Thursday, March 31, 2011

Calling all Ipad,Ipod,Iphone users......

Ok so this week has been crazy with extra time for me, me, me, ME!!!!!!  Yayyyyy for me!!!    Ok so really something has come over Mr. M and although he is of course a fabulous man and always helps me out around the house with out so much as a complaint for some reason this week he has decided to clean everything before I even have a chance to get to it. You heard right ya'll!! I have not done a dish, folded a piece of laundry, or vaccummed once this week so far. I did cook some but come on I enjoy that so it's not really something I consider a chore.  He is amazing and I have enjoyed my free time a whole lot.

My only major problem with free time is that 1. It gives me more time to shop...a serious problem I can't seem to shake...yikes!!  and 2.  I always seem to get it in my head that I NEED something desperately even though I probably don't need it and it is just a simple want.  So I have been looking at these Ipads for a while now and I keep thinking how cool they are and then I think what in the world would I use it for though. I mean I have an ipod touch which I use a ton for music, games, calendar and as a planner even for my to do lists and grocery lists.  I love my touch but seriously what would I do with the ipad?!?!   I know you all will be shocked that I do not have an Iphone but let me just tell you for me that is not an option because I am cheap and cell phones are ridiculously expensive over here. The Iphone will not happen until we go back Stateside!  So please anyone with an Ipad, Iphone,Itouch will you please tell me the advantages of it and if you have more then one do you seriously need them both?

I could see using the Ipad maybe when we travel as a way to check email but then again I can do that with my touch already. I am totally confused and honestly want your opinions so that I can make the right decision before I go off half aware again and buy something I will never use.  That is how I ended up with a PSP, a Sony ebook reader and a few other things but that is why I need help.

Thank you in advance for anything you can tell me and yes I absolutely want good and bad things, serious answers if you really need it if you have another device and most of all what is the big difference from the itouch that I would need an Ipad for?!?!


Dana @ WhatWereWeThinking? said...

Can't speak for the iPad, but if/when you get an iPhone, you won't need an iTouch. The iPhone is like a super iTouch.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at the Ipad but I already have an Iphone (which I use for checking email, music, games etc), a desktop computer (for more "official" uses & a laptop (all my pictures and goofing off.) I would not use the Ipad at all. My laptop is dying though so I'm starting to look into it more as an alternative to another laptop.

Meghan said...

1. I'm jealous of your husband.

2. You don't seem to need the iPad right now so why don't you wait to buy it? Then, if you do actually have a use for one in the future, you'll be able to get the latest model.

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