Sunday, March 21, 2010

Strasbourg--fabulous...big truck,little streets--scarey...weekend with family no interuptions--priceless!!

So we loaded up the truck and headed to Strasbourg on Saturday morning and spent the entire day there. It was fantastic and our friends made the yummiest food for lunch and we walked about half way around the city(they said next time we will do the other half). I took tons of pictures and the kids had a fabulous time together. It seems so funny to me how the language barrier really doesn't seem to bother kids at all. I guess they don't really need to know what the other kid is saying all the time. Any way they had a fabulous time with their new friends and Mr. M and I really enjoyed our time as well. I actually learned a lot about the French and especially about Paris. Now I am so ready for our trip and it definitely helps having some insider info as well! Yay!!
Ok so we saw a lot of beautiful buildings while in France but I fell in love with 2 of them right off. The beautiful synagogue...

and the gorgeous Cathedral...

How beautiful is that right?!!  I love seeing old religious buildings and it amazes me at all the detail that was put into them. It really does make you feel small as soon as you walk into this building.

We also did a lot of walking around the shopping centre and were lucky to catch some great market areas also.  I found some really great things and shops I wanted to go in but Mr. M said "let's explore today and we will come back one day to shop"! Haha it's in writing now so he has to stick with it.  Here are a few I felt the urge to enter and will do when we go back..

Do you love this store already?!  I do!!!  I wanted to go in and see how much thost canisters were and maybe everything else in the window as well  a few other things maybe!

Now this store had an outfit in the window and I really really really wanted but as you can see by the horrible picture I was being pulled away by the fashion police!! Haha  he hates when I call him that!

So we had a wonderful lunch and did some great sightseeing and finally decided to head home around 8pm. It was dark and Mr. M was griping about driving the boat in the dark in unfamiliar territory..what a whiner!! LOL  Honestly he drove because I was terrified to so for real I totally understood. The girls were upset we were leaving and complained for about 10 minutes and then all of a sudden it got very quiet in the back seat...

Apparently we wore them out..I will get yelled at as soon as DD1 sees that I put this pic on here..shhhh!

So the day was fabulous and we will be going back to see the rest of the town as well as get some shopping done. I have found out the best days to go there for markets as well so we may be making a weekend stay over some weekend as well so we can wake up early and hit the market place.  I am so greatful to our friends for showing us around and giving us a fabulous weekend and only hope we can repay their kindness some day.  Cheers to friendships that cross borders and strengthen our knowledge of other cultures and events!!

A bientot!!


Julie the Army Wife said...

I love seeing your pictures :)

Kids really don't care about what language they speak. It's great :)

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