Monday, March 28, 2011

We interrupt our regular scheduled program....

Ok so I am guessing by now you have realized that there was no Friday questions and I am so sorry you did not get another week of intimate details of my fabulous life!! Haha ok ok stop laughing now!!  I do love the questions however, Mama M has been in the hospital with her daughter and all my deepest thoughts for a fast recovery are with her family and especially her baby girl. So yes I sort of fell into a...well....errr...ok ok lazy place!! There I said it..happy now?!?! it is Monday and for a while now I have always had Mondays at MY day! That's right. I do no cleaning, no cooking, no errands for anyone else but ME!!!  However, with all the craziness that has become my life over the past year that had changed for a long time.  Today however it was all about ME!!  Yeeehaaawwwwww!!!  I like me days...don't you?!?!  I did not clean(cat litter totally doesn't count nor does taking the dog out to do her business..that stuff is just necessary). I did not cook(Mr. M made me breakfast as he usually does and coffee and then for lunch I had a sandwich I had bought last week and forgot to eat...huzaaah!!!)  For dinner we are going out to one of our favorite restaurants to say goodbye to a soldier who is leaving soon due to medical reasons and well we chose our favorite place because they also offer 1 for 1 dollar for euro on Mondays..again huzzaahhh!!!!   Dang I am good..I know I know I rock!!

This is our last week with the dog and it is kind of sad now that I have gotten used to her and we have our little routine all worked out that we have to give her back...poooooo!!!  She and the cats have actually learned to tolerate each other and there have been no more accidents and we even have enjoyed taking her with us to bbq's and outdoor activities. OMG am I sounding like I want a dog?!?!  Ok this too shall pass right?!!  Oyyyy the last thing I need is another mouth in this house....SERIOUSLY!!!!

So  enough about me already...wait it is MY day!! Sheeesh  I mean I keep telling people I am special so maybe one of these days ya'll will realize it and give me like an award, or maybe a plaque, ohh you know what would be really nice..(drumroll please) a spa day!!!  Yeah yeah I want a spa day!!  So anyone?!  anyone?!  Beuller?! Beuller? Oh hehe sorry old joke!!

Ok well unless you would like to give me a spa day or even a super sweet comment I will be back tomorrow for our regular scheduled programming!! haha  omg I am killing myself!!


Jennifer Bowen said...

Ok. Which restaurant has 1 for 1? I need to take my family there. When are you going to the spa? I may need to go, too. I'm dying here. LOL

I'm glad you're taking the time to relax. It's about time! ;)

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