clicking here .  The contest to talk about your Mr. Wonderful and I mean how easy is that?!!! Right?!!

So my Mr. Wonderful, Mr. M, of course is one of the reasons that I am who I am today. He married me as a young, party hardy chic and raised me into a wife and mother. Sometimes I wonder how he did it and often wonder what exactly happened to that silly, ambitious, and a little crazy woman that I was back when I first met him.
We were so young and yes he was such a fantastic husband right from the start as well as a hero to me! 

Not only did he marry me and turn my life into a total fairytale...

but he also made sure he was always there for me and our girls even when it wasn't his fault if he was away. He missed the birth of our first born and took it like a trooper when he stepped out of the plane to see his 9 day old baby girl for the first time...
He has made sure that not only do we know how much he loves us but that we all understand just how important we are to him and how much he misses us when he has to be gone.  Of everything I can say about Mr. M most of all I can say that I admire him every day and love the fact that to me and my girls  he is our hero..
Whether he is serving his country or serving up dinner he is absolutely my Mr. Wonderful and there is no one else who could ever possibly compare to Mr. M.

He even makes it a point to instill in our girls the meaning of teamwork and supporting those who may not even be worth supporting to some people...haha ok I had to put that in there..he really does take pride in sharing his love of football with the girls though and they seem to enjoy making him smile so I guess it is a win win situation.

Mr. M I love you now and forever and will always think of you as my one, and only Mr. Wonderful so Happy Father's Day to you!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

5 Question Friday!!

Yayyyy it's Friday!!!!  Once again it's time for 5QF with Mama M  so head on over to her fabulous blog and grab you up some questions and fun!!

1. What is your favorite thing about summertime?
I love the fact that in summer I can rearrange my schedule. I don't  have to get all my errands done before I have to be out at a bus stop or make sure the floors are done before kids come trampling through them. I can work at my own pace and it makes my days so much easier!

2. What is your ideal retirement location (if money didn't matter)?
If I could go anywhere I wanted and retire it would definitely be to San Diego!  We have dear friends who live there and I am so jealous of them. It is absolutely gorgeous there all the time and there is so much to do and it is so close to all the excitement. I would definitely retire there if we could afford it.

3. Do you live in the same town you grew up in?
Haha!! Now that is a funny question for me. Let's see I was born here in Germany but have lived all over the world. My entire life has been moving and traveling and if I had to name a place that I felt I grew up in the most it would be OKC and we will be going back there when Mr. M retires because majority of our families are there.

4. What nervous habit did you have as a child that you kicked to the curb before becoming an adult?
Nervous habit...hmmmmmm   I have no idea really. I don't really remember a habit at all that I had back then. I have quite a few now that I would love to kick to the curb but it is a lot harder as an adult then as a child.

5. What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you while on the job?
I could probably name a lot of things from way back when I had a job but for the past 13 years my job is being a mom. Don't awwww me  I love my job and wouldn't change it for the world!!  I would have to say that I have embarassing moments with both of my girls while doing my job. With DD1, at age 3, while at the grocery store she saw a woman and asked me "mommy why is that woman green?" the woman, a very attractive african american woman, heard her and gave me this wierd look. I said"she is not green baby we need to work on your colors more" and walked off the isle as fast as I possibly could.
With DD2, at age 3,(apparently the age kids try to see how embarassed you will get) we were at Target shopping and she had been throwing a fit for a toy which I say she could not have and I could care less if she cried because she wasn't getting it. She says to me" you better get me that toy mommy"  I said "you better cut it out or we are leaving with nothing" she hit me and I grabbed her arm and told her to stop and she loud as she possibly can get...."MOMMY DON'T HURT ME AGAIN!"  ohhhhh yeah  I was sure that Child services was being called on me right that moment and we left the store ASAP!!

Ok so that is my fun for this fine Friday now it's your turn!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Giveaway winner!!

Ok so a few days ago I posted a giveaway and being my first giveaway it did ok!  I have no problems admitting when I kind of do things a little oddly or wrong...ok ok I said wrong.  Anywho it was my first giveaway so I am sure I should have advertised better or something but actually I think it was nice to get comments from people who probably read my babble  lovely blog every day.

