Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rambling Wednesday!!

I love to ramble and ramble and ramble!  Yupp that's right I am rambling on..haha!!

Ok so I thought I would share a few pics I have been taking of really just random things. I am trying to get better about remembering to bring my camera with me when I go anywhere. So far it has worked but you know remembering to have it with me and remembering to use it while I have it with me are two totally different things!  So random photos come in few these days until I get my brain wrapped around the fact that I should actually use it since I have it! 

A pic of the new candle holders I bought at the first Party lite party  I went to..

Really how cute are they?!!  The gel in the glasses will never go away and does have a slight cent to it, but you just put a tealight in the inside glass tube and's so gorgeous at night with all the lights off! Love that I got these and will be buying the similar wine glass ones as well.

These are a few goodies I found at Kauflands one day when I was shopping. I am not sure exaclty if they are gummy or chocolate but I thought they were too cute to pass up and only like 39Euro cents so why not?!!
A few more random buys..

Ok so the last ones I am sure ar gummy I mean look at them!!  They do look cute though don't they?!! I think the Germans have the coolest things sometimes. Now they don't always taste as good as they look but majority of the time my thoughts of what they would taste like and what they actually taste like do pay off..Yay Germany!!

Let me introduce you to friend speed is a beautiful little gem I found at Aldi's. Now here in Germany it is called speed and for those Americans out there you would call it a Twix bar!! Haha  now tell me you wouldn't buy you some speed just to say you ate a speed today and see what kind of reactions you would get?!!  LOL

Ok here are the bottles of wine I bought yesterday at the fabulous wine store. Yes they are as small as you think they look. I hadn't ever tried the wine so I figured buy small and if I like I can go back and get some more. I mean I already have to go back there for the wine tasting and to get the violin wine anyway so why not add a few more reasons.  These babies will be gone this weekend and I will be sure to let you know if they are any good.

Ok I am totally starting a count down to this weekend. I am so excited to go to France and see what cool things I can find. I have had a few different French wines and they were yummy so I am sure I will find more things to fall in love with. Also since I realized this morning that we are all ready to go to France and yet neither Mr. M nor myself have our International drivers license we will have to rectify that situation really fast...I mean we only have a few days to do it. I have heard from others who got theirs it is easy to get so hopefully all goes well. I am not risking getting a 400 Euro ticket just for not having that sucker!!

Ok so that's it for rambling and randomness today! I hope you all enjoyed my craziness and I will be back later I am sure.

Ciao for now!


Cassie said...

I would totally buy speed just to say I had it... The Twix would just be a bonus!

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