Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Post it note Tuesday!!

Only Parent Chronicles

Tomorrow I will give a review of our trip to the auto technik museum with pics!!  Hey so it seems when I have more mommy time I have more time to blog...how awesome is that?!?! 

Woohooooo!!!!  You all are SOOO lucky!!! :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

5 Question Friday!!!

Well I made it to Friday and not only that but how sad is it that I just remembered today is my birthday....duhhhh!!!   We have a very busy weekend planned and when I say we of course I mean myself and the girls because Mr. M will be getting on a plane to go to another school.  I am glad that he is trying to beef up his resume with all these schools but what a crappy weekend to have to go away.

Oh well we will still have fun without him and take tons of pics to show him when he returns some time next week.

Ok so now let's join Mama M for some questions and get this weekend started...

1. Did you make any fun purchases this week?
All week I have been getting ready for a community event tomorrow and getting the girls ready for school. Fun purchases..hmmmm. I did buy a new set of colored sharpies!! Does that count?!?! I loooove sharpies!!
2. If you could go to any musical concert, what would it be?
Oh this one is so super easy for me...Josh Groban!!!!  I would just die to see him in person!!! sighhhh...swooon**
3. What is your least fav/ most fav house chore?
My least favorite house chore is definitely dishes...yuuuuuuck!!!
My favorite house chore would have to be organizing. I love love love to organize and do it so often that Mr. M said I am OCD with it. I am not one of those people who lives in an emaculately clean house, clean yes but not emaculate so don't flip out on me and call social services ya'll!!  I do however feel so much better when everything is in it's place and organized.

4. Would you prefer new appliances or clothes?
Well that one is tough for me right now simply because we are living in Europe and so although there are tons of new appliances I need or want right now I will not buy anything until we return stateside because I don't want to run them down by running them on transformed outlets. So for right now I would have to say clothes even though I would much rather have new appliances.
5. Miracle Whip or Mayo?
OMG Mayo all the way!!!  When I first met Mr. M he was a miracle whip man and I pretty much told him not in my house buddy.  He was sad for a little while but then decided that I was right and mayo is better!! Haha I love it when he admits I am right!! :)
Ok now jump on over to Mama M's and get your Friday started with fabulous questions!!!

Have a grand weekend everyone and see you all after the weekend is over and I have time to think..er type...er concentrate on anything else!! Yeah yeah that works!!


Friday, August 19, 2011

5 Question Friday!!!

I am soooooooooo happy it's Friday once again!!  It was a great week with our little vacay and spending a ton of time with Mr. M while he is on leave and today it all comes to an end...wait it's a 4 day weekend so technically he is still off until Tuesday...yippeeeeeeee more time!!!  Here are the questions that I live each week to fill out and I know you all live to read my corny answers...don't say anything it's my fantasy just let me have it!!! Thanks!!

1. Do you close the bathroom door when you are home alone?
Haha wow am I about to get totally exposed. Ok you see we have these 2 cats and they are very territorial and you see since we live in a teeny tiny apartment we have our cat litter box in the bathroom. Now if you go to the bathroom and shut the door they get very upset and will scratch and cry the ENTIRE time you are in there. Soooo we just leave the door cracked enough so they can come in and we all get along just fine!!

2. You have to walk around with a word on your forehead. That word describes you. One word. What is it?
FABULOUS!!!  What?!! That is my word..I.am.fabulous!!
3. What store do you refuse to shop at and why?
Ummmmm I don't have a store I refuse to shop at. You see my biggest problem is that I love to shop pretty much anywhere and get me anywhere near an outlet...lookout!!! Ok now I am totally craving a shopping trip...great!!
4. If you participated in arranged marriages for your child(ren), who would you choose for your child(ren)?
Well I would have to say right now that there is no one I would pick for either of my girls. I have not met anyone where we get along so well with the parents that it would be cool nor have I found anyone that either of my girls would go gaga over.  If I had to arrange their marriages then it would definitely be to someone well matched, successful and a total gentleman!
5. If you could pick how and when you would die, would you?
Ok this question is just way too morbid for a Friday let alone 7am in the morning!!!!  I have way too much death in my life the past few years and it has made me cherish every moment individually, live for the moment, stop being so critical, don't sweat the small stuff, holding a grudge just wastes your time and drama is for tv shows!!  I want to live a happy, healthy, full, loving and fabulous life! I don't and won't think about death or dying until I have to and only hope that it comes quick and many many years down the road!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ok ok close your mouth..yes I am ACTUALLY here!! :)

I have so much to catch up with and I am sorry I have been a little absent lately.  In the past few weeks I have been to an American Rodeo here in Germany, been through the loss of friends due to stupidity, super busy trying to figure out to work a website that I am clueless on but have to say in my defense I am doing pretty good for a newbie, and traveling to Garmisch and Austria.