  So I took all the names..minus my other Germany blogger(tottaly get that)...and put them all in a pot and had DD2 draw a name.  Soooooo....drum roll please......the winner is.........

Maranda @ Jolts and Jollies 
Congratulations Maranda!!!!  Just send me an email with your information and I will get your beautiful bowl right out to you!!

Thank you so much to everyone who commented and yes I will try to do another giveaway once I actually get the hang of....well you know blogging!! LOL

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Woohoooo...they like me they really like me!!!!

So besides the hard week ending up not so bad and with my girls out of school...can you say HALLELUJAH!!!????  I ended up getting a fabulous award from a fabulous blogger. Thank you thank you thankyou Eimi!! 

Here is the award I was given by Eimi @ live, way .

Rules are:
The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world.”

Of course, awards come with rules…

1. Put the logo on your blog and/or within your post.

2. Pass the award on to twelve bloggers.

3. Link to the nominees within your post.

4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and the link to the person from whom you received this award
Ok so number 1 done..check!
The undomestic Army wife
Almost unschoolers
Between the lines
Coffee lovin mom
Hiccup in time
Hooyah from the homefront
Household 6 Diva
My little life
The stories of A to Z
Little Mochi
Whew that took a while...ok so number 2 done..check..oh and yes I am so good I actually completed number 2 and 3 in one step..*pause for applause*  thank you thankyou  you all are so kind!!!

Ok so up on top I linked to all you Eimi and I am going to need you ALL to go right now and check out her blog because..well..because I said so that's why!!  Don't make me talk like my mom again ya'll!! Eeeshhhh I hate when my mom's voice comes out of my know what I am talking about right?!! Scary right?!!  Oyyyyy vaaaa!!

Ok so now to all you fabulous bloggers out there it was really hard to pick only 12 out of about 1,000 fabulous blogs that I follow and adore so please don't hate if I didn't pick you it wasn't anything intentional..Really!!!  You all know I adore each and every one of you award or not!! Muuuuuahhhhhh!!!!

OMG I just kissed you all!!  Ok don't tell Mr. M he might get jealous! Shhhh it will be our secret!

Ok everyone have a fabulous night and I will see you all in the morning..well my morning that is.  Nighty nighty ya'll!!

Thankful, Greatful and a little humbled!!!

So I am guessing that from yesterdays Post it's you all could tell I am little stressed out right now and maybe just a teeny tiny tad overwhelmed...I never like to use that word it totally freaks Mr. M out like I am going to ask him to take over some duties for me..yeah right!!! 
  So anywho really I have had a hard few weeks and it all pretty came to head yesterday morning.  If you all have learned or know anything about it it is that I absolutely do not to drama and although I know there is a time and place to just be humble and do something I can not stand the good ole boy system and politics!!  I have learned very well through out my years as a Mil spouse that there are things a wife is expected to do or act like and I actually have no issue with that especially since it is that way out of the military as well.  I just have problems sometimes when people decide that using drama and trying to back stab someone just to look good or get ahead....ok so maybe ALL the time!!  If you have ever heard the saying "if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all" then please adhere to it ladies and step off my boat!  I do not and will not reply to any gossip nor will I confirm or deny anything you think you might have heard. Grapevines belongs to wine makers and although I throughly enjoy the wine they do make that is the only thing I care to do with them.

So that being said I do really want to say to everyone who left me such sweet and dear comments yesterday...THANK YOU ALL!!!!  With everything I have had going on and so much this week alone as much as you think you just left a little scribble for some crazy lady on her blog I have to tell you that it really made me realize what is important. I love you all for caring even though you don't really know me and it does mean a  lot to me!! Are you gushing with love yet?!!!  hehe

So yesterday we had DD2's Kindergarten graduation and it was fabulous and I reallly enjoyed it!  The kids got to get their certificates and a journal the teacher had made with some of the work through out the year. After all the formalities they got to enjoy ice cream and a goody bag filled with toys to annoy their parents..haha  I soooo put those together*raises hand* Guilty!!!  don't hate on me now it was so cute to watch them with their "shooters" yupp I said it even though I think I heard a few get yelled at it was all in fun...
DD2 getting her certificate!

and her journal of the school year.....

before ice cream....yes she is special people  LOL....

mouth full of gummi bears, m&m's, sprinkles and a little ice cream!! Can you say sugar rush?!!!

