Monday, April 18, 2011

The answer to the mystery pic from a few weeks ago...

Ok so if you remember a few weeks ago I showed you this picture and asked what you thought it was....

Well I actually had someone guess right!!!  One day I decided to go through our "vacation jug" and get all the Euro change out of it before we went on vacation.  Now this jug is supposed to be our vacation money for the summer we head back to the US. We already have ideas on how we want to spend it and are just hoping it is more then enough to get it all done.
We figured this was a good idea to get our girls excited not only about saving but that our next big move would not just be all stress and sad goodbyes but would have a fun trip included along with it.

So when I had to retrieve the euro change that Mr. M kept putting in there even though I told him numerous times not to it took me 2 hours to dig it all out..ughhhh!!!

 I seperated it all out onto plates in order to better sort out what was euro and what was not.
Believe it or not out of all of that change this is all the euro I found!!  It was a little frustrating...just a little!!

So I figured why  not just count it since I went through all that trouble already. Now we had agreed not to count it until the day we were cashing it in before we moved. However, I change my mind..and that's that!! 
After counting all the quarters which again took me forever it seemed I decided to forget that business and just threw it all back in the jug and was done with it.

I then counted up the euro change and ended up with around 8 euro!! Haha  soo worth it right?!?!?!  Yeah not so much but oh well atleast I got it out of there.
So far we are looking at a decent hotel for our vacation but we better keep the savings up so we can have a fabulous hotel for vacation!!  

How do you save up for vacations?

Does your family have a vacation jug or another way to save up change?


Mom in High Heels said...

So, of the quarter laid out, I think I counted $140. I know where you live lady!!! Don't be surprised if you come home to no vacation money one day and then see me in some fabulous new shoes. ;) I'm just sayin.
We don't really have a specific account or jug for vacations. I just have an auto deposit set up on our checking that moves money to our savings every month, and when there's enough extra, we can go on vacation. If we PCS to the States this Nov, we probably won't cruise again this year (sadness), but we might go to England for a few days.
BTW, you need to come see Han Solo while he's still tiny! He's 2 weeks today!

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