Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rambling Wednesday!!

 Grab a cup and read on.....

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how I love to ramble and ramble and ramble..and you know you love to read and read and read it!! Haha

So I have been working out with a friend at the gym everyday this week and I love being back into a routine with working out and it makes me feel so much better then just random walks or bike riding. I have to chaperone a field trip tomorrow though and won't be able to go to the gym in the morning. I am so sad that I can't go but have already decided since I won't have time after the field trip I will ride my bike in the afternoon and then do double treadmill on Friday when I go..ok so maybe double I mean I just got back to full time working out I might just add a few extra minutes. Don't judge me I am sticking with it atleast!! (grins)

Mr. M called me yesterday and the conversation goes a little like this...
Mr. M: hey babe when do you plan on making lasagna
Me: Ummm I don't know when would you like it
Mr. M: well how about this Friday
Me: ok that is fine that gives me time to go to the store and get the noodles since I have everything else already.
Mr. M: Oh great so you do have to go to the store already then I will let you know that I have invited some guys over for dinner and they want you to make lasagna so get extra at the store
Me:  What?!!  When did you tell me this?
Mr. M: just now. thanks. love you .bye  (click)
Me: Son of a ( you all know exactly what I said)

So apparently I am making lasagna on Friday for a few guys..well ok no big deal I always encourage him to invite the single guys or geo bachelors for dinner so I can't complain. Mr. M gets home from work and says
"Thanks babe for letting me invite the guys over for dinner on Friday"  I say " no problem so how many are we talking about..2..3?"  Mr. M says " Oh well it was just 2 and now I think it's like 5 because they all heard you were making lasagna"  I say " someone better be bringing me chocolate"  and Mr. M says "oh really"(goes into his jacket pocket and pulls out a bag of York absolute fav!)  I smile and say "10 for problem!"  How is it that chocolate always seems to make everything better!?!  Haha


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