Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Terrible Tuesday.....

Well today started out like any March morning..oh wait who am I kidding..it's dang cold here and not just cold so you need a jacket I am talking snow on the ground,windy, freezing level cold!  I am so tired of the cold and yes I know so many people say it will be warm soon enough but it is not soon enough for me! Yes I spent the last 6 yrs in Southern Georgia so I was used to wearing shorts 10 months out of the year but this place is FREEZING!!  For real does anyone realize that we live in Germany and not the North Pole??!!!

It might not have been so bad today had I not stood out at the bus stop for almost an hour..yes that's right a freaking hour...waiting for my youngest to get off her bus! Now when my I am still standing at the bus stop and my middle schooler gets off the bus..which normally drops off 30 minutes after the elementary bus...I am not only upset, frozen and concerned but really worried at that point. Of course the first call I make is to see if there are any reported accidents and then to tell Mr. M to find out where our daughter is. Yes I sure did interupt the Army and it ways of doing things and make finding my baby a priority!! Haha on Hooah!!
She showed up 35 minutes late and as I greeted her with frozen cheeks and an urge to run to my house she says to me "we can't ride this bus anymore it's brokded".  Wow kids can turn your mood around in a nanosecond...I really needed that laugh especially right then!
Ok so back to the house to warm up and call Mr. M and tell him he can call off the search dogs and then it's homework time..yay I love homework...NOT!! 

Why is it that as smart as I always swore I was..especially to Mr. M..I have no idea what my 6th grader is doing in most of her classes?!!  Do we just forget all the stuff we learned way back when?  I used to be a whiz with math and never really had to study much past when the teacher explained it but now DD1 asks me a question and here I am looking through her text book hoping I find an explination that will tell me the answer she needs.

Does getting older mean we forget things?  I know I have found that where I used to remember wicked amount of numbers now I am scrambling to remember my own cell phone number..which I still dont' know after a whole year.  You would think that maybe it's because I have been out of school for so long but honestly I just finished my second degree a few months ago. Yes it even consisted of some math and yet 6th grade math throws me everytime!! Ohh well it's a good thing she brings home her book so I can figure out what is going on otherwise I would be totally lost.

I am fabulous at a lot of things..my personal opinion of course..but school work is definitely not one of them!
Stay in school kids because when you get older your kids are going to ask you questions and you want to be able to say to them " I am sorry honey I don't know but I did get A's when I was in school"..really it just makes you look like you atleast think you know things!! Haha!

Chow for now!


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