Monday, September 26, 2011

Pumkins and corn and flea markets oh my....

This past weekend we went to an amazing festival with tons of pumpkins,some you could sit your family on and still have room for more, and an incredible corn maze. I have heard so many people talk about how they have seen bigger or better mazes but I had no problem whatsoever getting lost in this one thank you very much!!  Along with great food and some fabulous booths they also had a flea market with tons of different foods and trinkets to buy. We left with a new wine rack, full stomachs, aching feet and a large bag of the most delicous cookies I have ever tasted.

 This one I wanted to take home but they wouldn't sell poopers!!
 flea market
 more of the flea market
 there were pumpkins really...EVERYWHERE!!
 this was the biggest we saw and again they would not sell it..dang it!!
 inside the corn maze....before I got lost
 the pumpkin patch across the street...
DD2 wanted to pick some flowers so we let her. I think she did a very good job with her selections and I loved them!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Autothechnik museum, Guttenberg castle and an award....

Wow so much has gone on the past few weeks and I know, I know I am the worstest blogger ever!! Yes I know worstest is not  a word but it seems quite fitting right now so go with it, k?!

We have been doing a few outings but mostly we have been busy busy busy. I think once school started someone opened up the busy gate and apparently it is not closing anytime soon. There is a bazaar this weekend in Ramstein and yet it seems that we will not be going due to Mr. M having to work the weekend and getting prepared for our bazaar at the same time.  I love the bazaars and think that they are fantastic for the community as well as giving some people who do not travel an opportunity to pick up a few things from other places around Europe.

Being on the bazaar committee this year has been a whole other job in itself and one that I have to say has opened up my eyes to just how much work goes into these things. So let's get to what I have been doing. The few things I have done were fantastic and things that I am glad we had the opportunity to do while we were here.

We went to the Autotechnik museum in Sinsheim, Germany and it was a blast!! There is also one in Speyer but not as big as this one. To say that I climbed into a French concorde plane that was bolted to the ceiling and hanging over the side of the building would be an example of all the fabulous things we were able to do and see.  Scarey yes but fabulous!!!!

A few pics from our trip....

 the concorde we climbed into on the roof..
 ain't she a beauty?!?!
 one of the many organs they have. You put a coin in and it plays music. Soo neat!!
 the slide that comes out of an airplane. DD2 went up and down it atleast 20 times!
 DD1 prefered laying around in the spinning disc.
 my poor attempt to take a picture from inside the plane to show how high we were.
this was a polizei bike hung from the ceiling. It was so funny looking with 10 seats and lights and sirens on the front. Can you imagine being chased down by this?!?!

The next trip we took was to Guttenberg castle to see the flight show. It was amazing to see these giant birds they have and to have them fly directly over your head almost touching you. The wind from their wings was incredible...

 the view from the flight show area
 the birds waiting their turn for the show..
 See what I mean by right over your head!?!
 all the birds were just gorgeous..
 I will admit I ducked quite a few times when they flew over..
 these birds were so funny..they waddle when they walk and the man kept throwing them off the edge so they would fly around and come waddling back..
 beautiful door to the castle..

what Guttenberg castle used to look like...

So that would just about take us up to today where hopefully we will get to go to the Ramstein bazaar and I can show you a lot more pictures.  One thing I would like to tell you though is that I was given an award and had my blog listed as one of the top 100 military blogs by Veterans benefits page. I was really surprised to get the email but apparently they haven't noticed how much of a slacker I have been lately....whoopsie!!!!

So thanks to them you can click on the award on my page and check out some of the other great blogs who also received the award along with all the info that the page gives out. Interested in the GI bill then click that button and go check it out!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

5 Question Friday!!!

1. What ringtone do you have on your cell phone?
I keep changing it because I never seem to hear it when it rings. I finally found the one that not only do I hear every time it rings but it is annoying enough that everyone else lets me know it's ringing as well. The only bad part is that Mr. M has the exact same ring..ughhhh!!  So when one of our phones ring neither of us get up to answer it because we assume it is the other's phone! So basically I am back to not answering my phone...whhooops!! The ringtone is the infamous old school rotary phone ring.

2. What is your favorite memory from this summer?
I would have to say our cruise to Greece!!  Greece was gorgeous and something I will never forget and the cruising part was just as fabulous as I thought it would be.

3. Paper books or ebooks?
I am all about digital stuff now adays and don't know what I would do without my ipad(btw I am so used to my ipad correcting my spelling and punctuation mistakes you may have to overlook huge errors from now on) but I have to say an actual book just feels better to me.

4. If you could have one home upgrade what would it be and why?
Well considering that I live in a government apartment that is about 1000 sq ft and we have one bathroom I would say my one upgrade would be an actual house with all the normal amenities!!

5. When was your first serious boyfriend/girlfriend?
My first serious boyfriend was sophmore year of highschool. He was a Senior and boy I had no idea what I was getting myself into with him. He was trouble with a capital T!  I had fun and then pushed him aside and moved on to bigger and better though so don't worry about me!!

Ok now go on over to Mama M's page and get your questions on! You know you want to and stop saying to yourself "I don't want to be like the crowd" because you know you do!!
Now GO!!!!