Monday, October 25, 2010

Catching up with photos, happenings and a feature presentation!!

Ok ok so I once again have to say so sorry for being gone from blogging for such a long time!  Apparently my life has decided that it really needs to be busier these days...who comes up with all this stuff right?!!  Anywho so I had promised you some pics of a few things I had picked up at the Holiday Bazaar that was held a few weeks ago right here in Heidelberg. I did get a lot of wine(for saving of course) and a few other things that I just had to have. I wasn't able to spend too much time at the bazaar, atleast not as much as I had wanted to, because Mr. M was working it and we all know how much kids love to shop with mom right....NOT!!!!  So only a few things were had and don't worry there is another bazaar coming up in Ktown and I WILL be there ready and able to shop some more.  Here are a few things I just had to have though..the first pic is of a Hazelnut liquor that would be just fabulous in coffee!! I loved it because the bottle is shaped like a violin..did you know that I used to play the violin?!! I actually would love to pick one up and see how much I remember or don't...probably more don't then remember in my case. :)

This was a wine that has cinnamon in it and it's Deeeeeeeelicious! I also loved the bottle because it is advent. You see you drink only down to the next day every day for advent...seriously how cool is that?!!

Do you see the numbers for advent?!!  Heck yeah it is going to be a great December!!

This is portugese pottery and I just fell in love with the design. It is a wine bottle holder with coaster. Are you sensing a theme about all my purchases? lol

This little square Italian pottery bowl literally spoke to me and I HAD to have it!!  You see it absolutely reminded me of our trip to Tuscany and the beautiful little cottage with all the green around it. Gorgeous!!

Ok so not only did I need another spoon rest but this one matched the bowl and I loved it!  Cute eh?!

Yes I bought a few cases bottles of wine at the bazaar. The prices were a slight bit inflated but really after paying gas to go and find my favorite wines like I have been it was actually cheaper.  I am fully stocked for the next year hopfully!

Along with the things I bought I also won a few raffles. This is one thing that I really liked at the bazaar but not enough to buy it and then I won fabulous is that?!!

This is actually a ceramic model of the Heidelberg bridge. Isn't it gorgeous?!!  Ignore the crazy looking gnome in the background..I guess I will explain him later.

The back side of the bridge..again gorgeous right?!!
It was really nice to win such a great raffle prize that will always remind me of our times here in Heidelberg and the fabulous bazaars that were put on each year.

Now part of the reason I was gone for so long was that Mr. M was having PRK surgery. He made it through just fine and other then some annoying side effects he is doing just fine now. Hopefully the side effects and blurry vision will end soon and he will be back to normal self. Until then I am actually enjoying having him around the house more..Yay for me!!

In addition to all that has gone on in my life my blogging life although it has been a little absent lately and not as consistent as I would like it to be has been great too!  I love to hear from others and really enjoy reading blogs daily. I will get back into that more and I do hope that you all will continue to follow me and all the craziness that is my life. I found a site recently and was very impressed with all the bloggers that were on it. I had spent some time looking around and found a few incredible bloggers right here in Europe with me..I love when that happens..for real!!!!

As a result I am not featured on the site with a lot of other super fabulous overseas bloggers!! Please go and check out the site and see some of these grand people for yourselves as well.

Featured Peru Germany on GO! Overseas

Ok so that is all I have for you today and keep coming back just because you know you love to see what craziness I have going on here!!

Ciao for now!


Mom in High Heels said...

You did do some shopping! I'm hoping to go up to the K-town bazaar too for a few things I missed. Old Dutch Cheese guy has PROMISED me he'll have farmer cheese at KMC. He'd better or he'll face my wrath! ;)

I didn't win anything this year, but last year I won a wine box and even better, wine! Yippie!

I hope Mr. M is feeling better. I'm sorry he had to run away from the bright lights at the wine tasting the other night. If he'd just drunk some more wine he wouldn't care about the light! BTW, he'll make a great uni-bomber for Halloween!

High Heeled Life said...

Your treasure finds are too wonderful!!! Yeah, for bazzars... Glad to hear everything went well with the surgery and Mr. M is on the mend.


not sure if you saw this post on my blog...

Maranda said...

I love that violin bottle and have GOT to find one of those advent bottles! How awesome is that?!?!? The Hubble had that surgery too (he got an all expenses paid week in DC to get it done). It's been about 2 years now and it's been awesome for him! The night vision was the longest to "set" but it's been good for him. I have even finally gotten used to him without his glasses. ;-)

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