Friday, April 29, 2011

5 Question Friday!!!

1. If you could buy any car, money not an option, what would it be?
I would absolutely buy a fully loaded Porsche SUV!!!  OMG I see them all the time and I am sooooooo jealous!!!  Me. Want. Porsche!!

2. What was your worst first date ever?
I had a guy ask me out in college and I really didn't want to go out with him but he was a nice guy and my friends kept telling me to give him a chance. So I told him I would go to dinner with him one night. He came to pick me up 30 minutes late. took me a cheap fast food restaurant and explained me to me through out the whole dinner how he didn't have a lot of money and no one ever said yes to a date with him until me. It was like a gigantic cheap pity party!!  I am all about giving people a chance but you better be out for a good time instead of just whining all night!! Sheeesh!!

3. How old were you when you fell in love for the first time?
That would depend on if you count puppy love.  The very first boy whom I SWORE I was in love with was in 2nd grade and I will never forget his name...swooon...he was soooo dreamy!!  After that I would have to say that until I met Mr. M I had never felt that gut feeling that I had met the one!!

4. When was the last time you reconciled your checkbook?
Ummm yesterday!!  Funny thing is I carry a check book and almost never use checks but I reconcile my checkbook every week so I am aware of what we are spending our money on. It really does help us keep from overspending due to not paying attention.

5. If you were going to fashion a "Wanted" Ad for a best friend, how would you word it?
Wanted:  Some one who can be there whenever needed, cry with me, laugh with me, know when to take the kids or grab a bottle of wine and come over.  Must be care free, fun loving, sensitive, tough, good with kids and have tons of material to gossip about!!

Ok so that is my Friday get to know me portion of the day. Now I have to prepare for the royal wedding as I am trying to figure out how to record it for my girls to watch when they get home.  Have a fabulously royal weekend everyone and see you all later!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ever have a fake conversation and what frustrates you?!!

What sort of things do you think when you are all alone with your thoughts?!  For reals!!!

I have had so much going on lately and have found myself having complete conversations in my head while either someone else is talking to me(meaning I am totally ignoring them) or while I am watching tv. I am not a real huge tv watcher especially since majority of my favorite shows I can not watch here..buggers!!  Anywho, it has become a thing lately that I don't daydream but seriously  have conversations in my head.  Does anyone else do this?!  Am I officially insane now?!! 

I have been planning this trip for Mr. M's birthday and he had decided he wanted to invite other people to come with us. So I had started to tell people about my head..and had been wondering why no one was telling me if they were going or not.  Yupp you got it..I was waiting for my imaginery conversation to answer me...ughhhh!!!!  I really do think I need a serious spa day ya'll!

So now that I finally realized that I had only had the conversations in my head I began telling people about the weekend and now am so close to it and yet everyone has a million questions and that is the only part I hate. I can plan a trip and Mr. M just asks if we are good and we off go, but once you invite other people then they all want to know what is planned, who is going, how far is it, how much does it cost, how did I find the hotel, and blah blah blah!!  If I invite you to a weekend trip do me a favor and do your own research before you ask me a bazillion questions ok?!!!
I have taken my own time to plan, explore and compare everything before making the decision to make the trip so basically either trust me since every trip I have ever planned was fabulous or don't come.  Is that rude?!?!  Honestly I am just tired of having to do all the work and answer a bazillion questions that they could have answered themselves to then only have them say they are not coming.  Whatever!!!!!

My trip is planned and I am happy with what I have come up with. I will have tons of pics to share with all of you and we will have the time of our lives. Is anyone else coming?!! No idea! Do I care either way?!! Nope!!

Onward and upward right?!?!!!! 

So be honest really and tell me just what is your biggest pet peeve about planning a trip!! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Military Monday blog hop!!

Ughhh it's Monday again!!  The weekend was fabulous but man does it go by too fast.  I will have a few pics to show you this week once of course I grab them off my camera...don't hold your breathe!!  No. Really. You just might pass out before it even happens ya'll!!   Ok so today I am doing the military Monday blog hop.  It's actually quite fabulous because the only rules are to follow others and have a good flippin' simple is that right?!?!  So click on that button up there and let's have some fun meeting new people.

