Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wein Weber..my new best friend!!

So my friend took me over to their store and it was Wonderful!!  I could not be happier with their selection and they absolutely have enough different wines on hand to keep me quite busy trying them all. We walked around and around and I kept looking in amazement at everything they had in stock!  They had everything you could want from all different countries, big bottles, small bottles, shapely bottles, and even some boxed wines. They had champagne and Secco as well. I fell in love with one bottle, shaped like a violin, which I will be going back to get. Shame on me for forgetting to check and see how much Euro I had in my wallet..arrgghhhh!  That's ok though because the nice man that was helping us find all of the wines we wanted was so nice to tell us about a wine tasting they were having in a few weeks..Woohooo!!  So I will be going back and making Mr. M drive of course so that I may try as many as my kidneys will allow me too....muahuahuah!

Once we left there we went to another store that carries all kinds of gooodies for just about any reason you could think of. Goodie bags, parties, last minute gifts and even costumes, makeup and a fantastic selection of candles and dishes. I believe I have found where I will be going to stock up for DD1's upcoming birthday party!  Yes I know I just finished doing a birthday party but this next one coming up is a BIG one!! DD1 will be turning 13..omg I can not believe it!!  Besides the fact that it makes me cringe to think about my first born being that old I know the fun is about to begin! I remember being 13 and driving my parents nuts..haha  I always knew it would come back to haunt me one day. Of course I know my child is going to be nothing like me and be a total angel..DO NOT blow this for me friends I like my fantasy world I make my kids live in!

In my world my girls are never bad, always do what I tell them to and will grow up to be the most fabulous human beings the world has ever seen!  That is MY world and noone will ever tell me different..apparently the notes coming home from school telling me that DD2 was bad today are a mistake..a mistake I say!!! Not MY perfect little angel!  When I come out of my trance I have to deal with actual problems and things that occur or will occur but for now I like my world and plan to stay there as long as I possibly can.  Anyone want to join me in my world there is plenty of room for more perfect little angels?!! 

I also got the confirmation from my new friend that we will be going to Strasbourg, France this weekend..Yippeeee  I am so excited and so ready to see it!!  Mr. M and I have been talking about going there and yet we have let our timidness of other countries interfere with our desires but NO MORE!  We are going to mingle with the French, have lunch with our friends, and explore the city the way all people should (with French friends of course).  I will have an opportunity to refresh my French which come back to me a little here and there as I read all my friends emails. I love that they mix English with French it makes me have to work to read the emails and helps me learn more as well!  Friends are awesome and ones that can help you explore other countries and teach you all about them and their cultures are the absolute best!  So this weekend we will saying "Bonjour" to my new friends and new adventures! Yayyyyyy for us!!  I wonder if there will be any shopping involved..I better bring extra Euro just to be safe!! 
Now if this week will just hurry up and finish so I can be on my way to France and the fun that will come with it!

Ciao for now! (better?!  LOL)


Cassie said...

In my house as soon as I'm done one birthday party, it's time to start the next one! And shopping should always be involved when traveling. LOL

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