So hopefully you will understand why I have been absent but let's start out with some really cool pics....

 My first rodeo and it was in a foreign country..haha!!

The bull riding was soooo cool!!

Even though it poured down rain on us for the most part we had a blast!! Great music and horses who could wrong with that right?!?!

So then we had a long busy week filled with tons of work, drama and stuff I am really just trying to forget....so sorry no details because I am SOOO over it!!!

We then got ready to leave on our fabulous little get away. All packed and Mr. M on leave we headed to Munich...

 Oh come on...did you not see that one coming?!?!  Of course we went to Hard Rock Cafe!!
 Who would pass up good food in a different city ever?!?!  Not me!!
 Our total luck that it was right on the walkplatz and across the street from the Hoffbrauhaus...yippeeeee!!!!
Good food and shopping...hells yeahhhh!!!!!

So then once we were full and had sufficiently decreased our Euro we headed out to Garmisch..

 The gorgeous view from our hotel room balcony. Let me tell you it just got more and more beautiful each day whether it was day or night!
 Of course I had to bet Mr. M that he could not drink a whole yard-o-beer by himself and being the competetive man he is he took the bet....ok I thought he would chicken out...MY BAD!!!
 Fortunate for me he was not able to finish it all..he says he was too full. This is the fail picture!!  Tisk tisk Mr. M!!!
 The next day we headed to Austria to the Swarovski crystal museum. It was pretty cool and cheap to get in.  I made Mr. M very happy by not buying anything in the shop though..he is so lucky!! :)
 Taj Mahal made out of crystal..very cool!!
 We then headed back to Garmisch and decided to stroll around town. It was so pretty and everyone was so happy and nice!
 Love this building!!!
 The next day we woke up to rain and so we took some chill time and watched movies in the hotel room and then once the rain stopped we headed out to show DD2 some castles.  Here is Hohenschwangua..then Neuschwanstein..
 Views from the Mary bridge
I just love this castle and was so happy to be able to show both my girls.  What girl doesn't want to see a real princess castle right?!?! They were thrilled and I was beaming from ear to ear.. such a proud mama!!

So now I am off again to get a whole lot of work done and deal with some things that need to just be dealt with. Wish me luck and I will be back as soon as I can I promise!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Not MY kid!!!! Help needed with this one!!!

I am about to touch a very touchy subject with all mothers and more then anything I am looking forward to views, advice and any opinions whether good or bad. Please don't hold back as I am really interested in how this situation is taken by others and what you would do.

So here is the line up:
Girl A: 5 yrs old, only child, known to be sassy and have a potty mouth
Girl B: 5 yrs old, youngest of 3 and only girl, sweet and sassy at times
Girl C: 7 yrs old, youngest of 2 girls, sweet and sassy at times.

So now picture all 3 with their families at an outdoor bbq. It begins raining at the bbq and girl C's family has brought 4 umbrellas(enough for their whole family) and girl B's family has no umbrellas and girl A's family has 2 umbrellas. Family C has decided to be kind enough to share their umbrellas and have squeezed themselves under 2 umbrellas to share the other 2 they have with the other families.  Girl C gets upset that she can not use her umbrella because girl A and B are both using it. Parents of C tell her to stop being selfish and that she did a nice thing sharing. She stops pouting and the day moves on.  After several more hours of girl C playing with girl B's brothers we head home thinking we had a lovely time and all was great.

24 hours later: Mom B writes an email to Mom C and explains how painfull it is to her to even write the email but she felt she just had to. Mom B went on to talk about how she did not want to have to choose friends over this and is hoping it can be resolved. She then goes on to say that she personally heard girl C tell girl A word for word "you are mean and nasty and you can't be friends with girl B and I"  and then went on to say that girl A's father claimed he heard girl C say to girl A "I don't like you because your fat".  As Mom C is reading this she is getting more and more upset at the fact that her daughter might have said such horrible things and at the same time she can't shake the feeling that the girl they are talking about said these horrible things is also the same girl who refuses to say the word "stupid" because she has been taught it is a bad word.  Mom C confronts girl C and asks her what happened and girl C says " I told girl A I didn't want to be her friend"  Now this is very believable to Mom C because she caught her saying it once before and read her the riot act over it and hadn't heard it since.  Now Mom C is not an idiot and knows it is very possible that her dear little angel has heard these words from other kids and very well may have used them in a way she heard them but has this nagging feeling about the whole thing.
First of all, if Mom B heard girl C say something so horrible why would she not have said something righ then and there to Mom C since she was sitting a few feet away from her?
Second, when Mom C asked girl C if she said "I don't like you because your fat?" girl C looked at her very puzzled and said "why would I say that?" to which Mom C said " do you understand what fat means" and girl C said " well yeah we learned in school like bacon is fat but why would you say that to a person not food"  So now Mom C is confused as to why her child would even say someting to someone else that she didn't even understand.
Third, Mom C is left with this nagging feeling that no parent heard anything and all of this crap is coming from Girl A because she does not like the fact that girl B is friends with both of them and not just hers. This is totally believable to Mom C because she has been through 2 5 yr old girls herself and could totally see a 5 yr old saying this especially one that is known to have a potty mouth and be sassy and get upset with other kids when they don't play with her or do things she wants them to do.

