Wednesday, June 23, 2010

To dream or not to dream....

Ok so one of my favorite past times is home shopping online!!  I love love love to look at all the pretty homes and of course every time I look I am hoping and praying that one will jump off the screen and scream at me "take me I am yours"!!  Well it hasn't happened yet but I still search endlessly and hope. You can't give up hope right?!!  Don't burst my bubble people I love my little dream world over here..hmmmpfffff!!

Ok so along with home searching..and hoping....I also love to check out different design and stock sites to see what is new and how many super cool ideas I can steal borrow for my beautiful new home when I actually find it that is!  Well today I stumbled upon so many fabulous things but one thing just came right off the site and smacked me in the face...I am in love with this idea and have now set myself up on a mission to find one of these. Are you dying yet to know what it is??!!!  Of course you are..duhhhh!!!  So here it is....

Wine Cellar  wine cellar
wine cellar design

OMG are you in love with it yet?!!! I ammmmmmm!!!!!!  Totally, faithfully, endlessly in love with this idea!!  I absolutely love wine and tend to collect it sometimes for taste and sometimes..honestly for the bottle...don't laugh I am so not kidding!!!

There really is nothing like a beautiful bottle sitting on a shelf just screaming "I am beautiful"!!  Is there?!!  You better have said yes people!!

So since I am in Europe and this is probably the best place to look for something like this I am on the prowl!! I will search high and low until I find my beloved piece of furniture!! Ohh and don't doubt me I will find it!!  Just ask my last love affair with a secretary desk..took me a whole year and thousands of flea markets, thrift stores and second hand stores but I found it and only paid...wait for it...wait for it....$20!!! Woohoooo for fab furniture and fab prices right?!!!

Ok so sorry to be so short but I still have about an hour or so to check out a few second hand stores in town so I better get moving!!
What have you found lately that you just adore and can't wait to find?


Jessa said...

I want a baby grand piano. Preferably an older wooden one. I haven't a place to put it right now, but someday...I will and I will find it. For now I'd just settle for an upright.

Something Beautiful said...

I'm obsessed with home online shopping. A LONG time ago my family started flipping houses and shortly after stopped doing it once the market got bad. Apparently, I never stopped though! I still like to look for good deals and also at houses that I wish I could have, but is wayyy out of the price range! Oh wells :)

Maranda said...

Hey! That's an old library card catalog drawer set! That's awesome! I guess since everything went digital they had to get rid of those things and do something with them. That's pretty awesome!

I too love wine...just read my latest blog post! LOL! I was in a "wine of the month" club before I got pregnant with Little Butt. I've been thinking about joining it again. I love to get wines from all over the world.

I think it's important for us to hope and dream. I dream about one day owning a home as well. I haven't gotten to the point where I look at sites and stuff because I'm nowhere near getting my dream home and it would just make me sad. But you keep looking girl! And good luck on finding your card catalog wine storage piece!

jayayceeblog said...

Looks like one of the old card catalogs from the library. That would be cool and beautiful. Have fun shopping ... we want to see all the treasures you come up with in Europe! We just recently found some furniture that we have waited years to buy, searching for just the right thing.

Something Beautiful said...

I have something for you on my blog :)

paige renee said...

That is sooooo cool! I just might have to start scouring the thrift stores for one too! :)

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