Monday, May 17, 2010

Where to begin....

Wow it's Monday already..dang it!!!  This weekend was one of the rare ones where we actually have some free time to just be with each other. I really really love when we can just sit around as a family and enjoy each other's company.  Of course the girls were constantly saying things like "can we go somewhere?" or "are we going to do anything?" to which Mr. M and myself would say "it's raining outside and we are just enjoying being non busy".  Of course we all know how much kids love it when parents say stuff like that to them so we got a lot of huffs and puffs and grunts and moans all day long.  The girls might not have had a good day but we really enjoyed the calm and somewhat quiet we had. Yay for calm weekends!!

So I am still on the camera hunt and have had several people recommend their cameras to me and I am very greatful to everyone for any advice on buying a new camera.  I have narrowed it down to 2 that I really like and figure by the time I make up my mind I will have the money set aside to buy it....perfect!! 

Mr. M and I have our little quirks that no matter what each other has said we just can't change so we have learned over the years to just deal with them. Mr. M and I have totally different ways of cleaning but I have to say he is coming around to my side and I am loving it!!  He is more of a get everything done as fast as you can and I am a take all day but deep clean kind of person. Well yesterday he decided he was going to try to do things my way and I can not even say how dang happy that made me!!  He usually cleans on Sundays for me just to give me help for the week coming and I adore him for even doing that but actually doing it my way yesterday has not only taken half of my work load for the week but made it so simple for me this week that I might actually have time to go to Mannheim like I have been wanting to and look for a gift for my bestie!! Yayyyyyy for Mr. M!!!!  Isn't he fabulous?!!!   Ok I know you are probably saying "oh shut up already and I don't care what your hubby does"  and that's ok because it took me a lot of years to get him trained ladies so keep it up!! LOL

Other then that I have a busy week planned and a ton of stuff to get done.  I hope that all of you have a fabulous week and don't forget to take time for yourselves even if that means sneaking into the bedroom locking the door and just screaming into a pillow...yes it has happened and will many many more times I am sure!! Haha!!!

Ciao for now!!


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