Monday, March 1, 2010

Get Moving Monday!!

Yayyy!!!  Finally some inspiration to help me try to kick lazy out of my house!!
So I linked up with Casey to get this thing going. I have been telling Mr. M for weeks now that I was going to get back on that horse and make sure I got atleast 30 minutes in a day until I was back at it full time. So far I stuck with that for 4 days then decided I was taking every other day off until last week then I took 4 out of 7 days off so really it hasn't been working. So hopefully this will be the trick I need to help me get started.
So here is my plan for the week...

Day 1. 30 minutes on bike..tacos for dinner
Day 2. 20 minute walk and 20 minutes on bike..baked ziti for dinner
Day 3. 30 minutes on bike...chicken spaghetti for dinner
Day 4. 20 minute walk and 20 minutes on bike....manwich(DD1's choice) for dinner
Day 5. 30 minutes on bike...homemade pizza for dinner(DD2's choice)

Ok so there is my plan for this week. Hopefully the weather is not too bad and I can do my walks but if not then I guess I will getting out the WII fit and walking with that.  I am determined to make this the beginning of getting back to my old self where I worked out everyday and felt great!
If anyone else feels inspired please go to Casey's page and link up with us and let's get moving and show our summer clothes whose boss!!  



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