Monday, June 28, 2010

It's HOT!!!!

Ok so this weekend was fun and filled to the brim. I don't think we just sat down and relaxed for more then an hour this weekend. With a bbq on Saturday that led to coming straight home and bathing a filthy child and then leaving to go straight to see Toy Story3..fabulous movie but in my opinion not as good as the first ones. By the time we got home Saturday night at around 10pm we all showered and crashed for the night.

Woke up Sunday morning and had breakfast and started the usual Sunday chores around the house and then ran a few errands and then off to bowling and came home with an extra kid..I love it when that happens..No really I do!!  So DD2 had a buddy for the night which makes me happy because then I don't have to hear "I'm bored" fifty million times until she goes to bed.  I do have to say as well that they sound of 2 little girls giggling and shushing each other in the bedroom after they are supposed be going to sleep is cutest darn thing ever!!!

Of course they were up before I was and how do I know that??  Well  because I heard her friend say "your mom is still sleeping I just saw her"  If that doesn't wake you up then the fact that you can't help but belt out in laughter probably will wake you up anyway.  I have had a few friends over for DD2 to spend the night and most of the time I enjoy it and am happy that they are happy. I am kind of known for freaking out if I get around too many little kids at once but having just one more in the house actually makes it nice. Mr. M gets all nervous when I say things like "isn't nice have one more in the house" I think that is why he was not so broken up when the doctors told me I couldn't have anymore babies...poor man!! LOL

So breakfast this morning and an hour at the park playing then we were off to McDonalds for nice lunch.  The girls love McDonalds but today they just wanted to leave. We sat outside so the little ones could play at the park and we would have a nice breeze atleast while eating and apparently some lady was having medical issues. I have no idea because her and another lady came running up asking me German..and I had to English...I have no idea what you are saying I'm sorry.  I really really hate when that happens because it makes me feel like an idiot for not knowing enough German to atleast help them out.  A really nice lady sitting next to us told me it was English...and helped the other lady out with calling an ambulance.  We were so uncomfortable though and I felt so horrible that we left very fast after the ambulance arrived. I really did need to be sure this lady was going to be ok so atleast I didn't feel any guilt over that.

So off to Java cafe we went for smoothies for the girls and my usual..white chocolate latte,skinny, no whip..and a nice sit down on the balcony to recharge my batteries. Off went the friend when her mom arrived and we headed to the commisary for a few things we had ran out of and then back home to relax.  Normally I would outside doing something with the girls but for heavens sakes the summer hit here and it is HOT!!!!  No a/c here so yeah we sit in dark rooms all day and hope it doesn't get any hotter then it already is.

So that would be my rambling for the day and sorry for being a little absent this weekend but you can see why now. We were running around like chickens with our heads cutoff all weekend. It was fun and great but I am ready to finally relax!!!

See you all tomorrow for one of my favorite post...Post it note Tuesday!! Yayyyyy!!!


cfoxes33 said...

Your weekend was as busy as mine!

Mom in High Heels said...

You should come visit me. We have a/c!

Maranda said...

LOL! What an amazing and fun filled weekend you had! sorry about the a/c though!

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