Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rambling Wednesday!!

So since we have been here in Germany I have been sick off and on constantly. For real what is the point to all this sickness and why is it that someone who used to never ever get sick except maybe once in a while is now the sickest person in the house! So besides the fact that I am going to take out some stock in Kleenex and maybe Tylenol I am still trying to get my stuff done. Yesterday was productive and yet I still did not get all the stuff done that I need to do this week. Now this week is half way over and not even half of my stuff is done yet. So today with runny nose and all I must venture on and get my errands done. Ohh I can hear the bugle music playing now!!

So Valentine's Day is coming up this weekend and so far I have a card for Mr.M and his present is currently in the mail somewhere..ughhh! Now most people would blame the mail system but this time I have to take the blame myself. I mean DD2's birthday is in March and I ordered all her birthday supplies and presents in January to give them plenty of time to get here. Spring break is in April but I have already booked our hotel and have already put in for our passports as well as checking out all rules and regulations we might need to know about going to France. So why is it that I totally forgot to order something for Mr.M before a week prior to the holiday..who knows?!!! Let's chalk it up to constant colds..yeah that sounds good!

Speaking of DD2's birthday...she decided she wanted a Hello Kitty party so of course as always I went online and ordered absolutely everything Hello Kitty I could get my hands on. Did I go overboard? You better your booty I did! I always go overboard when it comes to birthday parties or for that matter any kind of party really. I guess that is just one of my things. I have had so many people tell me I should be an event planner and wow as cool as that sounds I think I would be such a perfectionist or go so fiercely over budget that I would get fired real quick. So maybe that is something to look into if I ever just have some spare time and don't mind if I get fired or not. Ok back to the everything Hello Kitty and of course each girl is going to have their own Hello Kitty tiaras as well as purses and beads to wear at the party. Along with their goody bags and balloons and keepsake cups with their names on them. I wonder if Mr.M is going to freak when he actually sees all the stuff I bought?!! Oh well it's mail ordered so not like he can return any of it..snickers..he will love it I am sure.

Now with any good party you need a good cake so I have put in a call to someone I was told does fantastic cakes and am still waiting on that call to be returned. It can't be that hard to make a cake right?!! Well cookies and cupcakes I can do but when I need the perfect cake I will leave that up to the experts. Ohh cupcakes will be needed for school also but of course along with the personalized toppers for the cake I have already ordered the personalized toppers for cupcakes as well. Yes I told you I go overboard so don't look so surprised. Now all I need is someone to actually make the cakes for me so I can make them perfect then. Ahhh the sense of accomplishment is fantastic!!

Ok so I said I was going to get errands and to do's done today so I guess I had better get going on it! Have a great day everyone!


Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see the pics from her party. :) It sounds like it will be a terrific party and the girls will love all of it. :) And knowing Matt he will think you did an uber terrific job with everything. Hope you feel better soon.

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