Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Catch up time!!!!

OOOOOk!! So I had a busy weekend and then of course no internet for over a day..AAArrrgghhhhh!!  So here is a little catch up blog for all the things I have told you about but never really blogged about..MY bad!!!

So I told you a while back that I had gotten totally addicted to this stamping thing and had decided to label my baskets on the front shelf. I bought this shelf with the total intention of making it easier for me to put all the kids stuff away during the day and saving me from walking back and worked!!!  Yay for me and for them for listening!!  However, there was still argument over whose basket belonged to whom.  So I fixed it with labels and they turned out really cute...

Of course as you can see the little one's basket never really seems to be empty but  hey atleast it is in the basket and not all over my living room.  YYYessssss!!!  Mission accomplished!

Ok now onto our Spring craft....the girls were dying to do something especially since I kind of flaked on a valentines craft...Bad mommy!!  So I stole an idea from an advertisement at the commisary and off we went..

Now once they were done..gorgeous?!! I know right!!  Sometimes I surprise myself..ok back to the blog.  I had to figure out a way to set them up on the table for our party that night so I took a styrofoam ball and wrapped it in pink cellophane and placed it in a crystal water glass and tadaaaaa......

Ok well before the party I actually had them set up too look like flowers but as you can see there were not many left over from the party. Score again!!!

Another little thing I did for Easter was make some cupcakes. Now I am not a huge cupcake maker just because in my perfectionist ways if they tops do not come out perfect I will scrap them and start all over..costly yes but I have not convinced my head yet that not so perfect cupcakes are ok to serve to day maybe..yeah prob not!! Haha   Sooo any who  I made a dozen golden cake and a dozen strawberry cupcakes and the tops came out Perfect....look out Sprinkles..muahuahuahuah!!  So I iced them up..I suck at that but that it why I always do a decoration on top to hide that fact...genious I know!  And here they are...

 Did I tell you they turned out FABULOUS?!!! Huh did I??  Toot toot!!!

Ok so then onto DD2 coloring her own eggs...I told her she could only do 6 well because noone else will eat them besides me so why waste perfectly good eggs especially when we go through like 5 dozen every 2 weeks..yes we us some eggs!!  So here are her beautifully dyed eggs that were ohhh so good as deviled eggs as well..mmmmmm

She is such an artist don't ya think?  Haha, don't give her a big head now that is my job!! Baahaaaahaaaa!

Ok so all the fun stuff done at back was killing me from cooking and baking and decorating all the day before but we went to the egg hunt.  No one can miss an egg hunt for your me it's like a right of passage to be able to mall..yes she did..and push..oh yeah she did that too....other kids to get to all the good eggs in hopes of having that one special egg in your basket that will win you that big cheap easter basket prize you want sooo much!!

She made a killing on eggs and managed to push a poor 1 yr old down in the process and elbow a few other kids but no prize egg..alas  she seemed to be proud of herself and had tons of candy to show for it..ohhhh mannn  I really need to come up with something else to put in eggs instead of friggin candy..Ughhhhh...

Did you get that face from your kids too?!!  That is the classic "look what I got" face and it is always accompanied by the "can I have, can I have" face!  Soooo 22 pieces of candy later..I counted wrappers as I picked them up off the ground...and a bbq that followed we were headed home to get ready for the party.

By Saturday night I was so ready to retire the Easter bunny and tell the kids that there was no more Easter baskets anymore...I would never do that..don't bash me...ok I might have done it but Mr. M wouldn't let me!!  He is such a pushover!!!  So we loaded baskets from the candy delivering bunny and off to bed we went..exhausted..sugar rushed and babbling something about never again knowing fully well we would be doing this all over again next year..why do we do this to ourselves?!!!

Ok so that is pretty much my weekend and a few other things added in.  I will hopefully still have internet so no more gaps in blogging!!  Thanks to all my new followers..welcome and I hope you stay for the madness and stupidity that is my life fun that we always have here!!

Oh and of course 5 days until Spring break...Paris here we come!!!  Yiipeeeeeeeee!!!

A bientot!


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Paris! I'm so jealous! And those cupcakes turned out great. We don't do Easter stuff anymore cuz my kids are almost grown, but I remember those days!

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