Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our trip to Amsterdam!

 Yupp I am one of those people who takes pictures of the road signs so that I can keep my pictures straight when going to multiple countries!! :)
 The one thing you expect to see when traveling to Holland!! They really are beautiful.
 Now I have no idea what these signs mean but they were all over the highway once we entered the Netherlands. 100% BOB  0% OP    Any ideas?!?!
Told you they were everywhere and we were fascinated by them...crazy Americans!! lol

 Our hotel...I can not say enough for Holiday Inns in Europe!! Love them!! Their breakfasts are always fabulous and most of them have an indoor pool so you have bribery for your kids to make them behave while you sightsee around town...Huuuzaaaa!!
 We always go to Hard Rock Cafe in every country that has one. They best food and it is pretty much a guarantee they speak English too.  Although I have to say for anyone thinking of going to Amsterdam..they all speak English very well and are not afraid to use it!! Score!!!
 A war memorial in Dam square. It was beautiful and so detailed we spent a lot of time there looking at it.
 Believe it or not this store was actually in our Rick Steve's travel book!! We had to see "the cows grazing on the ceiling" for ourselves!
 We stood in line for a while to get into The Anne Frank worth it and something I will NEVER forget!!
 The Hermitage Museum. Huge building and too bad we were too late and it was closed!!
 Europeans do not like you to look at construction work so they have all kinds of things for you to look at instead..this one was a string of people ducking down and walking around the construction. Europeans are so clever!!
 Ohhhh yay baby....the Gassan diamond building!! We were given a tour of the factory and showed how they made their diamonds and then were taken into a room where we were able to see a ton of diamonds...can you say heaven?!?!
 We were comparing the different size and color of some of the loose diamonds. Can you see that the smaller diamond is only 16, 240 Euro?!  What a steal eh?!?!
I told Mr. M he could come back and buy me this for our was only 6,000 Euro!! I am totally worth it right?!?! hehe

So that is most of the highlights of our trip to Amsterdam. We weren't able to take a boat ride down the canals and a few other things we really wanted to do but we did make up our minds that we would be going back when it was warmer and staying longer next time.
Amsterdam really is a beautiful city and so worth it to anyone who goes!!


smiley_netta said...

I have wanted to go to the Anne Frank house since I first ever heard her name and mere hints at her story. Thanks for sharing! Now I have a couple other things to add to my list of what to see in Amsterdam!

Sandra said...

Hey, the signs you are talking about is an anti-alcohol campaign and that people shouldn't be driving under the influence :)

Love the pictures and I miss it so much. It's very close to where I have lived for years. (Muenster)


Mom in High Heels said...

WOW! That ring is gorgeous! We haven't been to Amsterdam, but I think it's mostly because James Bond is afraid I'll go crazy in the diamond district. A few years back one of the diamond sellers at the HD bazaar let me try on a $35K ring and JB nearly had a stroke.
It's still on my list of places to visit!

Christy said...

If you ever go back to The Netherland's, go to Haarlem. It's just up the road from Amsterdam and has Corrie Ten Boom's apartment in it. Everyone who's been to both said Corrie's is 10 times more interesting than A.F's, because it's their whole apartment you can see, etc. Hopefully we'll have our renewed passports back so we can go back up there this spring. We've been to Kukenhof once already and it's sooo beautiful.

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