The kids all had a great time and I am so proud of my little "boo" for completing her first full day year of school!!  The day may have started out bad but it ended up being pretty great!

Thank you to all my new followers for following along with me and to all my dear friends who left me those fabulous comments!!  I always knew you guys loved me!! teeheee!!!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


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Monday, June 14, 2010

Polish pottery anyone???? Giveaway!!!!!!!!

Ok so a while ago I tried to do a challenge and failed....bad bad blogger!!!  Ok ok so maybe not bad but just a little insane. I am still learning all this blogger stuff and might I just add....I looooooooooooooove it!!!  I love writing down all my craziness and even being a part of some fun events here in bloggerville and I have decided to stay..Yayyyyyyy!!!

Soooo I did say that I had bought something for a giveaway which again never happened but you all are so lucky that you stopped by my little blog!!!!   So today I am going to do a kind of how well do you know me giveaway and the prize...well that is the best part.....tadaaaaaaaaaaaa

Who doesn't love this bowl?!!!  Ok for real I thought about keeping it for myself but seriously I have so much pottery  I think Mr. M might actually keel over if I brought any more into the house....maybe  I could hide it....ok ok nevermind I will give it away.

So here are the rules of the giveaway..
1. be a follower
2. Leave me a comment on this post telling me ...where did Mr. M and I meet?
3. Make sure I can contact you or else..well you know...what's the point?!!

Ok so let the giveaway begin!!!!   Ohhh and everyone who enters will get a $1000...noo nooo wait that's not right...everyone's names will be put in a pot and chosen at random for the winner.

I hope you all love the pottery bowl and want to win it!!! 
Thank you so much to everyone who follows me you all know I loves ya  and to all my newest followers  welcome welcome and I do hope you decide to stay for a while!!

Man how is that for starting out the week?!!! 

Friday, June 11, 2010

5 Question Friday!!

Ok it's that time again ladies...time for 5QF with Mama M so all of you head on over to her place and grab you some questions!! Yeeehaaaaaawww!!

1. What do you think makes a good friend, or friendship?
Wow this is a good one especially since moving around so much in life actually makes it harder making and keeping friends. I think like any relationship friendships have to have certain elements to survive. Trust, empathy, forgiveness and a great listener are the first things I look for in someone to make a good friend.  Now that being said being in the military has it's own issues with friendships like looking out for those who are just your friend for certain reasons and trying to be careful to find people who not attempt to use the friendship to make themselves look better. I don't care who your husband is or what rank he is because that has nothing to do with me or my friendship!! I think that friendship has no rank and we all should learn to just be a friend no matter what.

2. What is the last thing you bought & later regretted?
OMG I could fill a page answering this one! Who hasn't bought something from one of those dang traveling sales people(encyclopedias..worthless) or gotten caught up by an infomercial one time or another. I have bought so many things that were so not worth it but I think the biggest was when we got talked into buying our Pontiac Bonneville..omg that car was a piece of crap and stupid of us to buy it knowing we were trading in our Pontiac Sunbird because it has too many issues and was barely a few years old..duhhhh!!!!

3. Have you ever had a prank played on you?
All the time!!! Have you met my family?!!!  Goodness they love to do stuff like that and I was usually the butt of all my brothers jokes.

4. What is your favorite theme park?
Oh wow I have been to so many and still have quite a few to make it to but I think I will have to go with Legoland,California for right now. I haven't made it out to Legoland,Germany yet but it is on the agenda for the summer..waahooooo!!

5. Have you ever seen someone else give birth?
Ummmmmm NO!!  I didn't want to see myself giving birth why in the world would I want to see someone else giving birth?!! Yuuuuuuck!!  I am not one for wanting to see anyone else bodies without clothes on....can you say unnnnncomfortable!! 

Ok so those were some fabulous questions!  Now head on over to Mama M's and get moving on your own folks!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

TDML Thursday!

Sorry this is so late coming out everyone but today was a hellacious day which I will tell you all about another time of course...can't forget to tell my readers all the juicy stuff going on in my life.

