Monday, May 24, 2010

You might be a redneck if.......

Wow what can I say this Monday morning about my weekend..ummm  just grab a cup and sit tight because it is going to make you laugh, gasp and possibly fall out of your chair(please don't spill hot coffee on you)!

Ok so we had a filled weekend planned and I was determined to get it all done!  I love to have filled days that is as long as it all goes my way and everything actually gets accomplished!  So we started Saturday morning at the case lot sale. I love case lot sales and I always spend atleast a week doing my research and getting organized to maximize my savings at them. I spent a few hours in the commisary researching the regular prices for everything that was in the sale that I was interested in and I spent another 5 or 6 hours sorting out all my coupons and getting my list and coupons organized and easy to get to.  Now all of this may sound crazy to some of you but trust me with my family coupons save us a butt load on groceries and making sure we get the best deals we can when sales come around also makes my life much easier.
  So Saturday morning we get up and head out to the commisary and when we get there I am ready. We grab 2 carts and start going through the items one by one. I got almost everything on my list and the things I didn't get was due to the sale price being hogwash and not really a good deal, but I did get a few other things that were great deals that were not listed on the sale flyer so score for us!!  After about an hour and a half in the commisary we walked out with $289 being spent...$45 savings with coupons...and an overall savings with sale prices and coupons of $230!!  Now doesn't that just make you want to cry?!!  Waaahoooooo all my work paid off big time!!  I will not need to buy cereal for a while...crossing my fingers these kids don't get bigger appetites between now and August!  LOL
So after the caselot sale and I am on a total rush with all my savings and the thought of carrying all the stuff up 3 flights of stairs..Ughhhhh!!!!!   We saw the fest they had going on and decided to check it out!  It wasn't a huge one and the girls..besides watching all the dogs that were there...were bored super fast.  So we came back home and unloaded the food....3 trips up the stairs with 4 of us..well technically 3 of us because DD2 carried bread!  We took a little breather and grabbed a snack and then were off again to a birthday party.
The party was fun and DD2 was all nice and sweaty from being in the bouncer and running around looking for buried treasure...seriously I was jealous I couldn't do that!  They had planned a water balloon fight..well that sounded fun to me but how they planned it was they picked some guys to be the targets and let the kids throw water balloons at them...NOT fun for us!!  As we watched the kids throw the balloons and the men getting soaked all of a sudden it went from all laughs to all gasps.  Now for any men out there you will totally get this and for all you women just go ahead right now and kiss your man for the thought of this ever happening to him.  Ohhhh yeah ladies  one poor guy took a water balloon smack in the manhood!!!  See man standing..see man get hit between the legs..see man fall over sideways and stay in the fetal position for the remainder of the fight!!  Ouuuuuchhhhhhhhhh for him and the kids thought he was joking so they continued to throw balloons at have no idea!!!  So as all the men are gasping and the kids are laughing well all the women just stared and waited to see if he was going to stand up...EVER!!  Yes it was the highlight of the party...really!!

  So we leave the party a little later then planned..we had to really make sure he was ok and Mr. M was dodging balloons and we had to wait on him to come back around to where we were.  The girls were laughing at how all the guys were chasing their dad around the building trying to get him with water was funny but made us late!!!  I am so not one of those people who likes to be late at all!!!!!  So by the time we all get in the truck and are supposed to be heading home to change out of our comfy clothes and into our dressy casual attire for the theatre we realize the time and we are LATE!!!  Ughhhh so Mr. M who is driving makes the decision to go ahead onto the play and surely it will be no big deal..right?!!!  OMG WRONG!!   We get to the place and find a parking spot with about 5 minutes to spare before curtain call you all are going to have to picture this one and I reccomend putting your coffee cup down so you don't get hurt...we walk into the building and here we are dressed in shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes being stared at by people in summer dresses with shawls or suits for the men!!! Yupp we were the rednecks that showed up at the fancy theatre with our comfy garb on and were stared at like we had 3 heads!!  Can you say mortified?!!!!!
 We stood there for about a minute...looked around to make sure no one we knew saw us and ducked out the door again.  I think Mr. M said something like "so I will go run and get the car and you all meet me there" as he dashed out the door.  Now don't get me wrong Mr. M could  have cared less and would have sat down and enjoyed the show and not given a first thought about anyone staring at him...I admire that about him...but he knew full well that not only was I embarassed but pretty much kicking myself in the behind all the way out the door.  Yes ladies I missed the show that I was so dying to get my family to and after all the mess of buying the tickets, making the plans and even buying DD1 and DD2 new sundresses to wear to it ended up not seeing it at all.  I have never in my life felt like that before and I pray I never will again but I soooooo learned my lesson. First of all if we are running late then we go change clothes and just show up late. Second if you walk into a room and you look like the clowns for intermission very slowly walk out and don't look back!

  After that Mr. M decided to take us to dinner to cheer me up..he really is a man among men...and so we had a nice dinner and then went home and cracked open a bottle of wine and laughed about the whole day.
It really was funny once I calmed down and stopped feeling like an idiot..baahaahaaaaa!!!

So for all you ladies out there whom have ever had a situation like that just know you are not alone and I am right there with you in the shame closet!  Now you may pick up your coffee again...of course after you are done rolling on the floor that is!!

I will be trying to find a new camera this week so I will let you all know when I finally get one. Ohh and the Iphone was looked at, put down and left in the store.  The contracts make no sense over here and I was not about to mess with any of that!!

Have a fabulous day everyone and don't forget to embrace your inner redneck and be proud of it!!!  (yes I am still working on that one..don't judge me!!)


Cassie said...

Oh that stinks that you missed the show!!!
I had no idea water balloons were so dangerous! LOL

Kara said...

All that couponing was worth it! Way to go you!

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