So now Mom C is left with this nagging feeling of who is telling the truth and who is not. Does she keep the other kids away from hers to keep this ever from happening?  Does she confront the other moms and ask who actually heard it and risk them lying to her face anyway?  Does she just give up on the friendships and count as their loss and move on?

Please give me your answers...good, bad or ugly I want them all!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

5 Question Friday!!!

Yayyy it's Friday and all is well!!!  I am so ready for the weekend and it all starts tonight with the American Rodeo in Germany!! Odd right?!?! Haha I can't wait!!

1. Do you have siblings and are you close with them?
Ok this one is difficult for me...you see I have 2 brothers. One is older and one is younger, however, it will be 2 years this October that my younger brother passed away from a brain tumor. It's still very fresh in my heart and October is a very hard month for me because of that. I was always extremely close with both my brothers but my younger brother was the one I talked to every day on messenger and I still find myself sometimes going to messenger to talk to him before I realize he is not there anymore.

2. Would you rather be slightly UNDER weight or slightly OVER weight?
Well duhhhh I would of course rather be slightly under weight!!!  I can eat my way to normal but I can not stand dieting. I do like exercise but I am right now in a funk and have to find something new to try and get myself out of it before I out grow all my clothes!! sighhhhhhhhhhh

3. What's your favorite State Fair food to splurge on?
O.M.G. That would have to be funnel cakes...yummm yummmy yummm yummm I adore them!!!!

4. What are your thoughts on your kid(s) going to school in a few weeks?
My kids don't start school until the 29th so I have a little time and honestly I am ready for them to go back. I think they have reached that time in the summer where they are bored with nothing to do and so they drive me nuts thinking I need to entertain them. Somehow my asking them to clean or run errands with me is just entertaining enough...go figure!! haha

5. Pool or Ocean?
If you are talking about my body being in one of those it would have to be pool! You do know that there are crazy things in oceans that can and will eat you right?!?!  Forget that mess!!! uh uh no way ocean for me!!
Ohhh those were fun no go click that button up there and get your own questions on!!! Have a fabulous weekend and I will take a ton of pics at the rodeo tonight!! Yippee yippee yeeehaaawwwwwwww

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I like Thursday because it's only a day away from Friday!!!

So I made it to Thursday and all is well...so far!!!  We now have 4 brand new tires on my truck and our claim was quickly approved...good for them!! I was ready and fully prepared to fight to the money..haha get it instead of fight to the death I said money...oh give me my cheap laughs ya'll!! :)

So no more tire tumors, ripped tires or dealing with tire people. Now I have been concentrating all of my time on working on the website for our club.  It's a lot of work and it has taken me a while to get used to the program but I have to say...I am actually enjoying it!  It has been a long time since I have worked on a website and I forgot how much I enjoyed it.  Too bad I just found someone else to take it over for me and so now I get to train her to take over so I can go back to my normal duties and be done with the website...sighhhh.  Oh well I guess it is for the best. It was taking up a lot of my time..sniff sniff so why do I think I am going to miss it so much?!?! 

For now I am working on a lot of things and one is trying to plan our trip next weekend to Garmisch. This is supposed to be my birthday trip since we can't go anywhere that weekend so Mr. M told me to plan whatever I wanted..even shopping...and they will do whatever I want to do!!  O.M.G.  For reals!!!!   So far I have that we are going to Munich to see the castle and go to Hard Rock Cafe..duhh right?!?!  Then I want to go see the Eagle's nest, the Swarovski factory, go up the zugspitze and walk around the town of Garmisch and just shop til we drop!! Yayyyyy for trips I get to plan according to only what I want to do...yeeeehaaaaaaawwwww!!!!

Oh yeah did I mention that we are going to an American rodeo this weekend?!! I am totally stoked and can't wait to see what the Germans will consider American bbq as it is advertised.  I always get tickled when I go shopping on the economy and see their "americana" products. Too funny I tell ya!!  So hopefully it is good food and a good time and I will definitely take pics and share them with you.

For now I will just have to leave you with this....Christmas in London includes Christmas Eve service at Wesminster Abbey!!! Did I tell ya that already?!?! I am so excited sorry if I am telling you a bazilion times but I'm stoked!!!!!!

Ok have a fabulous day and I will talk to you more tomorrow!!!