Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Madness!!!

Well it was a very eventful weekend and a relaxing one at the same time!!
Friday the girls were off from school so it was nice to sleep in (7 am is sleeping in for me!) and do some fun stuff with the girls.

Saturday we went to a picnic in the park for "month of the military child" and it was a lot of fun. We entered a raffle drawing and were blown away when we actually won!!  See we never win anything so we were so excited...that is until we learned that the prize was for children 18 months to 3 yrs old..Ughhhhh!!  Now our youngest just turned 6 but let me tell you how upset she was to see Mr. M carrying a motorized police motorcycle only to find out she couldn't ride it!! Drama is not even enough to cover it..basically we had to tell her we would buy her a new bike to make her feel better and then told her she should give it to another little girl who would love to have it!  Now my girls love to give things to other people but it really did take a while to convince DD2 to give up this bike!  I mean look at it and tell me how crushed your kid would be if you told them they had to give it away without even being able to ride it...
Crushed I tell ya!!!  Poor kid and pretty much poor mommy because now I have to go out and find her a new bike and buy it!!  We are such suckers as parents aren't we?!! 

So after the park we took the girls bowling which is one of their most favorite things to do..totally their words every time we go!! Of course Mr. M beat the tar out of us as he always does but we all had a good time!
Note to self** buy bowling shoes for Mr. M!! (his birthday is coming up and I am clueless other then that)

Saturday night Mr. M went to one of the many farewell parties for a friend of ours that is leaving soon...I am really going to miss him! He is such a sweet guy and he is always doing nice stuff for our girls!!

Sunday was clean up day and relax day..we all did a little cleaning and then Mr. M had to go to work..Ughhhhhh!!  He is so intuitive though because he knew I would not get to relax had he left me with both kids so he took DD2 with him...Yay for smart men!!!

So ok our lives are a little dull sometimes but I am greatful for any kind of relaxation time I might be able to get.  We did watch a movie that I liked..hated..liked..hated all the way through. Seriously if you get a chance to watch "The Lovely Bones" please do watch it!!  The movie itself was good but I was not too fond of some of it, however, the ending was priceless!!  I love when movies show how Karma will get you in the end!!  Muahuahuahuah!!

Ok I am off for now with tons to get done today and several repeat trips to offices after forgetting all of the necessary paperwork at home when I left this morning!! I am no genius but I am still fabulously funny and such a great writer!!!  Right?!!!  Stop shaking your head and just admit it!!

Ciao for now!!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

That stinks about the bike. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Cassie said...

She must have been so disappointed about giving up the bike but not as much as you'll be shelling out the money for a right size one! LOL You ARE a fabulously gifted writer. No head shaking required.

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