Sunday, April 18, 2010

A few things.....

So normally I wait until Wednesday to do my rambling but I have missed so many days of blogging that I just figured I would do one today!! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the babbling that spills from my cup!!

Ok so the trip to Paris went with no problems and around Paris..seriously the best place ever..was fabulous and we enjoyed every minute of it and took tons of pics of it and going home was sad but needed..our feet were seriously in need of some rest and tlc!!

You know once you return from a trip you always hate to unpack the bags and it never fails to surprise me at how much junk we drag along on a trip that we never even use. Mr. M says I pack for life and I say I pack as a mom!  You can never count on weather so you have to pack for all ocasions and of course when going to a different coutry you have to pack some food just in case the kids freak out and won't try anything.  Well let's just say we had a ton of summer clothes that we so didn't wear and a ton of food we did not need!!  We finally got the bags all unpacked and everything put away yesterday..yes they sure did sit in the foyer for a few days staring at us!  So yesterday with that done I decided to try and redo my front shelves to show off some of our buys from Paris. I am still working on that since I need a new picture frams for our pic from the boat ride first.

What did I buy in Paris you ask?!!  Well  let me tell you about the massive amounts of money I spent on junk few things I picked up.  So the first purchase I made was of course a few scarves..everyone in Paris wears scarves. I fell in love with this cute little shop right next to our hotel that sold every kind and color of scarves you could ever want. Of course when I finally went to buy one..a beautiful red one I wanted..the man apparently had seen me having trouble making up my mind and asked "is this the one you want" to which I said "well I want more but I will settle for this one for now" so he said "I will give you 2 for 1"  *jumping up and down and smiling like a kid in a candy store* I went back outside to pick one more!  I ended up with 2 beautiful scarves and I will show you them once I take some pics. I love dealing with people!!
A few other things I really wanted but I played hard ball and ended up not getting..dang it...were some old French books. I have already told Mr. M that we will be going back to Strausborg to try and get me some of those. I just love old books and I really want some French books to put on the shelf with my mini Eiffel towers, arc de triomphe, and Notre Dame statues.  Oh yeah us crazy Americans....we always buy all that goofy stuff and love it sooo much!!!  

The entire time we were there my youngest would ask us "when are we going back to the storage" she meant the hotel but she called it the storage. It really was cute!

While in the metro one day we saw a teenager who was kicking a vending machine trying to get money out of it...thank goodness he was on the other side of the metro from us because it really freaked us out...and there were 2 French women scolding him..I am totally guessing since obviously they were talking in French..but he eventually stopped and left. We were freaked out and the women were seriously mad!

We also had quite a few encounters with "the gypsies" that hang out around all the main tourist attractions and walk around asking people if they speak English. I had already been warned about these people from friends and spoke French to them and they left us alone.  One man blocked our path to the point that Mr. M had to literally move him to let us was not fun at all!

While at the Eiffel tower we took the elevators to the 2nd floor..the top floor was closed for some reason..and as soon as we got on the elevator there was a sign that read "beware of pick pockets"...really?!!  After that I was totally freaked out and kept all of our money in the inside pocket of my jacket!

I have had so many different people tell me how dirty Paris is but honestly I guess we just didn't see it. As for around our hotel there were street cleaners out every day picking up trash and washing down the streets and sidewalks and everywhere we went it just seemed normal to us..has it changed or did we miss something?!!

We met a lot of very nice people on this trip and I thought it was so funny how anyone who was obviously American would hear us speaking English and run over to us to have a conversation always starting with "it is so nice to hear someone else speaking English" and follow up with "where are you all from". LOL good times really!

We actually ran into some people we know while in Paris..what are the odds right?!!  It was nice to see them and they seemed to be having a grand time as well but it really made us think how odd that was out of all of Paris we ran into was really cool!! Does anyone say that anymore?! Hmmmmm..I dunno.

Back at home we found out that our memory card apparently sucked and we lost all of the pics on it!! I yelled, cried and then got determined to fix it. I went all over the internet trying every program I could get a demo for to try and save our pics with no luck. I contacted my computer guy who says he will do everything possible to try and save our pics and thinks he should be able to..Yay for computer guys and Boo for bad memory cards!!  Cross your fingers he saves our pics..sniff sniff!!

We loved Paris so much we are already planning another trip this time to include Disneyland Paris!  Of course I think our next trip is going to be London but we will fit it into our schedule some how.  Of course if the pics don't get saved we will have to do a quick trip around Paris just to take a few more pics of us actually at all the stuff instead of just pics of the landmarks!

Wow can I ramble or what?!!  Ok that is is for now and I will be sure to take some pics today off our Paris stuff and do another blog soon.

Welcome to all my new followers and thank you so much for joining me!  I had an absolute blast with the blog party this year and am so happy I participated in it.  I met some fellow military wives and even a few coffee loving fools like myself...seriously have I told you I could live on coffee?!!  Haha  I am so serious!!

A Bientot!


Susan Leigh said...

I just love this account of your trip. It's covered every shade of Paris, the good and the not so .. but all great fun. Ps Thanks for your comments on my A Little of What You Fancy article. Balance is a good mindset to fall back on ..... Susan xx

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