Monday, March 8, 2010

Get Moving Monday!!

Grab My Button!

 It's that time again!!  Time for me to set up my week and see how I stick with it.  Now last week I had a few flaws as far as the meals went but I met my goals of working out and even topped off a few with some extra minutes..Woohooo for me!!

Ok so now we have to set up this week so here are my meal plans for the week...
Monday~~Ceasar salad with grilled chicken for dinner~~30 minutes on the bike
Tuesday~~Cheese soup and tortellini alla pana for dinner~~20 minutes of walking and 20 minutes on the bike
Wednesday~~Chicken Jambalaya and garden salad for dinner~~30 minutes on bike and 30 minutes strength training
Thursday~~Quiche for dinner~~20 minutes on bike
Friday~~ since it is DD2's bday dinner will be her choice so who knows~~tons of running around to do for the party this weekend so probably going out for a nice salad( Mr. M and I absolutely love salads!)

Ok so that is my schedule for the week! I will see how it pans out this time! 
                                                   Chow for now!


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