Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting it off my mind......

So something has been bothering me today and so I thought I might just put it all out on here and get it out of  my head. I have run into so many people over my years of being a military wife and moving all around the world. I am amazed sometimes at just how different so many people can be. Now we all run into some people that we just don't click with that is just life.  We all hope that once we have moved to yet another new place that we will find atleast one really good friend that we click with and will make our time at the new place so much better. As hard as it is moving around all the time and having to make new friends I can also say that I have been given a chance to make so many friends from so many different walks of life and all of them have made my life so much more pleasant.

Along with having those fabulous friends to make our days go by faster and our lives feel richer we will also run into those people that just don't get it.  I have heard so much pettiness and bitterness in the past few days and I have had it!  Do these people seriously think that walking around whining all the time is going to make their lives better?! If I hear one more person gripe about how their husband is not going to get a huge bonus like other people who did then I am going scream. If your spouse signed that dotted line and joined the military because he wanted to then I am more then happy to shake his hand and thank him for all he does for the military and the United States as well.  If your spouse decided to join the military because they heard you get a lot of big bonuses then give me a break! The military is not about big money it is about big responsibility and taking pride in what you are doing! It has nothing to do with lining your pockets with green.

In addition to great friends or not so great friends that meet along the way we also tend to change the ways we act or handle things according to past experiences. If you hang out with a certain type of person then you tend to act like them. I know for sure that if I am around my friends that adore crystal as much as I do we will more then likely be shopping for it, talking about it or looking at it. On the other hand if I am around my friends who love wine we will more then likely be buying it, drinking it or talking about it.  Now with that said if I see one more 30 something woman trying to act like a 20 something because that is who she is hanging out with I am going to scream. Yes I feel like screaming a lot lately..it's been stressful!!

Some of you might agree with what I have said and some might disagree but all I wanted to do was get it off my mind and out in the open. As I have learned a lot about lately life is so unpredictable and so why wait until tomorrow when you can do something right now!

Ciao for now!


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