Thursday, May 20, 2010

TDML Thursday!

Ok so I missed you all yesterday but I took a much needed "me day" and it was fabulous!!  I didn't do any errands or chores for anyone else and didn't worry about whose room was clean or how much laundry needed to be done I just did whatever I wanted and it gave me some much needed rest.  I totally reccomend me days to everyone out there!!

So today I am going to continue with my Trip Down Memory Lane posts. I am sure most of you who have read the others have figured out by now that I was brought up in the city life and love everything city and bright and convenient and Mr. M was brought up in the country life and embodied everything that was country.  Now I learned to accept some of his little country quirks over the years but for the most part I totally reformed the man!!  No really  I did!!!  He is in love with city life now and couldn't even imagine living in the country anymore...score 1 for city life!! Waahooooo!!!

Ok so last I left off we had just gotten engaged...sweet story right?!! Yupp I know I write so crazy sometimes it is hard to tell what is real or not but stick with me and it all works out in the end..eerrrr I hope!!
So Mr. M and I went and told my mom who was thrilled and a tiny itty bit terrified when I told her we didn't care about a wedding and were going to the court house so we could just be together...yes that's right we were young and in love and could have cared less about the big wedding production but my mom knew better...thank goodness for her!!  She told me to promise her we would do a big wedding and in return she would do everything for it and all we had to do was wait...ok fine we agreed.  Now I was so ready to be married to this man and was all ready to leave my life and spend the rest of it with him that I called up my job(where I was making 3 times what this poor military man was making) and told them I was getting married and I quit!! Man let me tell you how much fun that was..well of course until my mom called me to ask why in the heck I did that.  See my older brother worked at the same place as love and totally not thinking people..for real!!!  So after I explained to her that I had to quit because I was going to be traveling back and forth from Oklahoma to Kansas she reluctantly gave me that one. I mean I had to find us a place to live and all that good stuff and if we were not doing the court house wedding then I was going to go see him as much as I possibly could and I did.  We probably paid as much for gas going back and forth as we paid for the flowers for our wedding..haha!!  If we only had known then what we know now right?!!!
  So here we are planning our wedding and ohhh....btw did I forget to mention that we had met, started dating and got engaged and I had never once even met his family?!!  Oh yeah you can smile big on that one..mistake number one...his mom hated me for that!   So while planning our wedding I had to take time out one day to go have coffee with his mom.  She seemed really nice and she was very nice to my mom was I wasn't too nervous after a while..that is until his sister called and the call went something like this..
his mom "yes she is here right now we are having coffee"
"yes she is pretty and and looks pretty physically fit"
"yes she seems really nice also"

Ummmmmm am I in a dog show or what?!!  For real are you all kidding me?!!!!!  I was appauled that they had had that conversation in front of me and my MOM...for real country people?!!!  Ughhhhhh!!  Let me just say that the next phone call to Mr. M was a pissed off one where he should have gathered and his mom and I were not going to see eye to eye on almost everything!!  Poor man..or poor me either way it was horrible.  Now did I tell you about when Mr. M came down to shopping with me and pick out our wedding bands?  Oh yeah we went and he bought mine and I bought his and then we went to go show his mom...because he wanted to..and she looked at the ring I bought him and said "oh well that's a really cute ring, huh"  Again is it wrong to slap a woman who gave life to the man of your dreams?!!  Ohh don't worry I never laid a hand on the woman really..not that I didn't have my moments but I didn't and don't think I ever could. 

Ok so back to wedding stuff...we left most of the planning to my mom and his parents set up the rehearsal dinner so I had a lot of time to dress shop.  I shopped my arse off let me tell you and did not find what I was looknig for until one day...there it was..I had found the dress.  Not just a pretty dress but THE dress!!!  I was in love and the first thing I did was call my mom and tell her to get her behind to the store and buy it for me. The nice girl behind the counter said they were not allowed to hold dresses of course because they were on sale..ahhhhhhhhh!!!   This girl made us wait there until my mom could come over and buy my dress!! Rude yes!!!!  I later found out that this girl was a best friend of Mr. M's sister..coincidence?...who knows but still rude!!!   So I now had my perfect dress, the flowers I picked out were fabulous and all the music I wanted was set. The rest was my mom's doing and I could have cared less..she did a fabulous job though!!
  The only problem with our wedding was..I was running late because I couldn't decide how I wanted my hair done..Mr. M lost my ring for a very brief second he says(an hour my lil bro said) and after the ceremony as we were leaving we were pelted with potpourri...oh yeah that stuff hurts just in case you ever wanted to know!!  Apparently all the little packs of bird seed we had put together had been left at my mom's house and so someone improvised with potpourri..all I have to say is I found that stuff all in my hair that night it was actually kind of funny.

Ok so again scanner not working so these are pics of pics so please excuse the day I really will get a new scanner..when I have time..someday..don't hold your breathe really...

the dress..

the man of my dreams..

The wedding was beautiful and our marriage to this day is the most precious thing in my life. I always wonder what would have happened if he hadn't married me and I have no idea where I would be now.  All I do know is that I can not even imagine a day in my life without this man and I am so greatful for everyday that we have together.

Ok so hopefully I didn't bore you all or get too mush with this one and next week I will continue on with learning to be a married woman and all the fun that entails!!


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hello there
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CoffeeLovinMom said...

HOW CUTE! I have a tear..had the same incident with the MIL and sister on the phone deal and your dress was gorgeous. I swear I will start doing a TDML some Thursday, or whenever I feel froggy!

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