For those of you new to my blog:

Welcome, welcome and please make yourself at home. You are welcome to browse around and you will discover that my blog is a mix of pretty much everything. I am a 30-something woman, married to an Army man for 16 years and we have 2 beautiful girls. DD1 is 13 and DD2 is 7. They make my life worth living in everything they do. We are currently stationed in Germany and loving it. We travel as often as we can and love all of the opportunities we have been given here. I write about our travels, crafts, organizing, military life, being a mom, being a wife, and pretty much anything fabulous you can think of. Oh and btw I have my own language but stick around long enough and you will figure it out along with the rest of my fabulousness!! :)

As always follow me and I will return the favor. Stop by for coffee anytime or daquiris which are only served on Friday nights.

Everyone have a fabulous Monday and rest of the week and I will be back tomorrow with some pics and some post its!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

5 Question Friday!!!

1. What is your favorite Easter tradition?
I would have to say that everything dealing eggs (since I am totally obsessed with eggs) especially deviled eggs..MMMMMmmmmmm!!

2. Are you a "shower" or a "long, hot bath" kind of person?
Ok well this is a tough one for me. I would looooove to be a long, hot bath person; however, we have only had a bath tub big enough for me to actually lay completely down in so it has not worked for me. I am tall and I always end up having to bend my knees which is not relaxing to me so for now shower it is..sighhhh!!!

3. Can you parallel park and if so when is the last time you did it?
Haha, ummmm why yes, yes I can parallel park.  Have I mentioned how I live in Germany and paralell parking is a comon practice here?!  I hate it and especially doing it with my gigantic American suv.....can you say PITA?!?!?!

4. What is your favorite Easter candy?
Hmmmmm  that is a tough one for me. I would honestly have to say I have a tie between chocolate peanut butter eggs and the chocolate caramel eggs....ooooohhh I feel a run to the store coming on!! :)

5. Easter: do you go all out with the Easter Bunny or focus on the religious part of the holiday?
I have always tried to make Easter more of a spiritual and family holiday more then anything. My youngest still believes in the Easter bunny so of course we do the baskets with candy and toys for her. My oldest who knows better usually gets money simply because we don't feel like explaining it to our youngest yet which kind of makes it hard.  I will never forget the first Easter that our oldest got money and no toys and our youngest said "mom, the Easter bunny didn't have time to shop for sissy huh?!"  We laughed so hard that morning!!  We then had to explain that when you reach a certain age the Easter bunny just like Santa Clause decides you would rather buy your own goodies sometimes.  I know. Aren't we the best parents ever?!?!
We have a full weekend planned and so hopefully I will be back next week with tons of pictures and a maybe stuff to talk about even!!

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

The answer to the mystery pic from a few weeks ago...

Ok so if you remember a few weeks ago I showed you this picture and asked what you thought it was....

Well I actually had someone guess right!!!  One day I decided to go through our "vacation jug" and get all the Euro change out of it before we went on vacation.  Now this jug is supposed to be our vacation money for the summer we head back to the US. We already have ideas on how we want to spend it and are just hoping it is more then enough to get it all done.
We figured this was a good idea to get our girls excited not only about saving but that our next big move would not just be all stress and sad goodbyes but would have a fun trip included along with it.

So when I had to retrieve the euro change that Mr. M kept putting in there even though I told him numerous times not to it took me 2 hours to dig it all out..ughhhh!!!

 I seperated it all out onto plates in order to better sort out what was euro and what was not.
Believe it or not out of all of that change this is all the euro I found!!  It was a little frustrating...just a little!!

So I figured why  not just count it since I went through all that trouble already. Now we had agreed not to count it until the day we were cashing it in before we moved. However, I change my mind..and that's that!! 
After counting all the quarters which again took me forever it seemed I decided to forget that business and just threw it all back in the jug and was done with it.

I then counted up the euro change and ended up with around 8 euro!! Haha  soo worth it right?!?!?!  Yeah not so much but oh well atleast I got it out of there.
So far we are looking at a decent hotel for our vacation but we better keep the savings up so we can have a fabulous hotel for vacation!!  

How do you save up for vacations?

Does your family have a vacation jug or another way to save up change?

Friday, April 15, 2011

5 Question Friday!!!

OMG I can not believe it is Friday already and that of course means the end of Spring break for us...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!  We had such a good time traveling to Berlin and a few other places. We still have a few things to do. This weekend will be filled with Easter markets and outdoor fun...yippeeee!!!

