Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Survived Monday!

So yesterday was Monday and that is usually my worst day of the week. I have no get up and go and really just want to do nothing but get my head into the week and relax. It was a very eventful weekend and although I had a great time I did not get much rest.

Saturday we had a birthday party with a whole mess of 5 year olds. I know just from going to DD2's class for parties that a lot of 5 yr olds in the same place is crazy. Well take them all to a bowling alley and give them sugar and whoa can they move! Of course like usual they all have no patience and end up not even finishing 1 game of bowling, but the energy they have for running around is insane. I have no idea how all you people with a bunch of kids all under the age of 5 do it. I completely tip my hat to those women who manage multiple younger kids at the same time. I know I would lose my mind which is exactly why mine are 6 1/2 yrs apart! Go me!!

Also on Saturday we went to get my exercise bike. Now I had been waiting to get this bike since I had found one on sale I wanted and had to get a raincheck for it since of course they didn't have the one on sale. Well the raincheck clearly states that if you do not get the one on sale within 30 days that you now have the option of choosing any other similar item in the same category and getting the same percentage of the sale price plus an additional 10% off. Of course once I saw this on the raincheck I actually prayed to not have the sale item come in so that I could get the better bike for a cheaper price. So the day came and it had been 30 days and I was now counting the days until we could go out and get my bike. So we go to the store and there she is. The most beautiful bike I have ever seen in my life and she was calling my name as well as telling the rubber tire around my waist to watch out. So we give the slip for the bike and the raincheck to the lady at the cash register and she asks someone else how to do a raincheck. Long story short after 4 seperate people have now looked at our raincheck and a salesman has given us an additional 10% off my beautiful bike because the straps were missing we ended up getting my bike for even less then we thought!! Woohoo for the good old fashioned customer service and the manager who I had to tell how to do a raincheck!

Ok I have gotten way off the path of Monday but it wasn't so eventful after all the fun the weekend held for us. The usual cleaning and of course my facebook addiction. I really need to find a support group for facebook. No matter how hard I try I can not go a day without signing in and checking what is going on with everyone on there. Oh well that is a whole other story for another day.

So in conclusion birthday parties for 5 yr olds should not have more then a handful of kids atleast for me that is! I also need to try and utilize the raincheck system more often. Ok everyone have a great day and I will see you tommorrow. Yes I am going to go check facebook now...don't even pretend you didn't know that!
Bye for now!


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