Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday...ummmm ok...

Well I have been so off track lately with my bloggings and such..soooooooooooooryyyyyy!!!!  It has been busy and hectic here and as I am trying to get myself back into a normal routine with working out first thing in the morning and running errands then doing all my housework it has appeared to me that the house has fallen waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down on the list!!  Whoopsie did I do that?!! Ok so housework is like my passion...baahaaahaaa you didn't believe that did you?!! For real I can not stand cleaning my house and would absolutely die if Mr. M every decided to let me hire a house cleaner even once a week to do all the really dirty know like dusting, moving furniture to vaccumm and of course windows...yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!  Until that day comes though unfortunately my family just has to deal with a semi-clean house and a happy MOM!! Isn't that what life is all about's being happy!?! I swear I read that somewhere or heard it somewhere!! Any who so busy yes very busy but all kids are registered in school for next year, all shots up to date, workouts going very well if I do say so myself and of course dinner always well let's just say it's not condemable and leave it at that!!

I have been scrambling all week to get everything we need for our Spring break trip..did I tell you where we were going for Spring break??  Of course I did I swear I have told just about everyone I know bc I am soooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!  Can you tell I am excited?!! For real don't look at me like that I grew up poor and never went anywhere...ok that is such a lie I mean I was born in Germany and probably went to 10 different countries before I could even walk..but the point is I don't remember any of it so it's like I have never been..yeah yeah that's it!!!  Again with the face??  Ok I never claimed to be sane but you have to admit my craziness is comical right!?!  right? No?  Oh well it is to me!  So snacks all bought and probably too many to fit in Mr. M teeny weeny tiny car..unlike my big truck which we can't take because people in Europe don't believe in nice big comfy vehicles they all drive little poopy cars...yes I said it you European people.  So taking the uncomfortable,teeny tiny..did i say to Paris and spending 4 blissful days running around trying to see as much as we possibly can. Yay for us!!!!

Once all of the official touristy spots have been hit and we have taken the Siene river cruise and seen the Eiffel tower all lit up at night then the fun really begins. We can stroll through the markets and shop and shop and shop and eat and eat and eat..did I say shop?!!!  Heeheee  I am so ready and the kids are so ready and Mr. M is even totally stoked for this one!  You see normally we trip without him because he almost never gets time off but this time he made sure he was off!!!!! Woohoooooooooooooooooo

Ok so I have to run now and sorry I babbled so would think it was rambling Wed but it is not and you would be wrong..wrong I tell ya...I can't help it though I do tend to ramble every now and then.
Ok have a good night and please don't leave me your psychologists number as a comment I really am not crazy...I swear!!!!  LOL

A  bientot!!


I'm a Mom said...

Hi, It's Jacki from "What's a Mom to Do?" I had two buttons on photobucket so I deleted one and guess what? It was the wrong one!!! So if you go into the image source code just add "-1" (w/o the quotation marks) and it should work then.

When I clicked on your button to get to your blog it took me to a "page not found" site. I think your link code is incorrect. I replaced it with the following:
and now it works. I think you forgot to add the ".blogspot" in your code, so you may want to fix that.

Cheers! And happy Thursday! (No, I don't think your nuts, either!)

I'm a Mom said...

Do you have Facebook or msn messenger or any other type of interface so we don't have to keep writing each other posts? Either way, contact me @ so I can walk you through this, whether by e-mail or Facebook or whatever, ok?

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