Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blonde moment or man moment....

Ok so yesterday was a busy day around here. First Mr. M and I headed off to get our International driver license..Yay for us remembering to do it!!  After a ton of running around and things to get done I had stopped by the post office to check the mail and ended up with 4 boxes. Now as much as I love getting mail especially when I have ordered cool things like the scrapbooking elements for the album I am creating for our trip to Paris, however, if you do not recall we live on the 3rd floor of our building and therefor have to carry everything up 3 flights of stairs!  Oyyyyyyyyy!

So as I get home with my 10 bags of groceries and now 4 packages plus a few magazines to carry upstairs I know it will take me a few trips.  Well atleast I can say I got some good exercise today never  mind the 30 minutes I had already done on the bike..sighhhhhh.  I get to the top floor and what is waiting for me at my door?!! What could it be?!! Ohhhhhh yes the Culligan man had been by today and we had a double delivery since he won't be back for a few weeks. Well how nice that they deliver on time every week and even if I forget to put my empty bottles out they still leave me what I usually get. I really love this about them!  So not only to do I have atleast 2 trips up and down the stairs but I also have 6 huge 5 gallon water bottles to pick up and put on the water rack in my house!!  My day just keeps getting better! Yippeee!!

So water all brought in and put away and all food brought upstairs and put away..except for that danish I promised I was going to eat in the didn't make it until today!!  I opened up the packages and put away my scrapbooking stuff and got to the box with the new water bowl for my cats. A little background on my fat cat number 1 her name is Tiger and she is beautiful and friendly, a little skiddish around kids, and loves to scratch up my furniture. Well apparently her new thing is that she likes to play with the water bowl and doesn't stop pawing at it until it completely spills all over the place..I am wondering if it's a game and that means she wins!  Any who so I did some research online to try and figure out why she does this and ended up finding a whole lot of other people whose cats did this as well. They all bought big hefty water bowls that had some kind of running effect or recycling effect to it so 1. the cat can't tip it over it's too heavy and 2. they can see the water so no need to paw at it.  So I ordered a new recycling, fresh water bowl with waterfall on it.  We won't go into the price because as much as I thought it was absurd I remembered how tired I was of cleaning up water all over my kitchen floor. I get the contraption out and read the directions..yupp total woman moment..and get it all put together, filled with water, and plugged in.  Had to rearrange my dining room to do it but still totally worth it right?! We'll see!!  Then I spent seriously about an hour just staring at it..from a distance of see if Tiger would drink out of it without pawing at it.  Well friends, she was terrified of it apparently because all she did was stare at it then sit down right next to it like she was guarding it. Cats really are crazy you know!?!  Sheesh!

Fast forward to about 4:30pm and I take the girls to the library to get some  new books and then meet Mr. M for dinner. We get home and Mr. M says " you know I still don't know what to do with my sister". Ummmm what are you talking about?!!  OMG I totally forgot his sister and her family were coming in is the man moment/blonde moment..and I had not found out a single thing to do with them! Rut Roh I been bad!!  So as I proceed to tell Mr. M there is no worries because I already planned on taking the girls out of school early to be able to meet their plane when it comes in and we would figure something out. In my mind I am am I going to do in Frankfurt, why didn't I remember this, why didn't Mr. M say anything before today, and now I know how men feel when we say to them" I can't believe you didn't remember that I told you a million times"!  Yes ladies I had a total man moment!  First and hopefully last in my life..don't hold your breathe my memory seems to be going already and I am only mid 30's!!

Ok so busy day today but  I want to leave you with one last thing..I was able to see a part of my  new blog background today and my header and it is beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful!!!!  I can not wait to get it all set up on my page it is going to fantabulous!! Yes I use that word often don't make fun of me..well atleast don't tell me if you do!  haha

Ciao for now!


Cassie said...

I think your cat will drink from the fountain once she gets used to it. They have clean compulsions so don't like standing water. Are congratulations in order for getting your driver's license?

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Our cat enjoys playing waterworld with his bowl as well. We got one with a rubber bottom to help it stop sliding, so now he just sticks his paws straight in the water and flings it around. Ugh. We had the fountain, but it took a lot of maintenance!

Glad you liked the preview :)

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