Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Window shopping and European living

Believe it or not I actually had some time to myself today. By that I mean all emails were answered and returned early this morning, the house was picked up and dishes done early this morning and my errands were super fast since I wasn't able to find a dang thing I was looking for anyway.

So by 11am today I was home and bored.  What to do...what to do....OMG I am going to window shop. It's a bit chilly here so going outside or downtown is not going to happen so I go online to window shop. How do you window shop online you say?!  Well let me tell you. It is much more fun then window shopping in real life with the one exception of there is no coffee stop on the way..bummer!!  Oh well, so you go to random shopping sites and check out what they have and add anything you want to the cart...don't hold back ladies add it ALL!!  Then when you are done you go check out your cart, marvel at the insane total of everything you really want and then you start deciding what you really want and what you can do without.  Once you have deleted enough that you actually think you could buy it without feeling too guilty then comes my favorite part....close the browser!!  Yupp you heard me right!  Close. That. Browser!   That is how you window shop online. It's not as much fun as real life but I have found the older I get and the busier I get window shopping just haven't have the same luster as it used to.  Sighhhhh  that means I am losing some of my shopping gene.....EEEEEKSSS!!!

The one thing I absolutely hate about living overseas is having a great big American suv....ohhh the things I have to deal with because of it.  Aside from Mr. M making several dents and dings in my baby so that I have to wait to get back to the States to get those fixed because here they woud charge me an arm and a leg just because for some reason they see big American suv and think big money..haha they are NOT funny!!  I recently found out that my old rims had ruined my front suspension and I needed 2 new wheel bearings...oh joy to the world for me..NOT!!  So as I go online to try to order the parts...have you ever gone into a German parts store and tried to ask if they happen to carry a part for your big American suv?!?!  Not fun ladies..not fun at ALL!!!  So yes I had to go online and of course I have no idea what I am doing so I am finding stuff and emailing the site to my mechanic who probably thinks I am nuts but that's a whole other story to find out yes I finally found the right part. Yay me!!  Then the wait begins.  Wait for the email saying they got your order. Wait for the email saying they shipped your order. Then wait for the post office to email you and say you have a package only to go and realize it is something from someone else and then keep waiting for yet another email.  If I don't get my truck fixed by this weekend I am not going to be happy.  Not happy at all!!

Did I mention my mom is coming next Monday for a few weeks visit?!?!  I need my truck!!!!!  Pray for me people...seriously pray for me!!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Final orders, busy, planning, excited and terrified at the same time!

Well it actually happened the other day.....Mr. M got orders!!  We are so excited and yet at the same time as we realized this will be our last set of orders it's a little scarey as well.  Once we leave Europe then we will have one last duty station before he takes the plunge and slams those papers down on someone's desk saying " I want to retire!"  Ohhhhhh lord I am so nervous, excited, terrified and at the same time I am so far ahead of myself it's not even funny.

Before we even get to the whole getting out, retiring stuff we have to first plan our move and get set up at the next, last, final duty station!! OMG I am terrified I tell ya!!!  Excited as heck to be going to some place we wanted to go and have been before and especially since our first born was born there and hasn't been there since she was 3 months old it's really super exciting.  However, as I have been planning and googling and trying to find anything I need it is very hard.  Why is it so hard to get the info I need online or to get someone to help me.  Facebook is my best friend right now!  I found tons of groups and people who will tell me just about anything including where not to live because it's a dump.  You can't get that from a booklet folks!!
Now we just have to get ourselves set up with where we are going to live and we should be good.  We have so much going on right now and the thought of packing everything is just not in the cards right now. I have holidays to plan, organizations to run and people and places to see way before we go anywhere.  I only hope that when the day comes to start packing that I have done it all and seen it all and nothing will stand in our way.
Oh and btw in case any of you were wondering we are headed to Ft. Riley!!  So anyone with any great info please send it my way. :)

 Man I do remember that sign!!
Our new....temporary home when we arrive!!