Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do you know why Monday and Tuesday are so hard on us??!!

Well lets think about this..Mondays are always hard and I have never met anyone who likes Mondays. Tuesdays we are usually finishing up whatever stuff we didn't get done on Monday because well Monday sucked! So what follows Tuesday?!! Let me put this into a way that anyone can understand..the days of the week are  M=Monday,T=Tuesday and then come WTF!! Get it now?! The rest of the week just teeters on by and all we really want is Friday to just get here I right?!? Are you still trying to figure out WTF?  Do you not speak IM?  Ahhh you get it now right?!!  Ok moving on!

So this week has been a non stop..what am I forgetting week and it's only half over!! I leave my house with list in hand and still find myself on the road thinking"where are am I going?" or "what am I going there for?"!! Yes I have a visitor this week and Mr. M always says that my Aunt makes me a little scatter brained..a little?!! Really?!!! I feel like an 80yr old woman who has had her life and is now going downhill!  Ok so I go to the craft store with the purpose of getting a bigger alphabet to add to my block since the one I got last week just wasn't big enough for the basket tags I am making. I ended up leaving the craft store with over $100 worth of stuff in my bag and ummm NO ALPHABET!!!  How can you walk into a store and not even get what you went there for?!! Seriously 80yrs old is looking nice now...I might have the brain of a 100 yr old instead.  Of all the things I had to do today none were as important to me as those letters and I did everything else and even managed to get a head start on Easter for the gilrs but NO LETTERS!!

As long as noone asks me to do anything that I absolutely have to remember the remainder of the week then I think we will be just fine!  So note to self **Do nothing important and accept no tasks from anyone for anything this week**  Ok maybe that will help!! Sighhhhhhhh  I really do need to get into the doctor and figure out how to fix this is becoming a hazzard to my sanity!

Hello I would like to make an appointment to speak with someone about monthly scattered that even a word?!!  Yeah that would go over real well until Mr. M gets the call that I have been transfered to Level 7 at the local mental hospital!  Go away Aunt and take this week with you please!!!


Mary Teresa said...

I'd just like to say that I love that joke. And I forget what I went in the store for all the time and I'm only 23 so do not feel alone. Finally, We're stationed in Germany too! **Waves** Great big army family we live in.

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