Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You know you are military when...

Ok so I love it when I read stuff like that and just wanted to get your attention...Haha  did it work?!!

So today I went to go pick up mine and Mr. M's tourist passport..Woohoooo!!!  Once I had those in hand and was extremely delighted thinking about how many different countries I can convince Mr. M to take me to!!  So then I had to go to the mail room to check the mail. That is the one place that I absolutely HATE going to!  You have to get your combination just right or else go to the window and ask for help..then if you are lucky and get it open and have a yellow package slip you have to go to the window anyway and show your ID card(I really need to keep this with me at all times)..ughhhh!!  So after I run back out the truck..grab my ID card..run back into the mail room and show my ID and get 2 packages then as I set the packages and mail in the passenger seat in the front of my truck one of those lovely pin number papers falls out...for real?!!!!  Ok fine so I get out of the truck and go into the other entrance where all the lockers are and enter my pin and get my package and back out to the truck I go.
Now I have already been to a bazillion other places today and so as I load my oversized green bag to be able to carry everything up 3 flights of stairs I reach for the magazines in the front seat only to have ANOTHER pin number receipt fall out!!!  Ok so listen up Murphy you got me once but seriously twice!!??!!!  Well I am home now and not about to go all the way back to the mail room which by the way is a 10 minute drive from my house and not attached to anything else I ever go to unless it's to wash my truck or get my oil changed and that happens almost never!  So even though I am sure it is a total inconvenience for the mail workers to have my package sitting in that box an extra day or two and even though I am anxiously awaiting a few things I have ordered it is not getting done today!
Since one of my friends just happened to inform me the other day that a restaurant we frequent atleast once a week has a deal that they do $1 = 1Euro  on Mondays and Tuesdays and the people at the restaurant didn't bother to tell us this I am thinking that we should dine out tonight since last night was kind of a bust with Mr. M working late and my forgetting I had a party to go to. By the way did anyone else know that Partylite now carries food?!!  I am not kidding folks..things like beer freak and chocolate desserts and even cheese balls. It's not bad enough that I go way overboard with nummy smelling candles at those things but now you had to add to my bill by putting nummy real food stuff in there as well?!! Poor Mr. M was just getting used to Pampered Chef all over his house and now he is going to have to deal with Partylite..muahuahuah!!!
Wow  I went totally off topic didn't I?  Any who I am going to do my best to get us out to Europa tonight and I will even take some pics of the to die for food they have and share it with all of you. Mr. M loves their salads..yes a man loves salad..and my absolute favorite thing they have is Kasse suppe(cheese soup)!
DD1 is a huge fan of the spaghetti bolognese and DD2 likes shicken and pompoms (schnitzel and pommes...fried pork and fries)...wow I am getting hungry now!  Ok so if Mr. M  has to work late again forget school night we are going..haha!!  Europa here we come!! Pics to come later...Chow!


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