Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend fun

So now that the weather is much better we have started getting out again and discovering new things. We did a ton of traveling last Spring and Summer and really missed it this winter but the winter here is cold and snowy. I can handle cold but DD2 can't and snow is just a nasty substance that no one should have to deal with(my opinion). 

So we decided yesterday to head over to Holiday Park. It is an amusement park here in Germany and not far from us at all so why not check it our right?!!  So we did!
A 30 minute drive and here we are...

Now what is a European amusement park without a gigantic wine barrel?!!  Loove it!!

 The medieval castle was fun and who doesn't love a castle?!!

Really is it not gorgeous?!

We were so excited to see the Schutzenhaus sine we have one here in Heidelberg and love their food and we were starving by then. We go into it only to discover it is a game zone no food in sight...ughhhhhh!!  Had some fun playing games but still starving so we move on...

Finally we found some food..Yayyyyy!!!  Now that thing right there that looks like a glob of chocolate ladies..IS!!!  Oh yes it was a chocolate chip muffin with a gigantic glob of melted choc chips on top....can you say YUMMMMMMMM??!!!!!  The food was fabulous as always and then we headed back out to ride more rides.  As soon as we stepped out of the restaurant we noticed they had started a parade. What is an amusement park without a parade...FABULOUS!
  So we watched the parade and then finished riding all the rides we wanted and then of course it was shopping time. We shopped in the shops and the girls got a little makeover at the face painting hut...
  Are you jealous??  Shoot I was!!!  They turned out so nice and the girls loved them.

So feet tired and stomachs full we decided to call it a day..the park was closing so we kind of had to. LOL  We headed back home and all crashed. It was a fabulous day and we will definitely be heading back there sometime. 

Depending on how the weather treats us today and tomorrow we might head back out to another amusement park but we will have to see how much rain is headed our way first.  Have a great weekend everyone and I hope you all will venture out and find new things in your area as well!!


Dazee Dreamer said...

Loved the face paintings.

Beth said...

That truly sounded like such a fun day! I know being in the military, and on the move, is a challenge but you are giving your girls amazing memories!

Julie the Army Wife said...

That looks like a lot of fun. Yummy muffin :)

CoffeeLovinMom said...

Looks like a ton of fun!

Forever Neighbor said...

It's funny because I have been to Holiday Park! Plus, I LOVE Heidelberg; it is so beautiful. Well, all of Germany is and we are hoping to make it back there before hubby retires. Great post and thank you for sharing the pictures.

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