So last Thursday I left off where I had my beautiful little girl and Mr. M had made it home the day she turned 9 days old!! Yay for making it home before she turned 1 right?!! Ok all mil wives out there will totally understand that one!

So  today I am actually going to skip ahead a few years to the first time we ever moved to Germany.  Now this was 2000 and with the millenium over and the world not coming to an end...oh you all know you were the ones hiding in a closet praying it didn't end *grins* we had gotten on that horrible 14 hour flight from Oklahoma City to Frankfurt. Once we got to Germany we were told that due to bad weather we would not be able to fly into Frankfurt and were being rerouted to Ramstein. Ok well knowing nothing about Germany and all I was thinking "ok so is that in Germany"..don't laugh seriously I didn't know!  We landed at Ramstein and all unboarded the plane and were escorted to a movie theatre where we all sat and waited for news. About 2 hours later a man came in and said "Anyone who is due to be stationed here in Ramstein may stay and the rest of you can now reboard the plane and head to Frankfurt"  In my mind I was thinking you lucky ducks we have to get back on that blasted plane and fly more?!!!  Oyyyyy vaaaaa!!!  So back on the plane we went and we did finally make it to Frankfurt. Now back then the military flights landed on the actual military base in Frankfurt and we were all very easily routed through the tiny airport and told to grab our bags and go to such and such this was not easy with a 2 yr old and 6 bags in the snow!!!!  Let's just say I was already hating Germany at this point. We get to the building and are told...we are so sorry but due to this being a 4 day weekend and the plane not getting in on time we are going to have to put you all up in barracks for the weekend and someone from your duty station will be here to pick you up first thing Tuesday morning...Really?!!!!  OMG now the Army is just messing with me right?!!!  So yes we spent a whole weekend..did I mention we flew in on in barracks...Yay us!!!

Once Tuesday came and we were put on a shuttle bus and taken to Baumholder where we were supposed to be stationed we were picked up by a nice man who took us to the hotel and welcomed us greatly.  Wow ok maybe it wouldn't be so careful what you think in the Army because as soon as you get happy they will rip it right out of you!!!  We stayed in the hotel for 1 week. We were told that Battalion had decided they wanted us to go to Wiesbaden instead. Once the company in Baumholder heard that they left us on our asses foks...yupp see told ya don't get too happy in the Army.  So a week later someone from Weisbaden picked us up and took us to what was supposed to be our real duty station...ohhhh don't worry it gets better.  We went to the company and the first thing we had to talk with them about was the fact that since we had signed in at Frankfurt we hadn't been paid. They were all so happy to help us with that and to tell us that for some reason Mr. M had been put in as AWOL...what?!!!!!!  Get the frick outta here!!!  Ok so they would fix it and we were ok since we had savings..baahaahaaaa!!!!  Once Wiesbaden started to inprocess us we were told that wait we were going to go to another duty station instead..ummmm can you say pissed off person 10 times really fast?!!!  Can you all not just get your crap straight or what?!!!  So off we went to Giessen.

We stayed in guest housing in Giessen for 3 weeks..yes folks I went homeless for more then 30 days and I hated it!  Now by the time we finally got a house and started to get settled of course the Army decides that Mr. M needs to go for training with the rest of the unit leaving tomorrow.  Yupp new home, no household goods delivered for a few days, 2 yr old, no drivers liscense and no vehicle...bye Mr. M have a great time and don't worry about us we will be fine!  Insert hysterically crying me right about now**

Mr. M goes to training for a month and I get to put your house together alone with a 2 yr old. Ok so by now our savings had ran out and oh yeah I didn't tell you we still weren't getting paid..yupp!!  So we went from Feb 15th until June 1st with no pay due!!  Now how is that for the Army taking care of it's own right?!!  Now I do have to say it was much harder to put in a pay inquiry with Mr. M gone but I am not shy when it comes to messing with my family nor my money so I was on top of it as much as I could be.  I finally had had enough by May 1st and had started calling any number I could get my hands on..the company, the battalion, the Generals office and IG!!  Oh yeah you heard me right I called IG..nana nana boo boo!!  Ok so my dad who is retired military told me to or else seriously I would have had no idea who to call..thanks daddy!!

