Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shopping Italiano style!!

Ok so for days now I have been telling you all about the pics I would show you of the goodies I got in's heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeee!!!  Hehe!!

So yes I did find my camera..the blasted guy was hiding out behind a huge box of stuff I have been working on for PTSA..whoooooole other story but are some of the stuff we got while in Italy.

ok so this was actually bought in Switzerland...I honestly have no idea what significance the bottle or the rocks hold for Switzerland and if anyone does know please feel free to share with me..I just thought it was really cute! 

So our first stop was Milano, Italy and I fell in love with this tote bag! It is so comfortable and holds all kinds of goodies so it's great. It also made me happy that it was waterproof since you know it did rain the entire time we were there..yay for good finds!!

Ok so we collect the mini monuments everywhere we go...corny maybe but I love them!  Here is the mini Duomo in Milan, the leaning tower of Pisa in stone and crystal and then the trio from Pisa.  Love them!!!

Now while in Pisa of course the markets were in full force and these little guys were screaming for me to buy them..seriously!!  One has grapa and the other has lemoncella liquor. I just had to have them since the bottles are shaped like the leaning tower..I mean could you resist?!!!

We also bought the books all about the stuff like we always do. I love to travel and see all the stuff in real life but having a book with the history of the places we go is just the icing on the cake!

So today has been busy, crazy, dramatic and draining so far and it is only half way over....CALGOOOON!!!!!!  

I hope you all enjoyed the pics and I will be back tomorrow when my brain is not on total overload and trying to accomplish a bazillion things at once. If there are spelling errors in this with it ya'll I have no idea what I just typed let alone if I spelled anything wrong..head. on. overload!!!!

Ciao for now!


Maranda said...

Yum!!! Limoncello!!!! I have a great dessert for that...Oh! I should totally blog about it!!! Good call!

Cascia said...

You found some treasures. I love limoncello too! I am Italian and my cousin makes home made limoncello. It is so good.

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