Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve is here so where the heck......

is my Christmas spirit?!!?!?!?  Seriously ya'll I have no idea what is going on with me lately but I am going to have to try and figure it out soon or else I am afraid this will not end well for any of us.  I have baked and shopped and wrapped and oh yeah did I mention that apparently not being in the spirit of the holidays this year means that I end up hurting people's feeling and being the crappiest wife, friend and mother of all?!!  Yeah I am so not exaggerating and let me just tell you that I am SOOOOOO upset about the whole entire thing.

Yes my kids have presents and yes I made sure that they were all taken care of I just did not do the same for my husband, my friends or even my family. If they were bugging the crap outta me about what they wanted for Christmas they just pretty much fell by the wayside.  Yupp that's right..I SUCK!!!  I feel like the worst person every right now and I am pretty dang sure that whatever happens tomorrow is not going to make it any better. For pity sakes I have presents under the tree and my dear sweet loving and fabulous husband has NOTHING!!!  Oh yeah you heard me right...not a gosh darn thing.  Now don't get me wrong I did order him some things and I did go to the store and scrounge and scour and do my darndest to try and find something fabulous for him but when it came down to it the only things I could even find were of course online. Some times I really really hate living overseas and having to resort to ordering online because we can never trust the military postal service. Oh don't get me wrong the usps has never let me down but once it hits the hands of those lovely military mail personnel god only know what happens to it.  Harsh?...maybe but who cares I already told you I feel like crap and so I don't care how that comes out. Mr. M swore that the post office where we pick up our mail was open today and guess wasn't!! Guess what else...ours was the only one NOT open!!!!!   I could seriously have spit on the man who told me he was "not open sorry" as he picked his teeth and laughed while I am standing there holding my package slip that I wasn't for sure of course but was hoping and praying it was Mr. M's presents.  Ughhhhhhh!!!  That did not help anything else that is going on in my life right now and so I. was. done!!!!  Done I say!!!

Is it depression?!!  I dunno but I am going to figure this out one way or another and if they can't give me meds to fix it them I am seriously going to need to make some changes.

Ok so now that ya'll have listened to me gripe and moan and complain and talk about how I am such a crappy person I hope you will believe me when I say...Merry Christmas to all of you and I do hope that your day is filled with love, joy and happiness!!


Dazee Dreamer said...

I've had years like that. Last year was one of them. We were crammed in an extended stay, no tree. I didn't get my hubby anything either. Of course, he is the kind that I think, I'll get him that, then oh, about a week before christmas he goes and gets it himself. yup, many fights over that one.

You try to have a Merry Christmas.

And your post office, rat bastards. yeah, I said it.

Jupiter Family said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!
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Queenie Jeannie said...

Whatever you've got, I've got it too. And the pretending is beyond exhausting. I'm just so over 2010. It's been a craptastic year and I'm so so so so tired of the rain, rain, rain, dark & gloomy days already. I've seen "blue" in the sky exactly twice in the past 75+ days. Sucks my spirit and messes of my sleep (or lack thereof).

I need a vacation. By myself. At a spa. On a beach. By myself. I'm a terrible person.

Queenie Jeannie said...

And I'm sorry to tell you, but OUR post office is the worst. Not yours. I had a package arrive on Nov 5th. Yes, November. But they can't find it. They scanned it in.....and then lost it. It was a Christmas present. I am currently waiting on 23 packages. Some from November. No tracking listed after it left either NY or NJ.

This truly is a sucky part of being overseas and it's so much worse than it was in the early 90's!!!

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