Thursday, July 22, 2010

Save the drama for your mama......

So in the little over a year I have been living here I had yet to deal with any drama and was extremely greatful for that!!  I DON'T DO DRAMA!!!!  I can't stand drama, gossip and just plain ole meanness!!  If you feel the need to have these things in your life and you thrive on pushing it off onto others then you and I were not meant to be friends. Harsh?! Maybe but I can't stand it.  There are so many reasons to just be happy these days and seriously for those of us residing in Europe we have a bazillion we can think of on a daily basis.  How could you not be happy when if you so chose you could get out of your house(this seems to be a big deal for a few hermits people) and go to lunch in Switzerland or France if you so chose to.

I have had that ugly word creep up in my life lately and I am so done with it!  Why is it that people feel that being all dramatic and ignorant about the most petty of things is a way of life that will make them happy?!!!!  Serioiusly do you all think that putting a status on your facebook explaining how you are going to beat someone down next time you see them is fruitful to your life?!!!  When exactly did you decide that it is ok to talk smack behind someone's back just because you want to?!!!
This is your wake up call people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have had it with ugly people and will  no longer associate myself with anyone who chooses to be one of the kinds of people!!  This is ridiculous and immature and I want nothing to do with it!

Keep your grapevines in the vineyard where they belong and away from me!
Keep your ugliness out of my space where it doesn't belong!
While you are at it...why don't you grow up and realize that the world could care less for the ugliness you have decided to spread through your hurtful and hateful words!!

To all my lovely fabulous and spectacular readers out there.....I LOVE YOU ALL!!!  You all have been nothing but supportive to me and my life and I hope to always keep it that way!  Sorry I had to put this on here but there are a few things that I just need to say but sometimes saying them out loud in real life is not exactly the most appropriate way to do it!!  Soo to you lovelies..thank you for letting me vent and for listening!

Whoaaa I feel better now!!  Next task is to seperate my life from those who just want to bring my happiness down!!
Goodbye haters and Hellooooo Happiness!!!!!!

P.S. To my friends who have recently said goodbye to the love of their lives or who are counting the days until they have to say goodbye I just want to say...Big hugs to you all and I am so here if you need absolutely anything!!!! **hugssssssss**


Dawna said...

I can SO relate, Mrs M! Life can be harsh - in and of itself, more times than not - without exacerbating it. Drama sucks!

Feel free to vent! We're always here to be of support. :-)

Hope things go better on your end!

SLM said...


Dazee Dreamer said...

I agree 100% with your post. Thanks so much.

Di said...

Right on! Drama is highly overrated!

Maranda said...

hear, hear!!! Down with the crazy makers!!!

ABW said...

Germany was the worst for that. I was ridiculed and made fun of because we got there and I was 22, and we had no kids. They thought that my parents should have taught me how to keep house and raise children, and I shouldn't be out getting a master's degree and working. We traveled as much as we could, and they thought that I was wasting my money and acting superior to them., but I have an all expense paid vacation to Europe, I was going to enjoy it. None of those families ever did get out and travel, but had BBQs and drank beer every weekend. Not the kind of life I was looking for! Hang in there!

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