Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let the fun begin....

Ok so it's Wednesday morning and as our normal schedule is off and running..wake up early to get a cup of coffee before dealing with kids..wake up DD1 and give her bathroom time before waking up DD2...we learned to do this the hard way!  So normal this and normal that and then as DD1 sits down on the sofa with this wierd look on her face I ask her what is wrong. She starts crying..I say again "what is wrong, what happened?"  she says in her crying voice"I don't know". I say "what do you mean you don't know, did something happen to make you cry?"  she says "No, nothing happened I just can't help it". She is crying but mad at the same time that I am bugging her and ends up huffing and leaving the room. My first thought was....Oh dear lord she has hit IT!

What I want to do is run screaming from the house and tell Mr. M I will be back when she is on meds and doesn't have hormone issues anymore and then I start wondering if they have witness protection for moms of teenagers then I realize I need to help her.  Yes it took me awhile to stop thinking of myself and the anguish I know we all will be going through with 2 crazy hormone women in the house!! It's a stressful thing you know!!  So as Mr. M sits in his chair watching Sport center as always...*grumble grumble* I walk over to him and say "get the guns out because it is about to get rocky in this house". Now I know men sometimes take forever to figure things out but I have to say my years of PMS have more then prepared this man for what is about to happen to our family. So as soon as I say it he looks at me and says "OMG did she start?!"  and I say "Not yet but she is crying for no reason so the hormones are kicking in already". He puts his head down and then as any good man and good dad would do he goes to her room and comforts her....oh yes ladies  I found a keeper and he is not going anywhere!!

A few moments later they both walk out of her room and she is red in the face from crying but smiling at the same time.  I ask her if she is ok and she nods her head and finishes getting ready for school.  I didn't ask Mr. M what he had said to her I totally believe in letting him and his daughters have their special moments...I mean I don't always tell Mr.M when I take the girls for mani pedi days that is our time!  Ohhhh note to self that would be a great thing to do for some time with her now!!

So as I move onto this crazy and emotional road we are getting ready to head down all I want to know is....
1. How much time after the hormones kick in do they start seeing Aunt Flo?
2. Is she too young for birth control? I ask this because with my family history without taking the pill we are huddled up in balls in the floor 3 days a month.
3. Do I make an appointment for her to see a doctor when she does start or is that not how it is done these days?

Sooo many questions and I am totally freaking out as I can't talk to my mom about this..she is total old school and we still spell words in her house*not kidding*!!  Most of my friends have younger kids as well so what I am supposed to do. I mean we are in a foreign country for goodness sakes so it's not like I would just normally look up a doctor or something and no offense but military docs are not always the most gentle with these situations....way too many bad experiences with paps to want my daughter to go through that ever!!

Witness protection is looking really good right they have something like Puberty protection?!!..I could so use that right about now!!

Ok friends, followers, readers  please please please if anyone has been through this or know someone who has can you help me with answering some of these questions?!!!  I feel like a new mom all over again..aside from the no sleep..dirty diapers and vomiting(so happy all that is over with but seems easy right now)  Haha!

Seriously world..I asked for sun and warm weather and you send me what?!!!....a dang hormone storm!!  Thanks a lot!!!


Cassie said...

I would say that wait and see how Aunt Flo treats her before taking her to see the doc or getting meds. She might take after the women in your husband's family and be totally okay with a couple of Advil once a month, you never know. I don't remember my mood swings and hormone storms. (I probably thought I was totally normal.) The not knowing what my husband said to her though, would drive me crazy!!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

Yikes! Sorry to hear your in the middle of Hormone Hurricane. No advice for you there. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the great picnic ideas! I use crescent rolls all the time to make yummy things for myself but hadn't thought of using them for this. Fantastic ideas!

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