Let's just say that once I had talked to a very nice Major at the Generals office and another Major at IG the ball was put in motion and I was taken to Wiesbaden to pick up all of our back pay in cash..yupp cash people!! Holy cow I have never held that much cash in my life and it was actually a little scary. I asked the nice man who took me there to please take me to the nearest bank to deposit it before I got robbed or went on a serious shopping spree...I could totally shop with all that cash and probably would have if given the chance!

Once our money was back on schedule and we had cash to live off of again...hallelujah...I had to go take my drivers test and buy a car. I got my drivers liscense first try and found and bought a German car within a week of getting paid.  *happy dance*  Oh yeah I'm awesome and I did it by that Army people!! Haha!!

So by now the entire company new that I was not a woman to sit back and!! NOOOOO!!  I have matured all don't get all  oh you are one of those wives with me but I was broke and alone!!!  So everyone was so nice to me and I ended up finding some fabulous friends who lived in the building across from us and helped me out big time.  I was on my way to loving this country that I had cried about having to come to and who knew I would one day be so sad to let it go.

Oh just a little more info while Mr. M was gone on his training and we had no household goods, no phone except for a prepaid cell we bought the first day in Giessen I got a horrible call that Mr. M's mom had a stroke and was paralysed on her left side now.  I am sure that a lot of mil wives have been through this situation but I had not and I had to make that long walk to the company to ask how to get ahold of Mr. M to tell him the news. I even was asked by an idiot if I really thought I should even tell my husband right now. Ok people he was not at war and he could call home from training just as easily as if he were home so what exactly was the problem then?!!!  Sheesh there really are some winners out there but I am sure you all know that as well.

Ok since I have written a book now I will leave it here and pick up next time with us getting accustomed to being in a foreign country and we adjusted with it all.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

All about Heidleberg

Ok so since so many of my posts are all about living in Germany and what we do and where we go I figured it was about time that I actually showed you all where I lived. So this post is going to be all about Heidelberg and the things we love about our city and the places we love to go. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the view!!

Many people don't know that Heidelberg is a big University town. Right in the middle of downtown is the University and it's breathtaking buildings.

I love that the mountains are always in any picture we take of Heidelberg. Gorgeous right?!

Pics from a river cruise we took. All along the river are these beautiful homes.

Of course the best full view of Heidelberg castle is from the Rhein river. It really is huge and hard to tell jsut how big it all is when you are standing in it.

Another  view of the castle walls. That yellow house you see on the left is where Mark Twain stayed and wrote a book.

Inside the castle gates.

You can go inside the castle and also in the Pharmacy museum while there.  The size of the castle itself is just amazing.

For all you wine lovers...this is a wine barrel and funn part is this is actually a small one compared to the gigantic one in the other room. Unfortunately we could not get any good pics of the other one so this one will have to do. Just imagine this barrel only about 4 times the size..Yupp it's enormous!!

This is the chapel inside the castle. It is big and beautiful and they even rent it out for weddings and other events. If you look at the top left of the pic you will see some shaded windows and that is where the kings and queens would sit for service. They would shut the windows when service started so that no one would know when they decided to leave the service..sneaky little royalty eh?!!

Along with our version of Hard Rock cafe..great food and friendly atmosphere..right next door is the gummi bear store. They have any shape and any flavor of gummis you could ever me I mean ANY!!  I wasn't paying attention one time when we went in there and DD2 picked out her bag of gummis and when we got home I took them all out of the bag only to discover I had allowed my 5yr old at the time buy gummis in the shape of naked ladies..Oh yeah momma of the year award there right?!!  Well I said they had anything so now you get it!! 

Heidelberg does have a really good Christmas market as well. Most towns do their own market and Heidelberg's market is big and nice.

I don't think I have ever been to a Christmas market here in Germany that didn't have a gigantic pyramid..really how cool is that?!!

Ok so now you all have seen some of where I live and the things I live around..lucky right?!!  I know we are fortunate to live where we live and we try to appreciate it all and get out and enjoy it while we can.  So thanks for keeping up with me and I do hope that some day maybe some of you will get the opportunity to visit Heidelberg. I know you would love it as much as we do!