Thursday, April 1, 2010

11 days and counting....

 I would first like to say  Welcome welcome to my newest followers and Thankyou thankyou for joining me!!
Big hugssss to you all!!!!

Ohhh I am so excited for our Spring break trip to Paris that I am starting a count down..Woohooooo!!!

I am sure all will be thrilled to see my incredibly stupid lovely countdown every day until we leave!!
I have had a busy and yet rather slow week so amazes me how even when I swear I have nothing major going on I never seem to have enough time in the day to get everything done..hmmmmm!! 

Today was hilarious as far as April fools goes but I did not really get anyone....yet!!! Muahuahuahuah....oh yes it is coming when everyone gets ready for bed tonight I will be rolling on the floor laughing my derriere(see I am already getting my French going..haha) off!  I will tell you all about it tomorrow and if it was a success or not. Mr. M is like the king of jokes and sarcasm so I might fail miserably but cross your fingers for me that I finally found something to get my clever little family with!!!   OMG  I am so excited to see if it works!!! Are you curious yet?!!  You will have to return to my blog tomorrow to see what I did...clever right?!!!  I have to have something to keep you all interested in my mindless jibberish!! Haha!

We have a busy weekend...well really a busy Saturday planned. Easter egg hunt with Mr. M's work and we always have a good time with all of them and the girls absolutely love all the people he works with which is great!  After that we get rush home so I can finish making the food for my Partylite when I say party I am so speaking out of derriere(there I go again..hehe) because so far I have 1 confirmed guest...LMAOOOOO!!  Go ahead I think it is funny myself!  Any who so I am making a ton of food for so far my family and a few extra people. There will be wine though so it's all good!  I will drink, eat, chat and have a good time no matter how many people show up.  I have never been a big party thrower as far as products go but I can throw a mean party...toot toot!!  So we shall see how it all turns out and hopefully as long as the people who do show up have a good time and get enough food and drink then I will consider it a success..yes I have very low standards..don't pick on me!!  Hummpfffff!

Well enough rambling for me..see what happens when I get busy and don't get my Wednesday rambling session in!!  I better go finish dinner before Mr. M gets home and wants to know why there is raw chicken on the stove...baaahaaahaaaa!!! 

A  bientot!


Julie the Army Wife said...

Paris will be so nice! How exciting :)

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