Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hump day and that means....

Only a few more day until the weekend is here and it is time for Bingo and DD1's party!!  I have been busy all week with getting everything sorted for the birthday party this weekend and making sure that everyone is ready to party.
The weekend starts with bingo though and I am so ready to win me some Polish Pottery!!  Yaaahooooo!!!  The last time I played bingo I won a beautiful soup tureen and ladel and it was gorgeous of course!  This time I don't necessarily have to win...oh yeah right who am I kidding of course I want to win!! Who plays to lose after all right?!! :)  So wish me luck that I do win and then I can share pics with you all of my fabulous winnings. *grins*

Saturday there is a lot going on here but my family will be busily working to get everything set up for the party. The food has to be cooked, the tent put up, the obstacle course inflated and staked down and tables all set up. It should be a really incredible party and I can only hope that everyone has a great time..of course I really hope that DD1 has a fabulous day and feels like a true princess. I still can't believe I am going to have a teenager though...holy cow where did the years go?!! For real!!!  I remember my little angel coming to me one day asking me " mommy I can dress it nice?" I looked at her with her sweatpants and short overalls on and no shirt and said "yes sweety you look pretty and did a very good job"!  Ohh how time flies!!

Oh well I guess now I can look forward to "mom can I borrow your shirt?" which I get all the time now..ughhh!!  And Mr. M wonders why I buy so much clothes for myself...well duhhh my closet gets raided daily!!  Yupp that's right folks..can you imagine?!! Maybe you can and you deal with it too!!  Let me know if you have had this happen and if you were able to stop it or not please?!!!!!

Ok off to make dinner once the brownies are done!  Yes I do things backwards...well actually today I was in a wierd mood and made apple crisp, strawberry pie and brownies..yeah can you say lady days?!!! hehe


Jennifer Bowen said...

Happy Birthday to your dear daughter! I'm sure her party will be great. And good luck with Bingo. =)

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