Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rambling Wednesday!!

Yayyy I love to ramble!!

So yesterday I said we were going out to Europa for dinner and we did..yes I am that good at convincing Mr. M I need a night out!! Of course though I forgot my camera..grrrrr! I did however take some yummy photos of our food with my phone. Now I just have to figure out how the heck to get them off of my phone and onto here..hmmmm ok I am not so electronically inclined but I figure out a way. I did take a picture of my receipt though when I got home so you can see the steal of a deal we got with 1 for 1 night!! Woohoo!
Ok it is a little blurry..I never claimed to be a good photgropher but I am a fabulous diner!
So I will break it down to you...Mr. M had  and ice tea, tortellini alla pana, and salad. I had an ice tea, salad,cheese soup and rham schnitzel mit pommes. DD1 had a cola light, cheese soup, and spaghetti bolognese and DD2 had cola light, cheese soup and she stole half shared some of my food.
So we had a yummy dinner then back home for showers and bed.

Mr. M came home the other day and said he heard on the radio that men sleep better with their partners in the bed with them but women sleep better with their partners not in the bed. Well duhh men are bed hogs and blanket hogs. Mr. sleeps with 3 pillows..yes we call them his girlfriends..he says he needs them for his arms..he does have big arms.  We also have our own blankets because he can not for the life of him seem to share in bed at all. So I told him he should sleep on the sofa then so I can get some good rest to which he said "no I was telling you that so you would know I know why you don't sleep good but I do"  How utterly selfish and mean considerate of him!

I think I do about 12 loads of laundry a week..where do all these clothes come from?!!

I had to take DD2 to the doctors this morning since her allergies are back and worse then before..we had one good year since she was born I guess I should be greatful for that.  So we go over to the pharmacy to get her meds and as we are sitting there all nice and quiet a man walks in. Now this man is quite a bit older like maybe 60's or even 70's and he is dirty..not stinky people..filthy!! So we see him walk in and he has a case on his right arm and we can see he has a finger not even want to know why!  As he comes in a little further I can see that this man's pants are hanging down so low that his bare butt is showing..yes let's all picture a 70 yr old man with a cast on his arm, a missing finger and his naked butt hanging out!! What is the world coming to. My first reaction is to cover DD2's eyes before she sees him and says something out loud. Now I know I was not the only person to notice this and as he sits down across from us it is obvious his pants are almost to his knees!!!  Not one person said anything!! I don't know what shocked me more..the fact that the man had his pants down almost to his knees or that noone seemed bothered by it. I get that this is Europe and all but seriously noone thought that was odd?!!!?  I was glad our name was called a few seconds later and we ran out of there like the place was on fire!

I am almost ready for DD2's birthday party coming up and so excited for it to happen and then be done with! I have 1 more package on the way to finish making the party favor boxes and I got the cake ordered today. I am still working on the cupcakes but other then a few hours of putting everything together, confirming the party place and waiting on people to RSVP I am pretty much squared away!  It is normal in this day and age to not RSVP?  I really am curious because this is the first party I have thrown for either of my girls in a while that any of the kids RSVP'd..hmm is that a word?..oh well.

I somehow got talked into setting up a Partylite party at my house..I know there was wine involved and something about a free candle for doing it but that is about all I remember.  So other then the fact that I love having parties at my house and I absolutely love cooking for people I am having a little trouble with the guest list.  I may be cooking and planning a party for 2 people!! Haha  Moving around sucks when it comes to stuff like that and being military is even worse. You can't solicit to certain people and I don't want anyone to feel obligated to come so that cuts my list down to oh about 2 so there you have it. I am having a party for 2 people..woohoo!!

Ok enough rambling I must get some housework done since I have to once run around after school for activities and fun!! Yay for kids and all their wonderful things they do..seriously I love that they are involved but can't we pay for the lessons and have that include them being taken there?! Just a suggestions..haha yeah right!

Chow for now!


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