Friday, March 5, 2010

Stampin the day away.......

Oh wow I had a busy day and loved every minute of it!!
So first off I had to go to the craft store to get some new stamps as the ones I had were old and ugly(totally my opinion). So once I had some super new cool stamps and some colorful ink I was back home and setting up to stamp the day away!!
I got all my supplies out and started arranging my stamps and before I knew it I was done with all the name tags for the goody boxes and it was time to get DD2 from the bus..whew glad I didn't forget!
Now I have told you many times I am not really a fabulous photographer..I swear it is my camera but Mr. M says it's me so we will go with that until I convince him the pics kept coming out blurry. I am sure there is some magical button on that blasted thing that would fix it all but I have no idea where the book is so forgive me for the blurriness of them all. Here is the finished results..

Ok so what this blurry mess of a picture is trying to show you is that I stamped out each girls name and the blue smudgy thing actually says "From me to you" and then that purply blobby thing to the right of the names is a flower gem sticker. Can you  picture it now?  LOL

Ok moving on to the inside of the cards...

Ok so that blurry thing says "thankyou" and the letter "M" for DD2's name.
And what they look like on the goody boxes...

I think they turned out cute for my first time doing it!  No no stop the applause..haha!!
Oh I also finally finished putting the names on the cups and they turned out super cute as well...

Ok so that is my craftiness for the day and my back is killing me from leaning over the table trying to stick teeny tiny little stamps onto the acrylic block to stamp..ughhhh!!  It was so worth it though and I hope the girls love them..I mean they are 5 or 6 so they don't expect perfection do they?!! Errrrr the doubt has started...GREAT!!!
Ok I am off for now we have a busy weekend and I will fill you all in later!
OOHHH yeah..almost forgot..
Thought for the day is  "  Who names the colors?"  

Chow for now!!


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