Monday, April 19, 2010


So this was my first year doing the UBP and I absolutely loved it and found some fabulous new blogs to add to my favs!!  I love to see what is going on with other people and was so happy to find a lot of people's blogs were right up my alley!!  From other military wife blogs to coffee lovers and of course the Southern home I am dying for some good ole fashioned sweet tea..MMMMMmmmmmmmm!!

So thanks to all who have decided to follow and also to those who just stopped by to read my blabbing,crazy self talk about somethings...well..just a little abnormal sometimes..occasionally..well alright pretty much everyday!! 

Here are 3 new blogs that I really fell in love with and will be frequenting  so please check them out just be warned that once you get there you may not want to leave any of them...muahuahuahuah!!!!

1.Household 6 Diva
2. Coffee lovin mom
3. Southern Fried Dreams  I will not be held responsible for all the money you will want to spend once you see the fabulous Southern catalog she has!!! You have been warned now go,look and buy buy buy!

Ok so those are 3 that I really love but there were so more then 3 that I am now following and so many more that I really do love. I do just have to share one more with you just because every time I see her name her name pop up on my follow list I want to go eat her really I could totally eat her page!!  Let me just say YUmmmmmmmmm!!  So go check out  Susie and tell me that you didn't want to eat her page!! I dare you!!

Ok I am off to make some yummy dinner for the fam and hope you all totally enjoyed the UBP and will check out some of my favorite blogs and the wonderful people who write them...oh and don't forget you might want to have your wallet handy for the Southern one..I am totally not kidding folks..for real!!!! Loooove it!!!!

A Bientot!


Cassie said...

Thanks for the new blogs. I'll definitely go check them out!

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