Friday, June 11, 2010

5 Question Friday!!

Ok it's that time again ladies...time for 5QF with Mama M so all of you head on over to her place and grab you some questions!! Yeeehaaaaaawww!!

1. What do you think makes a good friend, or friendship?
Wow this is a good one especially since moving around so much in life actually makes it harder making and keeping friends. I think like any relationship friendships have to have certain elements to survive. Trust, empathy, forgiveness and a great listener are the first things I look for in someone to make a good friend.  Now that being said being in the military has it's own issues with friendships like looking out for those who are just your friend for certain reasons and trying to be careful to find people who not attempt to use the friendship to make themselves look better. I don't care who your husband is or what rank he is because that has nothing to do with me or my friendship!! I think that friendship has no rank and we all should learn to just be a friend no matter what.

2. What is the last thing you bought & later regretted?
OMG I could fill a page answering this one! Who hasn't bought something from one of those dang traveling sales people(encyclopedias..worthless) or gotten caught up by an infomercial one time or another. I have bought so many things that were so not worth it but I think the biggest was when we got talked into buying our Pontiac Bonneville..omg that car was a piece of crap and stupid of us to buy it knowing we were trading in our Pontiac Sunbird because it has too many issues and was barely a few years old..duhhhh!!!!

3. Have you ever had a prank played on you?
All the time!!! Have you met my family?!!!  Goodness they love to do stuff like that and I was usually the butt of all my brothers jokes.

4. What is your favorite theme park?
Oh wow I have been to so many and still have quite a few to make it to but I think I will have to go with Legoland,California for right now. I haven't made it out to Legoland,Germany yet but it is on the agenda for the summer..waahooooo!!

5. Have you ever seen someone else give birth?
Ummmmmm NO!!  I didn't want to see myself giving birth why in the world would I want to see someone else giving birth?!! Yuuuuuuck!!  I am not one for wanting to see anyone else bodies without clothes on....can you say unnnnncomfortable!! 

Ok so those were some fabulous questions!  Now head on over to Mama M's and get moving on your own folks!!


Kasey said...

Haha! Glad to know that not everyone wants to 'see' the miracle of life! I also remember when my dad bought us some encyclopedias from a traveling salesmen. He was so proud of them!

have a great weekend!

Cascia said...

I don't want to ever see anyone else give birth either. That would be pretty gross.

I can't say I bought anything that I regretted. I usually tell traveling salespeople that I am not interested.

Thanks for stopping by the Healthy Moms the other day. Have a wonderful weekend!

torie@Life With Rylie said...

My family likes to be jokesters as well!

Nikkie said...

I really need to start doing this! Next friday, I'm In!!

Just so you know.. I ended up making my old blog private and created a new one. My new blog looks shockingly similiar because I transferred all of my old posts over. The new blog just leaves out names and photos. Feel free to follow if you'd like:

Susan said...

The human body is a miraculous device, and made by God, could anything be more beautiful? I am always so amazed by the number of people that are not mature enough to deal with the body, that is all it is our outer shell, and we all have one. Being prudy and raising your children that way actually does them a disservice. I've taken enough psychology classes and sociology classes to know this.

Just look at the statistics on self mutilation, and attempted suicide in teens, many stem from a poor self image.

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