1. What is your favorite sign of spring?
I would have to say that my favorite sign is all the flowers in bloom and the green grass. Although I have to say that the grass never goes brown here in's quite odd actually but for the most part it just gets covered in snow and slush but stays green.

2. What was your best birthday ever?
I would have to say my best birthday was the one year Mr. M actually planned a surprise party for me.  He is horrible at keeping secrets so it really was a treat!  Most of the time I do not make a big deal out of my birthday. I mean you can only turn 29 so many times before people quite wanting to celebrate with you..haha!!

3. What is your favorite dessert?
Wow I have to pick just one?!?!  Ummmm...Errrrrrrr.....geeeez this is hard!!!  I guess if I had to say anything then it would be strawberry shortcake and I mean the good one. With strawberries everywhere, shortcake, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and strawberry sauce..yuuuuuuuuuuummmmy!!!!

4. What is the best excuse you've ever used to get out of a ticket?
Well sadly to say I have had very few tickets in my lifetime and I never tried to get out of getting them. I just took my tickets like a good little girl and then went to the cops we knew to get them taken away..haha yupp I am bad!!!  Let me just say it only worked once and that was only because the cop screwed up on writing the ticket so it was thrown out of court.  

5. Do you wake up before your alarm, with your alarm, or after hitting snooze several times?
Normally I wake up before my alarm and eventually give up trying to go back to sleep and turn it off. I hate it when you wake up and you have like 20 minutes before your alarm goes off and so you try to go back to sleep only to end up waking up to your alarm going off and feeling like you just slept for a minute and are totally exhausted.  For me it is better to get up then to deal with that feeling...ewwww!!
Ok so that is my questions for the day. I hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend and I look forward to reading all of your questions and answers as well.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our American tour of Berlin.....

I am so glad to be back home in my own bed with my own pillow!! The only part of European hotels I don't like is their beds and what they call pillows...waaaaaaay tooo soft for my liking.  Other then that the hotel was fabulous and everyone was so friendly and nice. We had everything we could have wanted out of a hotel and then some.

Our trip around Berlin began and ended up becoming an American theme for us. Not that we had wanted it that way but after a few days it just seemed funny so we stuck with it. You see we arrived on a Sunday afternoon and if you know anything about Germany on a Sunday almost nothing is open. So as we walked aimlessly around the city looking for something that was open so we could eat the first thing we came to that was open was Subway.  Yupp we drove all the way to Berlin, Germany to eat Subway. Haha no just wait it gets so much better. Once we ate then we headed out to find the Berlin zoo which was fabulous and well worth the trip.

We also went into the aquarium. The girls loved that they not only had fish but snakes and bugs....yuuuuuuck!!!  Sometimes I wonder what they will do when they grow up. They both seem to like icky things!! Yikes!!

One thing we noticed right off the bat was that there were these bear statues all over the city. Mr. M was determined to find out why and eventually he did.  As soon as I ask him again I will share it with you but of course I do not remember right now..

Aren't they cute?!?!  DD2 and I had a blast posing with some of them.

There were so many magnificent things we did and saw whilie in Berlin but I have to say the most exciting for me was seeing parts of the wall that were left standing and the markers all along the streets of where the wall had once stood.  It just was amazing and humlbing at the same time.
 Checkpoint Charlie!
These double stones on the street are the markers of where the wall used to stand. Amazing!!

 Brandenburg gate!
 Of course as always we hit up the hard rock for some good food, a little shopping and a hurricane glass to add to my collection.
 This was the memorial to the murdered Jews. Beautiful and yet very sad.
 Our next American stop was of course Dunkin Donuts..yummmmmmm!!!!!
 This is Berlin's walk of fame!! It wasn't very big but how clever of them eh?!?!
 All along the walk of fame they had stars with people names on it and then there were these little gold boxes. If you looked inside them you could see images of the people who were names on the stars they were next to. Very cool according to the girls!!
 One of my favorite stops was the Charlottenberg Palace. It was huge and beautiful and even though we were standing in the rain we didn't care!!
 The gardens out back of the palace.
The center of the gardens. They simply were stunning.

So our trip was great and in the whole time we were there we made our American tour something like this: Subway, KFC, Hard rock cafe, McDonalds, Burger King, Dominoes pizza, Dunkin Donuts and of course we enjoyed them all!!

