Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What is wrong with the world today?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Ok so this week has been a little hectic with school starting back up after Winter break and all the after school activities started back up as well and of course Mr. M being gone is not exactly helping things. I am in no way perfect let's get that straight first but there are very few things that will make me break let alone bend my morals in this world and yet there seems to be so many people these days that think it is ok to do just that!
Yesterday as I was standing outside my apartment I heard a woman making rude comments about me. Not only was she making rude comments about me but she was not shy about it at all..oh no folks she practically yelled them to make sure I could hear her.  Being the well mannered woman that I am and that I was raised to be I gave her a dirty look and left it at that. Now don't get me wrong because all I really wanted to do was smack her and give her a piece of my mind but again I was raised RIGHT!!

So I let that go until today as I was standing in line at the local coffee shop getting my usual..yupp they know me by drink there..anywho it was then that I heard that horrible, awful, rude, offensive voice once again. I didn't even have to turn around and I knew it was her. Once I had ordered my drink and made sure to chat a little bit longer then usual just to make her wait her turn even longer I turned around to walk away from the counter and looked in her direction.  Do you want to guess what she did?!! Oh well let me tell you then...she smiled at me with one of those evil, I am a snotty stuck up you know what kind of grins and I looked away.  She ordered her drink and the more the I heard her voice I wanted to turn around and give her a piece of my mind but again with my good mannered ways I just simply waited for her to walk away from the counter and then proceeded to tell my friend who works there that she was "a mean, horribly rude, horrible person" and I left.  My friend was laughing and believe it or not it felt sooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD!!  Yes I know I didn't really do anything except peel off her nice costume for my friend but still that felt good.  Ok go ahead and judge because I know you want to just remember if you get rude with me I might undress your nice costume one day..hahahaha  ok I couldn't resist!!! For reals ya'll I love you and you know it!!!

Ok so now we will totally skip the horrible meeting I went to where I felt that no one was really listening to me nor did they really care what I had to say except to tell me to email whatever it was....Yeah don't turn blue waiting on that email people!!  Word!! Haha
So skipping those niceties I will move on to tonight and me standing next to my truck wondering I didn't ask Mr. M to help me carry up all this junk out of my truck before he left and debating on whether or not I really wanted to do it or not and you will NEVER guess what no really NEVER!!   Oh yeah it was that baaaaaaaaaaaaad!!  If anyone has ever seen someone do something not only illegal, but immoral and so wrong it's not even funny you will totally get me on this one.  So again, me standing outside and watching one of those women whom I choose to call immorons(it's my word for immoral idiots bear with me) who always park in the residential parking spots so they can walk 2 feet less then the employee parking lot just across the street because they are...well...LAZY!!  Seriously people stop being so dang lazy and get a grip already!!  I am so tired...oh oh oh sorry I totally got off track..yupp that is one my sore spots..immorons.  Anywho so the immoron gets into her car and starts to back up and as I watch her backing up in my head I keep saying "wow she is really close to that Hummer"  Well yupp you guessed it she hit that sucker..and I am not just saying tapped it but hit it hard enough to shatter her brake light and I mean the entire thing and bring her back tire off the ground.  Oh yeah you see what I am talking about now?!! So as I see this I wait to see what she is going to do..all the while getting my cell phone out of my pocket ready to call someone. I start to walk towards her as I see her pull her car forward, get out of her car, walk over and look at the truck and look at her broken tail light and start to pick up the pieces. By this time I have started to walk towards to her to tell her I was calling someone to help and she looks up at me, gets in her car and leaves. YUPP you got it folks...hit and run!!!  I was so mad I stood there for what seemed like an hour just dumbfounded about what just happened and what to do now. Well I tore off down the street to try and see if I could get her liscense plate but of course my night vision is sooo bad all I could get was that it was a red car and she had local plates.  Well I make my call to a friend to ask what if anything they could do and then as I am talking to my friend and he is telling me yes they can do something about it I start to calm down. What, you mean all my efforts might actually pay off?!!  Ok now I am feeling better. I may not have had all the information but as I am talking and he is saying things to me like" well she has to come back to work tomorrow doesn't she" and "she can't fix her tail light overnight right" I am breathing a sigh of relief. She messed up and the fact that she was dumb enough to just disregard the fact that someone was there and saw her and the whole thing and think that she could just leave and get away with it she was WRONG!!  Ok ok I am totally going off the fact that she will not be smart enough or have the option of not driving that car to work tomorrow but who knows with someone who is cold enough to leave the scene of an accident you never know what they are capable of right?!  Let's hope that she gets caught and has to pay for what she did.

The moral of my whole should really be careful how you treat people and what wrong things you do because you never know when you might run into them again. If you think you can get away with being rude or wrong think again people because there are so many more of us out there with actual morals and we WILL turn your sorry butt in and smile while doing the right thing!!


SLM said...

Wow....I'm speechless!! I hope they catch the girl in the red car!!!!

Mom in High Heels said...

Oh, oh, should we walk around Campbell Bks tomorrow looking for a red car with a broken tail light? She *might* be smart enough to park somewhere else.

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