So even though we were having a good time visiting history and learning so much we managed to make it fun for the girls as well.  I would highly reccomend Berlin to anyone who is looking for a historical trip and yet something for the kids as well.  I have a ton more pics but maybe another day on those.

Have a great day everyone and I will see you all tomorrow!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

cupcake update and a small hiatus!!

I really wanted to say thank you so much to everyone for the sweet comments on our cupcakes.  We made them for my daughters class. They were having cupcake wars!! Well as prejudice as I was and was sure our cupcakes were the best I was......RIGHT!!!  Haha  they won!!!  I was so proud of my daughter and when she came home with a huge smile on her face proclaiming her win and the pride beaming from her like sunshine.  Those are the moments that make being a mom the best!!

So thank you  thank you all for your support and comments and apparently we did a good job.

Tomorrow we start our Spring break here. Mr. M is taking leave for the whole week and we are going to do some traveling, catching up on sleep and just some general family time.  It is so nice when we actually get to have some family time and I love every minute of it.

For our travels we will be going to East Germany: Berlin, Dresden and a few other cities. We will take the week and just go explore as much as we possibly can. I am so excited to see so many wonderful things that we have yet to explore. The girls are very sad that they will not be able to see Knut the polar bear but I guess we will get some pics of his memorial anyway. Rest in peace Knut and so sorry we never go the chance to see you.

I will not be taking a laptop with me as I never do. Family time is too precious to me for anything else to get in the way. I will however have my ipod with me so if I am lucky enough to  find a wireless connection I will atleast be able to update facebook.  Yes I am totally addicted to facebook and don't see how I will be with out it for so long but I will survive!!

So I hope that everyone has a wonderful week ahead and I will be back very soon to update with tons of pics, many adventures and hopefully a very happy family.

To all the new friends I have made through the 2011 blog party and the new military blog hop....welcome and thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your lives as well as keeping tabs on mine!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Wednesday and I forgot my post its!!!!

So yesterday started out with me taking DD2 to school to then go into the teacher's lounge for a PTA meeting. That meeting lasted until around 9:30 and then I walked to my truck and headed to the middle school to go to a PTSA meeting which lasted until around 12:30 and then standing around talking afterwards I ended up getting back home around 1:10. So I started checking and answering emails and finishing up some business for both organizations for the 40 minutes I had until I had to go back and pick up DD2.
Once we were home I then got a phone call telling me that dance class was cancelled. No big deal right?! Well actually YES it was a big deal!!!!  You see DD1 did not ride the bus home from school because she was going to walk over to the dance studio instead and meet us there. All of which is not near our home or some place where I could tell her to just come home. So we got in the truck and had to go get her...Ughhhhh!! 
Once we got home we started making the cupcakes that I had to have done by this morning to take to school with DD2. They turned out gorgeous and we are pretty proud of ourselves for getting them done but seriously the time it took to make them....RIDICULOUS!!

Cute right?!  I really like them but cutting the marshmallows in half one by one and then dipping them into the sugar..holy cow I thought I was never going to be done with it!!!

Oh yeah and btw did I happen to mention that while we were making these gorgeous cupcakes I was also making dinner which included home made potatoe salad.  You know peeling, slicing, cutting, and boiling potatoes.  Oyyyyy sometimes I think I ask for it!!

So that was my crazy busy Tuesday and hopefully next week I will remember to do my post it's...oh wait next week I will be in Berlin!!

We will be leaving on Sunday to go to Berlin for Spring break and I won't be back for a few days.  I will have tons of pics to share with you and a lot of things to tell you so be ready!!!

Happy hump day everyone!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Military Monday blog hop!!

So I am always eager to meet more milspouse bloggers and only wish I had time to visit them all every day.  I can tell you that I try to visit as many as possible and leave comments always because...comment rock duh!!

So one blog that I follow recently told me about a military blog hop they do so I was all excited to have the opporunity to join it.  Here is the button if you would like to join in yourself..

Of course there are rules...I did read that correctly hopefully but really the only rules are to follow people and meet new easy is that!! For reals!!

So here is to trying something new...Cheers!!

If you are new to my blog you can go and read the all about me section...hmmm I have no idea when I last updated that so I guess I should do that now huh?!  Ok ok stop barking at me I soon as I have time!!